Monday, February 28, 2005

Instant Pudding

Haha, I just finished making a thing of instant pudding, and it really is instant pudding! I mean I was stirring it for all of 5 minutes and it thickened up into pudding, I was honestly amazed. But that got me thinking about how fast things are now it seems. I mean, pudding in five minutes! Pizza's in 10 minutes...Chocolate Mousse in 2 hours (includes setting and everything) it really is amazing how instant our society wants are. I mean, I don't make cake because it takes too long to do. Yes that's right, unless someone makes it or buys it, I never eat cake. I don't want to take the time out of my day to bake a cake. Instead I make a batch of instant pudding and then come and interesting. Then there is the whole issue of instant messaging and emails and the like. I mean, at the pace in which we run our lives and expect things, is it really all that healthy? Can it be healthy? I mean the pudding I am gonna eat is sweetened with aspartame and how many chemicals have gone into it escapes me. And I mean even on our lazy days we expect things instantly, we expect the tv to be turned on with a remote, I know I get frustrated if my computer is running slow, and the thing is that the machine is not even 6 months old and is the top-of-the line lap top available on the market...but still. Ah well. I guess with the advent of technology these days I am pretty sure we can expect no less than instantaneous results on anything we do. Now with these instantaneous results, have we as a society given up something? Have we given up the so-called simple things? Like when younger kids would run aroung outside and play street hockey, or kick the can at dusk, or even just being excited to go out and see a movie in the theaters. I mean now kids play hockey on their computers, kick the can has turned into playstation and well going to see the movies is now an almost every other day occurence for some people. I dunno, I look outside and see how gorgeous it is, and yet I feel guilty about being inside, chatting on msn and blogging about instant things. And this gorgeous day is seemingly just wasting away right before my eyes. I should be outside walking through the gorges and trees looking down at the gently flowing river below...perhaps we have forgotten about the basics in life...or maybe I am just alone in my thoughts of the simple life...I dunno, I was around just when computers were starting to appear in every day life, so I do miss the days of kick the can and soccer and street hockey. And always get mad at my littel bro cuz he will sit inside on a summer day...A SUMMER DAY! and play on the computer...oh little does he know of what he's missing...ah well...and now I have lost my train of thought and will sign off...ciao!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Nothin in particular

Went to Kink last night, had a good time. Pre-drank at Dianna's and then headed off to the club. Was glad to see that the place was full this month. The shows were good as is usual there. Oh, and wearing eye-liner was interesting, well, as interesting as eye-liner gets...thought it added that something to it. But I think the most weirded part of the night was as we were leaving I was apologizing to Dianna for wanting to leave so early, I was exhausted and was falling asleep in fact (averaging 3-4 hours of sleep per night for a week and a half will do that to me) and I was apologizing cause I thought we were leaving at like 12:30 or some outrageously early time...she just looked at me and said, uh, its almost yeah, time really had no meaning to me at all...then again I did drink a lot...ah good thing Andrea, Melanie and I didn't end up at Cowboys on thursday night as there was a stabbing I guess the line-up was more than just a coincidence...certainly made me stop and think. And now some highlights from the last few days...

"They slapped me until it made a sound"
"I fell of the bed and hit my nose"
"Is that my breath?" - "No silly, its the clock!" -
- Anyways, I woke up friday morning with that shit scrawled across my hands and arm...and some other random doodles as well....I blame those markings on Melanie and Andrea

"I've always wanted to look like my master and hero..." -BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA...
- No one will get that except for Dianna...hahaha...Duct Tape and Blue Hair!

