Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pause for thought...

I've given up on deciding which is more annoying, gangsta rap music or cheesy techno music. Whatever one it is, they both make me want to go step in front of a semi...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Well, last night I came home, and all that was on my mind was how in hells name I am going to repay my mother and father the fairly large sum of money that i owe them. But when I got home, there was an envelope addressed to me from an insurance company. For those of you who can recall, last october I was in a very serious car accident. You can read all about it Here. Anyways, so I opened up the envelope and it was a letter basically stating that they have reviewed my case and they were offering me a settlement. Well, let me tell you that when I turned the page over to see what the settlement payment was I literally gasped. I had been hoping for maybe a $200 settlement, because, well, I merely bruised my arm, lost a cd, and ripped a jacket. I'm not going to say the exact amount of the settlement, but I will saw that it was in excess of 10 times what I had been hoping for, so basically in the thousands of dollars. I could not believe it, I honestly could not believe what the offer was. And you know what, I am going to take the money. The accident was a huge burden on my family and I (they have yet to settle my younger brothers claim which is likely going to be in the high tens of thousands of dollars, and in the millions if he is not allowed in the military...i'm gonna let the lawyers duke it out) Anyways, i missed work, i missed school, i was in pain and discomfort. But honestly, the money was a godsend, as my mother said, I must have horse shoes up my ass...haha, yeah, so suffice to say I was on cloud nine most of last night and I can now safely say I am debt free once again. So, this rounds on me. Cheers and ciao all.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just when you think the day is going normal...

So, i thought today, specifically this afternoon was going to be nothing but a drab, boring, rainy afternoon. That was until one of the guys i work with rushed into my work area and was like..."Andrew, your Dad needs you, he seems to have lost his foot..."


Haha, oh my, a smirk crossed my face as i got up from my desk and worked my way down to his place. And there he was, sitting at his desk just beaming. Hahaha, so, he turned to me and said,
"I was walking down the hall, I heard a snap and my foot fell off..."
And at that we both burst out laughing.
How often can you joke about your Dad's foot falling off at the office? And I mean literally fall off. He was holding it there in his arms...just, looking at it. I thought it made for an interesting, and blogworthy event.

Just goes to show you never know what to expect around just around the corner. Which is something that certainly was true when he was injured while in Croatia...ah well. We definetely had our fall there. But like all great champs, you just gotta get back up, brush off the dust, hold your head high, and continue on with the journey through life. Which is exactly what he did as he sat in the wheel chair and pulled some wheelies as we worked our way to the waiting car.

And here I thought this was going to be another dull afternoon...

Well, back to the salt mines now. Ciao all.

Things are calming down...

Well, I am glad to report that things are once again righting themselves in the universe, I have returned to the top of my pedestal which had been kicked out from under me a few days ago. But suffice to say it is still much smaller presently than before.

Bif Naked's newest album, Superbeautifulmonster drops today, and looks like it is going to be a massive album for her, her song "Let Down" is apparently already getting a lot of air play (but i have yet to still hear it as I am fed up with my radio at the moment). I hope her album does really well, as her songs are about as real as you can get. And I mean, she is the pop-punk Princess in the music industry, and does deserve the title she has garnered in the media which just so happens to be Her Royal Highness.

Looks like I am heading up to Edmonton this weekend for a bit, just going to stay overnight saturday, that way i can kind get a look at the town. It is going to be a very nice and most welcomed break from Calgary. I'm tired of dealing with and putting up with a lot of people, and I think that is probably more my fault than any one person, though there are a few that certainly helped to make things tough. I dunno, I guess I am getting tired of the same old routine...yes every night has its variants, but it is essentially nothing new.

It's raining again. Joyful. That really is the last thing we need. More rain. But, the plus side is that the farmers will finally stop their whining and complaining. Looks like they are going to have to find something new to complain about, which won't be too hard as they always have something to whine about.

