Monday, February 28, 2005

Instant Pudding

Haha, I just finished making a thing of instant pudding, and it really is instant pudding! I mean I was stirring it for all of 5 minutes and it thickened up into pudding, I was honestly amazed. But that got me thinking about how fast things are now it seems. I mean, pudding in five minutes! Pizza's in 10 minutes...Chocolate Mousse in 2 hours (includes setting and everything) it really is amazing how instant our society wants are. I mean, I don't make cake because it takes too long to do. Yes that's right, unless someone makes it or buys it, I never eat cake. I don't want to take the time out of my day to bake a cake. Instead I make a batch of instant pudding and then come and interesting. Then there is the whole issue of instant messaging and emails and the like. I mean, at the pace in which we run our lives and expect things, is it really all that healthy? Can it be healthy? I mean the pudding I am gonna eat is sweetened with aspartame and how many chemicals have gone into it escapes me. And I mean even on our lazy days we expect things instantly, we expect the tv to be turned on with a remote, I know I get frustrated if my computer is running slow, and the thing is that the machine is not even 6 months old and is the top-of-the line lap top available on the market...but still. Ah well. I guess with the advent of technology these days I am pretty sure we can expect no less than instantaneous results on anything we do. Now with these instantaneous results, have we as a society given up something? Have we given up the so-called simple things? Like when younger kids would run aroung outside and play street hockey, or kick the can at dusk, or even just being excited to go out and see a movie in the theaters. I mean now kids play hockey on their computers, kick the can has turned into playstation and well going to see the movies is now an almost every other day occurence for some people. I dunno, I look outside and see how gorgeous it is, and yet I feel guilty about being inside, chatting on msn and blogging about instant things. And this gorgeous day is seemingly just wasting away right before my eyes. I should be outside walking through the gorges and trees looking down at the gently flowing river below...perhaps we have forgotten about the basics in life...or maybe I am just alone in my thoughts of the simple life...I dunno, I was around just when computers were starting to appear in every day life, so I do miss the days of kick the can and soccer and street hockey. And always get mad at my littel bro cuz he will sit inside on a summer day...A SUMMER DAY! and play on the computer...oh little does he know of what he's missing...ah well...and now I have lost my train of thought and will sign off...ciao!


At 7:43 p.m., Blogger mackeydoodle said...

You are starting to sound much older than your years Roo:) It is sad how our society wants everything instantaniously(sp) My 3&a half year old daughter plays games online on her fave websites like Barbie & Nick Jr. & heaven forbid if a game takes longer than 3 seconds to load!!!! She starts clicking like a crazy maniac!!
Tomorrow is supposed to be very nice too, so promise yourself that you will go out for that walk & enjoy the moment for what it is!!

At 12:47 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

gotta love instant pudding. but i must admit i do enjoy baking a cake every now and then, but i like to bake, so hey. Go smell the flowers (not that there are any)enjoy the fresh air, and the hop in your car, drive down here, and have some cake. ttyl.


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