Right, well, half of the rents are back in flew in from florida on thursday, and I only saw him tonight for the first time since I got back, sometimes I wonder if I still do live at gets back monday night, she's currently bustling through Palm Beach looking at horses...the friend she is staying with currently has 1,500 horses in their that means they are worth upwards of $10,000 US each...that's a lot of fuckin money...I guess her friend did really well on Bay Street (the Canadian version of Wall Street) And from the pics I've seen of the various islands in the Caribbean...I really want to go again...maybe next year...haha, rents are apparently planning a large family vacation again...should be nice, and chances are it will be a free ride for me! *crosses fingers*

I've seemed to have found a new singer that I really like, well, not new, but new for me. Tori Amos. Yeah, I heard her sing on the TV the other day and I actually liked her music, so I went and downloaded four of her songs, and well, like her enough that I am gonna go out and buy her cd now. She seems to be good for those times when I am winding down my day or other moments of solitude...and she now ranks up there with Sarah Brightman. That reminds me, I need to go and get that CD from Live, I really like them, especially lately.

So the Oscars are later on today, this should be interesting, but not interesting for me to waste three hours of my life watching them...So I think I'll just watch Joan Rivers and the Red Carpet and then go head off and get some more school applications done up...deadline is on Monday...

So much to do, and so little time....*sigh* why can't they be more hours in the day...

Anyways...have a good one...this is roo signing off...ciao

Thursday, February 24, 2005

10 Ways to cure insomnia

It is 2 am in the morning, and yet again I am wide awake, dreading the coming of the morning as I have to be up by 7. This week has been an absolute killer, and since I am bored out of my mind, I am blogging. I wonder about me, here is a list I am pulling out of my ass of the ten ways to cure insomnia...

- 10 - Imagine yourself sitting in a classroom
- 9 - A nice warm bath
- 8 - A cup of hot chicken or beef broth
- 7 - Watch the antiques roadshow
- 6 - Open a window, even if its -20C
- 5 - Do some push-ups or sit-ups
- 4 - Talk to plants
- 3 - Watch any movie that won a razzy
- 2 - Drink until you pass out
- 1 - Read any University level textbook

And that is my list. And the window thing, it is very true, it does work, and since I don't pay the heating bill, i really couldn't care less!

Kinky Night is Friday Night, I am trying to bring some virgins, I mean, people there so they can experience absolute pleasure! haha. I'll bring em, but I can't help but wonder how many will be back for a second go at it. And the way I just described it made it sound really dirrrrty...but it isn't! I swear...

*Sigh* everyone can always use one more friend, I know I do.

My cat is still running back and forth and seems to be getting a kick out of eating kleenex's, I swear there are a few screws loose in that animals head. Haha, takes after her master...wait a sec...

thank god for Foamy, that squirrel is so cyncical, apathetic, and sarcastic, I can't help but want to join the masses and become a member of the foamy card cult...haha, if ya can't fight em, join em!

It is supposed to be 13C tomorrow, that will be so nice, except I will be stuck indoors all day as I will be working, oh goody gum drops, I can see my life wasting away in front of me. Ah the hell with it.

Well, please excuse me as I go make a hot cup of broth, pour a hot bath, turn on the antiques road show, crack open a text book, open a bottle of gin, and talk to my plants...I am really in desperate need of some sleep, this really can't be healthy...

Ciao all you...!


I am coming home for stampede...well, for at least four days of it! So now all apprehension about going to Montreal this summer is gone! Yay!

And for some reason I am craving Sushi...hummm...Melanie, whatchya doin friday?

Must be a full moon outside as my cat is running back and forth upstairs. What an odd odd creature.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Shop till ya drop...literally