Bill C-38 is on the brink of being adopted. And all I can say is, about time. Canada has always been about freedom, and attempting total equality. And well, we are now one step closer! I think it is a good thing that gays and lesbians should be able to get married I mean, love is love, and who can control who you fall in love with? Whether it be boyboy...girlgirl...or boygirl. They are people too. I guess this can be looked at in the same light as the civil rights movement, i mean in some states before the civil rights movement it was illegal for interracial marriages. And I mean, that is wrong. Its not right to base love off of what colour a persons skin is. Just as its not right to base love off of what sexuality you are. Wow, I can feel a very colourful post forming in my head. I think I shall save it for when equal marriage is voted through parliament.

As a final note, Brad Pitt is going to be in town for part of the summer working on a movie here, a western at that (surprise, surprise, do they ever film anything else out here?) So, it looks like the great game of Brad Pitt hunting shall get underway as soon as I hear word that he is in town...and I can't believe that Jake Gyllenhal was here and I missed him. Dammnit, I was so out of the loop last summer and I missed him. Well, not this time. I won't let Brad get away...haha, and Richard Gere is supposed to be here as well, beut he isn't nearly as interesting as Brad is. Oh my, and if Brad is here, what are the chances that Angelina could be here as well...if that happened, i think i would like, i dunno, drop jawed perhaps? Anyways, plans are already underway to try and intercept Brad sometime...and considering I have two, somewhat of inside sources, I think the chances are there...that I might get to run into him, or at least get an autograph...oh the shallowness of fame and all that it entails. Haha, makes people like me get all star struck (though very few stars can actually do that, Brad is just one of them)

And that is all I have to say about things at this moment in time. Just a general update on the state of the cosmos. Ciao all.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Listen up...

Until you know how to handle your booze, stay the fuck away from my online refuge, aka, my journal.

Until you know how to handle your booze, do not fucking call me at 1:30 in the fucking morning.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Oh the joys of having a military dad.

Fuck this shit. Honestly, how can my day from being great, to just downright dismal is the span of a few minutes? Simple. Listen to my Dad blast at me for everything that has ever gone wrong. Yup. I suffered the full wrath of my Father this evening. Oh what fun that was! Nothing better than being told that yer an embarassment to him. That your responsibilty is zero, yet i have been the third parent in this family since my fucking father lost his fucking legs back in yugoslavia. During those years I was this families crutch, and he has the fucking gal to tell me that i have no responisbilty. Well fuck him. If I had the financial capabilites I would fly outta this hole in a matter moments. Fuck this shit honestly. Everyone trips and falls once in while. I cannot be perfect everyday of my life. It is times like this that i want to pick up that fucking bayonet and just cut. But I know that I am stronger than that. That part of my life is over and done with. I know what I am capable of. I know that i have my weaknesses, yet I know that I will recover from my fall. But what he doesn't understand is that I am not like him. I don't cover my emotions, i don't create false impressions. I let it all out. They say that venting is the best medicine to calm down...well, it certainly is true. So, I have one more strike left before I am to be kicked out. Great. So what were the first two strikes? Get this, I forgot to tie the garbages one day, and vacuum the stairs another. Wow. Those are great fucking reasons to get kicked out of the house. Ha! Bullshit I say. He tells me he was living on his own at 19...well were fucking going to RMC where you have no choice but to live on yer own dammnit! Honestly! Times have changed! The average kid moves out of his home at 23 cuz THE PRICE OF LIVING HAS GONE UP! So, i guess if I forget to rinse out the sink tomorrow morning, or forget to put the spoon in the right slot I am out of the house. Joyful. Well, as i said, if i had the money i would be gone. But whatever. Anyways, i think i am done. If not, i can always edit my shit in.

Fuck, once a year this happens...every fucking year i slip up for about a month and the threats of getting kicked out arise....the threats of having my tuition cut. My god, I cannot believe the man at times. People always think that having a military dad is tough. THEY HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE. Now excuse, as i go find the fucking frying pan...again...ciao mutha fuckers.

