Thursday, February 17, 2005

Don't mind me...

Rage. What the hell is it?
Anger. What the hell is it?
Ferociousness. What the hell is it?
Fear. What the hell is it?
Terror. What the hell is it?
Darkness. What the hell is it?
Hell. Who fears it?
Night. Who fears it?
Death. Who fears it?

I am that I am. I am who I am. Nothing will ever change that.


At 8:24 a.m., Blogger Cuppa said...

Hi Roo
Just a note to say hello and thanks for posting a note on my blog the other day. Drop by for a chat anytime.

Yes, retirement days are fabulous, but it is all the days I enjoyed or endured when I was 18 and forward, that make my life rich today. Enjoy each and every minute of each and every day you are given. Your life is a gift and you have it stretching out in front of you to do great things with it. Don't waste a minute of it.

My daughter went to UofC and we travelled out from Ontario to Calgary to visit her. We loved your city. Enjoy a view of the mountains for me today. I would love to see them again.


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