So, today I took the afternoon off from work and went out shopping with my date from grad last excellent friend Danielle, aka Dani Rae, aka Foo. It was grand to say the least...and well...rather fruitless in a way. The two of us were shropping from 2 in the afternoon right up until closing at 9pm...that is 7 hours of shopping. My feet are killing me, those shoes I got in Montreal are not meant to be walked on so much, and my legs are killing me. And, to top it off...I bought absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Me, the guy who enjoys shopping and buying stuff bought absolutely nothing. Then again, I wasn't shopping for myself, but for Dani, as she had to pick out a top to wear to grad this year (and I am her grad date! Oh lucky me!) So we hit up Divine, Hot Gossip, Le Chateau, Primitive Culture, Park Avenue, The Bay, Holt Renfrew, BCBGMaxAzaria, Jacob, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Zara and a whole shwack of other stores, it was intense to say the least. Who ever could have thought that there were so many fucking varieties of a simple Black Halter top? My goodness, were my eyes opened today. No wonder woman love to shop so much, there is so much variety out there for them! But it was good to spend that time with her. Walking along 17th avenue, and then downtown. It was good to catch up and see where we are headed in Life. I am excited for her grad...should be a good time. So out and about we saw so many gorgeous creations today, from the Geek Boutique at Divine to Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci at Holt Renfrew and Versace Classic at Park Avenue. I found a canvas fedora type hat at Holt, which I am buying on Friday cuz I loved it so much! I saw the greatest D&G shirt today, it was red and had D&G scrawled across the top and then beneath it, it had Delicious and Gorgeous. Dani and I both got a kick out of that. Oh and I finally took my new Jean Paul Gaultier coat out for a test drive today, was really nice and quite comfortable. Oh and Mala! They still have my hoodie at Divine! I was so stooked when I saw that. So anyways, we shopped looking for a halter top for a good 6 hours, and then at the last store, which we almost didn't go into, we found it. Of all places, it had to be in the last store. Ah well, such is life. Anyways in other news...tomorrow night am hitting up Cowboys or Outlaws, most likely Cowboys as it is the Springbank High School Graduate Reunion Night (it is unofficial, but most s-bankers go there on thursdays for some reason) Melanie actually took a leadership role today and said that we are predrinking at her place...should be fun, but depends on who goes. I tried calling Hayley, but I think she is still pissed about Sunday night. Ah well, besides that she owes me $20 which I want for tomorrow! Damnit girl! So the night should be interesting. Anyways, I am tired and my feet still hurt, so I am going to bed. Ciao.

Haha, and Melanie calls me up asking where we should go. ye yi...sometimes I wonder...

Oh, and I came to a realization, or at least the start of one today. My Dolce and Gabbana shoes I bought like three months ago, well, I realized today that I haven't worn them since I was in Montreal, so almost two months. I am beginning to think they were a waste of money. And they are so poorly made, I swear I will never buy Dolce and Gabbana ever again, well, at least their shoes...damnit anyways...
*As a side note...and yes there is a lot of em here, I am not materialistic, I am just a very fashion savvy guy who likes designer digs...and is a fashion whore...or of the two...*

Monday, February 21, 2005

So it begins

So it seems as though I have encountered my first critic on my blog. Some person posing as anonymous (surprise surprise) seems to have countered some of my re-telling of how I saw what happened at Tequila. I mean, go ahead and offend me all you want, I couldn't care less, but at least have the balls to leave a name, cuz I mean, that's just takin the easy and low way out. Ah well. Bring em on, I won't delete em, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please...don't be hypocritical...

My bubbles!

Last nights foam party was fun to say the least. But it was also filled with its own fair share of drama...though nothing compared to the first foam party...Ack! Anyways, Met up with Rose and Hayley before hand and then met up with Dena, Dianna, Twyla, and Twyla's BF. So everyone got in except for Rose because, well, she had a fake ID and stumbled on the questions the doorman asked and Hayley got the name wrong on the ID when the doorman asked Hayley what her friends name was, so her ID was taken away and she wasn't allowed in. Hayley stayed with her, but I just went in and really couldn't give a shit what happened to the two of them. She used a fake ID and was caught. I wasn't going to ruin my night by caring about someone who was underage and not my friend. Once inside I ran into so many people I knew. Ran into Sam, and I hadn't seen her for so long, and it turns out that Jess (from Hayley's house party) and Sam are like best friends so that was really cool. Danced for a lot of the night, in the middle of the foam, and there were so many more people this time round then the two previous ones, so it was really crowded. Ran into more people I knew on the dance floor so it was really a night of reconnections as well. Then Sam found me n the dance floor so us two began dancing, and then we moved into the bubbles and things got pretty heated to say the least once in the bubbles. But while I was dancing with her, someone came behind me and started grinding with me, and I mean they were feeling me up and everything, so I was kinda caught off guard by that. And I have no idea who it was. After a while, Sam and I got tired so left the foam and just danced some more. When I headed off she gave me a kiss good-bye *sighs* but we made plans to go see Benny Benassi when he's at Tequila at the end of March...after that I headed out of the bubbles and just sat and dried off...and by 12:45 I was on my way all in all it was a pretty good night out...and as a final comment, what goes on in the bubbles, stays in the bubbles. Ah well, could have been funner if Hayley had actually come in, but Rose was caught, and as I said, I wasn't about to ruin my night fretting over other people. Anyways, I must get back to work now, ciao.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Random Rambling