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon

Here I sit in my library at home, looking around at my surroundings. The dog is eyeing me, studying my every move. Most likely wondering when I am going to get up, fetch the leash and take her out for her stroll about the neighbourhood. The mother sits at the computer, talking to herself and the computer game she is attempting to figure out (it's the latest Sims Game). The cat is sitting beside me. Asleep of course. The beast never does anything but eat, sleep, and look graceful.

"Isn't there supposed to be a garbage can in here somewhere?"
I look over at my mother, "Yes, it's underneath the desk where its been for the last 8 years..."
"No, no, no, I mean in the game!"
"Oh" I reply "Try under the miscellaneus objects"
"Thanks hun"
The game makes a cha-ching sound as she buys her garbage can.

It's a safe environment here in our little library, behind the gates that keep out the worst of the world, sheltered away from what the real world is like though. The people here live in a constant state of disillusionment. Few trully understand how ugly the world really is. Yes, every family has its flaws, but flaws mean weakness and dare anyone show any kind of weakness out here. Everyone drives the latest state of the art piece of German engineering. Dare we go with British engineering as they do nothing but leak...

It's starting to rain again. The computer makes a popping sound as my mother laughs...
"These two guys just kissed! That's so hilarious!"
I scowl at my mother, she's interrupted my train of thought...again...Then again, I didn't really have a train of thought that left the station anyways so what am I worried about. The fountain in the main hall is making a splashing sound, louder that usual. I peer out the glass doors and see that one of that cats has made the mistake of jumping into what she thought was an empty fountain, which it usually is. I wonder what possessed my father to fill it up again.

The sun it seems is trying desperately to break out of the clouds and shine its glory all around out here...but as hard as it tries, it still can't defeat the clouds that hinder its beams of light. It takes approximately 8 minutes and 32 seconds for the suns rays to travel from the sun to the Earth. Now how about that for a piece of useless trivia.
"Can I get a chinchilla?" a question I pose to my mother every other day...
"No! And shush! My stove is on fire and my people don't know how to call the fire department...."
"Ok then..."

I go back to writing again. The sun is gone again. The dog is whining about absolutely nothing. Again. Again. That word seems to be making a regular appearance in today's entry. Has my life gotten to be so repetitive that I am employing the word Again? Such a sad state of affairs then. Well. I could always steal the parents car, and we'll see how often I use again after that. No, that wouldn't do much. I'll steal my neighbours prized piece of German engineering. I know the key code to get into their garage. Then most likely I will not ever be using the word Again for a long time at least.

So, I realized I must be boring the hell out of all of you. As I am writing about my lazy sunday afternoon, which is about as repetitive as it can get. Ciao all.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Maestro! Inspire Me!

Well, I have no clue what i want to talk about today, and since i have nothing better to do with my time at the moment, i decided why not come here and post a little something or other. Anyways, I think this is more than likely going to turn into one of those random entries where i just write out whats on my mind.

So! Maestro! Inspire Me!

