Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Shop till ya drop...literally

So, today I took the afternoon off from work and went out shopping with my date from grad last excellent friend Danielle, aka Dani Rae, aka Foo. It was grand to say the least...and well...rather fruitless in a way. The two of us were shropping from 2 in the afternoon right up until closing at 9pm...that is 7 hours of shopping. My feet are killing me, those shoes I got in Montreal are not meant to be walked on so much, and my legs are killing me. And, to top it off...I bought absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Me, the guy who enjoys shopping and buying stuff bought absolutely nothing. Then again, I wasn't shopping for myself, but for Dani, as she had to pick out a top to wear to grad this year (and I am her grad date! Oh lucky me!) So we hit up Divine, Hot Gossip, Le Chateau, Primitive Culture, Park Avenue, The Bay, Holt Renfrew, BCBGMaxAzaria, Jacob, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Zara and a whole shwack of other stores, it was intense to say the least. Who ever could have thought that there were so many fucking varieties of a simple Black Halter top? My goodness, were my eyes opened today. No wonder woman love to shop so much, there is so much variety out there for them! But it was good to spend that time with her. Walking along 17th avenue, and then downtown. It was good to catch up and see where we are headed in Life. I am excited for her grad...should be a good time. So out and about we saw so many gorgeous creations today, from the Geek Boutique at Divine to Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci at Holt Renfrew and Versace Classic at Park Avenue. I found a canvas fedora type hat at Holt, which I am buying on Friday cuz I loved it so much! I saw the greatest D&G shirt today, it was red and had D&G scrawled across the top and then beneath it, it had Delicious and Gorgeous. Dani and I both got a kick out of that. Oh and I finally took my new Jean Paul Gaultier coat out for a test drive today, was really nice and quite comfortable. Oh and Mala! They still have my hoodie at Divine! I was so stooked when I saw that. So anyways, we shopped looking for a halter top for a good 6 hours, and then at the last store, which we almost didn't go into, we found it. Of all places, it had to be in the last store. Ah well, such is life. Anyways in other news...tomorrow night am hitting up Cowboys or Outlaws, most likely Cowboys as it is the Springbank High School Graduate Reunion Night (it is unofficial, but most s-bankers go there on thursdays for some reason) Melanie actually took a leadership role today and said that we are predrinking at her place...should be fun, but depends on who goes. I tried calling Hayley, but I think she is still pissed about Sunday night. Ah well, besides that she owes me $20 which I want for tomorrow! Damnit girl! So the night should be interesting. Anyways, I am tired and my feet still hurt, so I am going to bed. Ciao.

Haha, and Melanie calls me up asking where we should go. ye yi...sometimes I wonder...

Oh, and I came to a realization, or at least the start of one today. My Dolce and Gabbana shoes I bought like three months ago, well, I realized today that I haven't worn them since I was in Montreal, so almost two months. I am beginning to think they were a waste of money. And they are so poorly made, I swear I will never buy Dolce and Gabbana ever again, well, at least their shoes...damnit anyways...
*As a side note...and yes there is a lot of em here, I am not materialistic, I am just a very fashion savvy guy who likes designer digs...and is a fashion whore...or of the two...*


At 1:16 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats why I bought the armani glasses and not the d and g..


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