Well now, that was certainly interesting.
I never would have thought that my stablehand would ever be a Stampede Princess, but low and behold, the girl who looks after my horse is the current reigning Stampede Princess. Fuckin Eh! Haha!

And in other news, life is going at a lightning pace yet again, and this week is just going to fly joke there at all. Gonna make an appointment sometime this week to get my hair done once's been far far too long where it has just been its lazy, boring-ass brown. Time to add some colour into it once, red and blond...haha, i miss my wild-ass faux-hawk...and spikes...*sigh*

I think I am going to start looking for a car once again. I am just tired of driving Sophie the Sunfire and I want something nicer, like an Acura. Nice, good reliable cars they are.

I broke my new watch last night while swinging around poles after coyotes. Haha, that was fun though, run, jump, swing! And then gambling with my future children by leap-frogging over little pole things...that could have been disasterous. Need to find time to get the watch fixed though...I really dun wanna spend the money to get yet another new one, I have too many watches as is...

It's 3am and I feel lonely. Well fuck. Supposed to go for a trip down memory lane tomorrow with a one true Lesbian Lover! (just fer you Susie!) That will be hell to say the least...well, good thing I get to play in bubbles after...

My dog is a bitch. Literally.

My mother was suprised to find out that I smoked. Though it is just casually. Thank God that is all she knows!

I fucking hate solitaire. Especially when I can only ever seem to lose.

There's no one on MSN odd, well, except for Mala and Cameron, but they generally always leave their computers on. As soon as I get that fucking network adapter I will be so fucking happy. I am tired of this bull shit connection my Laptop currently gets. !@#$#@!

I need to go see my horse again tomorrow, i mean, today. Seems lonely these days. I should saddle him up and take him around the country side for a few hours tomorrow. I'm not doing anything else. I love having a horse, tis the greatest thing. Now the only thing I really want though, are a few excellent Polo Ponies. How does one tell when they have a good Polo pony? You should be scared shitless of it when riding. Haha, that reminds me, my British correspondent broke his leg in a hunting smash. Gotta love that British jargon talk. Haha, hunting smash. *sigh* I miss Polo again. Anyone up for a few games this coming season? The horsemanship and mastery is astounding in a good round. Really is quite the site to see.

And Montreal seems more and more for sure with each passing day. I am still somewhat apprehensive about the whole thing though. I hope it passes soon.

Fuck. I am tired, and I have probably lost the ability to make coherent sense at this point in time. So I will spare you all with this random rambling and will bring it to a close. Have a good one all of you.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Don't mind me...

Rage. What the hell is it?
Anger. What the hell is it?
Ferociousness. What the hell is it?
Fear. What the hell is it?
Terror. What the hell is it?
Darkness. What the hell is it?
Hell. Who fears it?
Night. Who fears it?
Death. Who fears it?

I am that I am. I am who I am. Nothing will ever change that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Shut the puck up.

And now it is all over. Damn greedy bastards. There were so many 11th hour concessions yet they still couldn't broker anything. Damn them all. Play for the love of the sport you fuckers, not for the money. Damnit anyways.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005



Monday, February 14, 2005

Pause for thought

Dream as if you'll live forever.
Live as if you'll die tomorrow.

Some wonder...

Some people wonder why I loath the University of Calgary so much. Well, lets count the reasons not to loath the U of C...and the one reason not to loath it, because they bring in a really interesting prints exhibition once a semester. Now lets go into the reasons why I dislike it so extremally.