The summer is here, that warm feeling i get whenever i can feel the mornings heat is now engrained within me, and will be so for the next few months. I love that feeling, to wake up and know that the day ahead is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I mean the winter is nice, but most times i just want to lounge around outside, walk to the lake, head over to a friends' pool, stoll down one of the tree lined streets around Calgary, and of course, heading out to Banff for some Alpine air. I have so many small little traditions that I seem to have nurtured over the years. I was just thinking about that the other day when I got to witness the first real thunderstorm of the year boil above me. Like, whenever a storm comes around, all the electronics are turned off in my house. I usually go outside and watch it roll in, and just before all hell breaks loose from the heavens above, the calm outside is unbelievable, no birds, no wind, no nothing. Just silence. And then Wham! The skies open up with bright flashes of light, deep roaring sounds, torrential rainfalls, and wind that easily tosses cast iron tables into the air...ah yes, and there I will be, huddling under some sort of shelter that allows me a great view of one of natures most spectacular shows. And as soon as I see a really wicked storm, I will go back inside, throw in Twister and sit my arse down for two hours and dream about chasing tornadoes down in the states, which is something I intend on doing by the time I am 30...or at least die...Along with summer comes the lounging along a pool side. Oh last summer was perfect for that...i was house sitting a mansion just outside of Calgary and they had their own private pool outside. And well, they were family friends so I was allowed to swim whenever i wanted to and whatnot, and they actually let me have some friends come over a few times for a little pool party. Oh that was fun, to go diving with sounds of laughter and splashing all around. All under a cloudless sky with the sun beating down on us. Oh those were good times. But this year, it will be off to our friends summer house in the Cyprus Hills. Oh, now there is a beautiful place. Mornings spent on the deck eating eggs benedict under a glorious sky watching the lake. Afternoons spent zipping aorund Elk Water Lake in a tube. Evenings spent in town at some of the restaurants, and then back home to sit in the hot tub and watch the moon rise. And then nights spent watching movies and then the stars...a little piece of paradise to say the least. And not a care in the world...Then there is the Stampede, and I doubt i really need to say what makes the stampede so amazingly awesome. Hanging out with friends, riding the midway way until we want to puke. Then watching the fireworks explode in the sky from the ferris wheel. Dippin dots (or like last year, Dickin' Dots!) cotton candy, and then the worlds best Mini Donuts...omg, orgasmic. The grand stand show of course, and the chuckwagon races. The coke stage and other acts in and around town. And then this year. Oh man this will be epic. For those friends in town, i doubt we'll be sleepin for those ten amazing days in July...and then there are the avenues in Calgary. Stephen Avenue with its gorgeous trees and flowers, and 17th ave with is ecleticness. Something for everyone! From high class shopping in the Mount Royal Village TD Square, to the street vendors and hippy joints that line the streets...there honestly is culture to be found here in Calgary, though it just isn't as in your face like it is in other cities. Late night outs with friends, speeding around the countryside with nothing but the wind blowing in your hair under a full moon. Summer trully is a time to have fun, a time to relax and escape from the drabness which envelopes us for the other 9 months of the year. *Sigh* Summer really is to short here...but those three months that the weather is amazing, are the most exciting, most jam packed three months of the entire year. Now excuse as I go off and find Vivaldi's Four Seasons...ciao all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well, I am proud to announce that the one year anniversary of my online journal here is quickly approaching. And for the occasion, I have decided to do some redecorating around the place. (And no, not Mr. and Mrs. Smith style either) So, let me know if you like the changes, as this is the first major overhaul that has been undertaken around here. Anyways, ciao bellas!

"Oh, I got new curtains!"

- "Really? I thought we were going to wait?" -

"Do you like them? Because I can always take them back..."

- "Fine, I don't like them..." -

"You'll get used to them."


~Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Smith for those cheeky comments~

Look what a friend made for me! Haha! I loves it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Goal for tonight...

I have one goal that I am going to fulfill tonight. And that is to build an ark. We need one. Literally.

I've had enough of this water. I want to be able to go and relax in my spot along the Elbow River, but unfrotunately that is still under 20 feet of water. *sigh* so here is to building my ark. Ciao all.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Drinking away....

My new hair...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's My Birphday!

Yeah! I had my bbq thing last night to help celebrate my 19th Birthday! And well, I had a great time, despite the weather people actually came, though we just moved everything i met up with Dena, Steve, Branden and Dianna at Chinook Centre and they then followed me out to Springbank, that was an adventure to say the least with the rain and flooding that was going on (Elbow and Glenmore Trail) But we made it out in good time. So the festivities began right away, and by that i mean soon as i got some music going, the shots of vodka began, even though i was somewhat reluctant about them! Considering what happened last time. So yeah, Andrea, Melanie, Steven, Luke, