Monday, March 26, 2007

Another month has come and gone

Another month has come and gone, just like that in the blink of an eye. Its somewhat reassuring knowing that I am not so entirely bored that I spend all my day blogging like I did a couple years ago, but at the same time, it's somewhat sad as I don't have a chance to write down all my thoughts and feelings like I used to.

Work is work, and is extremely busy right now. I like my job, but I hate the pay. Why is it so hard to find a job that is fun yet pays all the bills without a problem? Am I reaching for the stars here? (Haha, thank you Miranda Priestly for that line) I don't know, I mean, I could go to Burger King and get a job flipping burgers for almost twice what I am earning right now. But I would be so bored there, and christ, who would want to say that they work at BK? Seriously. But then again, it is a job that would pay the bills. I am looking elsewhere for a new job, but I don't want something that is dull and boring. I look at being an architectural technologist and I realize that would be so boring, always drawing someone elses designs and never my own. I am thinking of completely forgetting that aspiration and focus all my energies into fashion. I think that is my true calling. To be able to put together pieces that make a person absolutely fabulous. I look at Nigel from "The Devil Wears Prada" and realize that is exactly what I want to do. I do realize however that in fact that is quite the aspiration, to be the fashion editor at a huge publication like that. But I mean, who says you can't dream big, and who says that I can't do it. It would mean leaving Calgary, and moving to New York, but I mean, thats not that bad hahaha. I love the city there, I love its atmosphere, its smells, and just the spirit there. I would likely have to leave in the very near future, get a start in the city, try and get some training in and make a name for myself. Won't be easy, and I know that. It would mean leaving behind a lot of people...but to be able to attain that would be the ultimate dream. To be surrounded by beautiful clothes, beautiful people all day. I don't know, I can't say exactly what it is...but its what i want.

And with that, I am off as my room mate is annoying me at the moment and I lost my train of thought.
Cheers and ciao.

and he does not bring cheer and optimism as much as he says that he does*