- Running an 18 million dollar deficit this year alone, yes this is somewhat to blame on the provincial government, but no insitution, especially something as esteemed as a University should ever run a deficit at all.
- They are cutting back the athletics program...which means there will only be Football, Mens Hockey, and I think one other team. What's being cut? Well, Track and Field, Wrestling, Swimming, Women's Hockey...and the list goes on and on and on. It is pretty bad when there are athletes going from class to class literally begging the student body to help fund these programs that are being cut.
- The classrooms are in pretty shitty conditions. Cragie Hall is absolutely disgustingly dirty. Some of the things being cut at the University include the Janitorial service
- Layoffs, with already very very large class sizes more profs and other services around the university are being layed-off this year. Where will it stop honestly.
- Rising tuition with no return for the students who are shelling out more and more each year.
- Dr. Harvey Weingarten's salary. At $350,000 + annually...seems grossly out of touch with the layoffs occuring to those lower down the ladder. Dispicable.
- And finally the U of C is constantly blaming the province for the shortfalls, yet I don't hear the University of Alberta, or the University of Lethbridge undergoing such chaos in their respective institutions.

So with that all layed out, does anyone really blame me for hating, and loathing every moment i have to spend in this shit hole? Oh, and to make things so much worse, the U of C is constantly being ranked as one of the lowest, if not the lowest University in all of Canada. And that I have a problem with. If this province doesn't respect its post-secondary institutions then I am heading out of here to somewhere that does hold some respect. And it seems anywhere is better than here for that.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

What's happened.

Those who have know me best and have known me for a few years all know that I have been wanting to and have been planning to move to Montréal. It has been a longtime dream for me. Yet now I have the opportunity to move there and I am balking. I am suddenly unsure if it is really what I want. Why am I all of a sudden hesitant on an issue that I have thought about and dreamed about for so long. Perhaps it is because it is sooner than I had originally planned, but that should make for a more interesting time. Perhaps it is because of all the unknowns. Yet in the past it has been the unknowns that has helped to drive me. Perhaps it is because I will be somewhat alone. I will be living on my own for the first time. Away from the rents. Yet I will not be completely alone, I have some friends and family there already. And I want to move out soon. So what is the problem? Why am I so unsure of everything now that I am being faced with the immediate prospect of me living there by the beginning of May. It is all so confusing. Yet at the same time it isn't. I know what I want, and that is to live in Montréal. To work, attend school, and pick up French again. I took it for 8 years and I have forgotten most about what I learned. I consider Montréal the place to be, there is so much to do there, so much to experience. I don't know what there is really here in Calgary left for me to do. I mean I enjoy myself here, but I am in desperate need for change. I want to get out and experience the world. I want adventures. I want to tell my kids about the many grand adventures that I embarked on. I have already done so much, and at the moment I am feeling as if I am not living to the fullest. I seem to be missing that "joie du vie" that the people of Montréal seem to understand. I don't know. I have lots here for me. Jobs, friends, family, and opportunities. And those are the main things that are keeping me here at the moment. Yet I need to be able to go out on my own. I already am somewhat established in Montréal. A job, school, friends, family, and new opportunities (though I am not sure of what they are yet) I want to go out and experience the world, and Montréal is the perfect launching ground for that. And it seems that once again I have come to realize where I am in that I have layed out my thoughts, I know what I want to do. I have traveled to many parts of the globe. Lived on two different continents, grown up in four different distinct cultures. And where do I prefer to be out of all the places I have been? Well Europe. But I am not ready for that big of a change yet, so the next best place? Quebec. Specifically Montréal. I lived in Quebec City at one point in my life. And that experience trully shaped me. At times I consider myself more a Quebecois than an Albertan, with regards to my view and opinions. And so, though my life will most radically change, I am ready. Je suis prêt à quitter Calgary et à habiter à Montréal. Il n'y aura aucun dos de rotation en ce moment. Montréal, je viens. I am ready to take my life into my hands and enjoy everything there is to it. Joie du vie. And so, good night to all of you. Ciao.


And now I am fucking hungry, where is the fucking pizza when you really need it? FUCK! CAN THIS NIGHT GET ANY WORSE?!

Fucking fuck fuck fuck!

Well that was fucking bullshit...FUCK! The one night where I actually have to be home cause I have to drop the rents off at the airport at 5 fucking am...and the hottest chic to ever have expressed interest in me asks me to go home with her...and I had to say NO! FUCK! this is bullshit...and some other girl who was really really pretty said that she thought I was really cute, and then she tried dancing with me and I had to leave. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS?! GAH! WHY COULDN'T HAVE THIS SHIT HAPPENED SOME OTHER WEEK! FOR FUCKS SAKES! and now I am bitter. Very bitter. *must control fist of death* That was by far the raunchiest night I have ever been out on and it was being set up into one of the most intriguing nights out for me and then it was some huge let down in the end. Fuck! ah well, next week I guess, as that chic told me, which means, sorry pal, you missed the boat. FUCK! fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck! Ciao all you mother fuckers!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Masquerade...paper faces on parade

So last nights masquerade was kind of a let down, was a pretty poor turn out, and people had been hyping about how packed it was last year so it was disappointing to say the least. Tequila was fun before hand, those two dollar high balls are definitely nice. Uhm...Jill showed up with her friend Alex, he seemed quite shy, then again, i really didn't take the time to talk to him either. McDonald's was definetely tasty afterwards...yummy greasy artery clogging goodness! I liked my mask, I liked my mask a lot, I took some pics on my digicam before i headed out, so when I upload them, I will post a picture of it...was very cool, yet it was also slightly unnerving at the same time...and then tonight I feel so loved, I've now been invited out to four different places by different people...but unfortunately I can only be in one place at one I think I will meet up with an old friend and hit up Lucky or the Night Gallery. Was also invited to The Back Alley, Tantra and also of all places Boyztown. I guess that is what happens when one has friends that are gay. But I feel so loved! anyways, kink night is on the 25th, even Melanie has expressed interest in going, so I think it will be a good night out. Anyways, I now must be off myself. Hope everyone has a good one. Ciao!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Ok, and even more changes now...

My conversation with my boss this afternoon...

Ed: So, how does Montreal look this summer for you?
Me: Huh? What?
Ed: How does working in Montreal this summer sound?
Me: Good.
Ed: Excellent, when are you done exams?
Me: The end of April I'm not completely sure yet what the exact dates are
Ed: Ok, be ready to go the day after your last one for Montreal.
Me: Are you serious?
Ed: Yes I am, actually, we will give you a week off to get ready and then you will be sent there...
Me: Ok then...

So yeah, looks like I am headed off to work the summer in Montreal, I was expecting Ottawa, but not Montreal. This should be interesting...where am I gonna live? What am I gonna drive...lots of questions...and not too many answers yet, I guess only time will tell at this that announcement caught me off guard to say the least, anyways, i must get ready...have a good one! Ciao.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I really have nothing to write about. Nothing and no one is bothering me. I am quite content, the weather is nice, the money is rolling in...and my teeth are white. Who could ask for anything more really? I've become addicted to McDonald's cheeseburgers for some reason. I dunno what it is about those greasy messes, but there is something in them, and I can't help but order some whenever I drive by the McDonald's on 14th street. Tis quite odd me thinks. So I got asked to go to a friend's grad. Tis quite the honour, I must look my best when I go, and so the prep work starts now....haha, I am such a dork. I got a call from CJ92 today, and it turns out that I won some gift certificate for a music store. I think its kinda cool considering I didn't even enter any contests lately. Ah well, I'm not complaining. I think I might go to Outlaws in the near future, they have some girls gone wild type thing going on, and I want to see all the reno's that they've done there. Should be somewhat interesting. My English prof was finally replaced, after missing three weeks of class he went on an indefinite medical leave which is nice cuz now I will finally have class that I am fucking paying for....scratch that, what my rents are paying for. The only downside is now that I will prolly actually have to put some effort and do some work for that class now. The rents take off for their adventure gallavanting around the caribbean on Sunday, expect the grand-rents are coming in so that means no massive house party this time round. Ah well. Maybe I will take some time and go down and party it up in Leth...hehe, that would be interesting. So the neighbours just got their new cars. I am so very jealous as the Mr. and Mrs. both get their own 2005 BMW's. *Sigh* sometimes I really hate where I live...and the snooty neighbour down the street just got his brand new 2005 corvette *sighs even heavier*. Meh, not nearly as bad as the old fart on the other street who was showing off his BMW Z8 the other day. What does the thing cost....$200,000? It's the same one James Bond drove in the last movie where they used beemers...*throws back out sighing*...meh I guess I really shouldn't complain...the rents aren't doing too badly themselves...that reminds me, they leave for New York in May and they're taking my little bro, so if I can just get the other one out of the house...I think we can all figure out where I am going with this...ooooh...foods ready, gotta run, cheers and ciao to all of yous...have a good one!

Sunday, February 06, 2005


The clicking of the mouse is driving me insane...
The ringing in my ears is driving me insane...
The cracking of my knuckles is driving me insane...
The hum of the computer is driving me insane...
The meowing of my cat is driving me insane...
The thought of school is driving me insane...
The disappointments in life are driving me insane...
The lack of intelligence of this society is driving me insane...
The cold chill in this house is driving me insane...
The lack of people to talk too is driving me insane...
The lack of emotion I am feeling is driving me insane...
The idiots who run this country are driving me insane...
The stupidity of people is driving me insane...
The bitches in my life are driving me insane...
The pricks in my life are driving me insane...

The snapping of your necks is driving me insane...

Friday, February 04, 2005

Part-ay kodak moments

So that party i was blogging about last week, well, now there are some pictures to go with my pic blog so yeah, if ya wanna see em, a lot of em are there...ciao!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Once again...bored...

------------------GENERAL INFO------------------

* Starting Time: 11:56
* Name: Andrew Henwood
* Star sign: Gemini
* School: U of shit, commonly known as U of Calgary
* Location: Calgary
* Colour of eyes: Blue

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

* Missed school because it was raining: Nope...missed it because of a flood once tho...if that counts
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: Yes...hands and feet...and i let Dena light my finger on Fire a while back too
* Thrown someone in a bonfire: No
* Been hurt emotionally: Yes...but who hasn't?
* Kept a secret from everyone: Not secrets really, but i mean ya have to ask...
* Cried during a Movie: Uhm...yes actually...and quite recently too, but I can't remember which one
* If so what film: As said before, I can't remember which one...i know i almost did in the Notebook...and Titanic...hahaha
*ever thought an animated character was hot? Yes! Daria! and Quinn as well too...
* Been sarcastic: Uhm, me and sarcasm go together like milk and cream...huh?


* Shampoo: Got2Be
* Soap: LUSH! All the way...!
* Favourite colours/shades/tints: Silver Tempest, Midnight Blue, Tan, and finally brushed silver or steel too
* Summer/Winter: Gah! uhm...uhm...i like spring cuz its the best of both...but if i absolutely had to choose...Summer
* Cartoon Characters: Daria...or Mrs. Incredible (elastigirl)
* Food: Pizza, Filet Mignon (Medium/Rare of course)
* Movie: Gah! Too many...but if I absolutely had to choose one...The Pianist...but that will prolly change by tonight...but other favs include: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pay it forward, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hocus Pocus, Signs, Run Lola Run, Gladiator...and the list could go on and on...
* Ice Cream: Generally any soft ice cream...but flavoured stuff would be Cookie Dough, or Rolo * School Subject: Nature of Religions, French History, Philosophy, generally Social Sciences
* Animal: Penguins, Llamas, and Emus (Haha, ppl stop giving me penguins, i have enough!)

---------------RIGHT NOW------------------

* Wearing: my new t-shirt and some jeans
* Eating: My lip
* Drinking: Water
1. Why the hell did my English Prof not show up?
2. About this Friday
3. I want that Hoody from Divine...
* Listening: Tweeter and the Monkey Man - Headstones

------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS---------------

* Cried: No
* learned something new: Yes, my car will never actually be fully clean...
* Cleaned your room: Yes...
* drove a car: I live in my car practically these days
* Been pissed off: Yeah, exactly 24 hours ago...

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------

* Yourself: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
* Santa: Haha,
* Toothfairy: As soon as the money stops, so will my belief
* Angels: Yeah actually I do
* Elves: Uhmmm...isn't santy claws a big Elf? if so then see above...
* Intelligent life in space: Lets just hope they are smarter than all of us nimrods running aimlessly around on this one, lost in time, lost in space and meaning...

"Scully look! An Alien! Ahhhhhhhh shit!"
"Take me to yer leader!"
* Ghosts: Hells ya...

-----FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

* Do you have a soul mate?: Sure...
* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope
* Do you like anyone?: Yes. And I will leave it at that.
* Who have you known the longest?: Uhm...the famfam...otherwise...Andrea, Luke, and Mark
* The loudest: Mala and Marianne
* The shyest: Dianna
* The Weirdest: If only you people knew what goes in on my would all prolly say me...otherwise...Mala with her essence of Chris Cornell thing, and now apparently necrophilia as well...or Cameron, and no explanation is really needed fer that one...
* Who has seen you cry: My Mommy when I was little
* When have you cried the most: When my cheek was torn open after a dog bit me
* What is the best feeling in the world: Pure absolute Bliss as in relaxation with not a care in the world. However, Revenge can be just as gratifying...

---------------ABOUT GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT---------------

* Boxers or briefs:
* Long or short hair:
* Six pack or muscular arms:
* Good or bad guy:
* Hat or No Hat:
* Tan or fair:
* Rugged or sporty:
* Accent or not:
* Immature or mature:
* Funny or not funny:
* Cute or sexy:

---------------ABOUT GIRLS FOR GUYS TO FILL OUT---------------

* Regular underwear or thong: Regular
* Painted nails or not: Melissa's nails are the shit...painted is good
* Bra or sports bra: Bra
* Cute n' mysterious or wild n' crazy: Cute n' Crazy
* Dressy or casual: Both
* Dark or blonde hair: Blonde with Black
* Dark or light eyes: Light
* Good or bad gurl: Good, but one that doesn't mind getting into some mischief
* Intelligent or average: Intelligent
* Hair up or down: Down
* Jewelry or none: Some, nothing over the top tho
* Tall or short: Same height as me...
* Curly or straight hair: Depends on the girl...both works
* Pants or dress: Jeans?
* Tan or fair: Either, but Melissa rocks with her amazing tan! (or lack thereof!)
* Freckles or none: Some are cool, but nothing over the top again
* Accent or Not: Accent
* Shy or outgoing: Outgoing

---------------FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT---------------

* Silver or gold: Brushed Silver, or Platinum
* Diamond or pearl: Diamonds are also a guys best friend
* Sunset or sunrise: Sunset...
* Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No
* Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured: Sprained my Ankle, Chipped my Elbow
* Do you have any piercings?: Yes, 4
* If yes, what?: All in the ears...want more tho
* Rain, sun or snow?: Depends on my mood...
* How is the weather right now: Breezy, but sunny and fairly warm
* Do you like cookies?: Yes...yum
* Favorite number(s): 3, 4, 7, 13, 18, 21, 27
* most desirable interest(s): Music, Designing, Travel, Theater
* Who won't respond: I really couldn't give a rats ass who responds or doesn't...
* Ending time: 12:24

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Where is everyone?

Eat this!

I'd rather be a hobo than a stupid dino bitch,
I'd rather be a hobo than a stupid dino bitch,
I'd rather be a hobo than a stupid dino bitch,
'Cause the U of C sucks shit!
And I am done bitching about the U of C once again for today...thank you, thank you very much! Ciao!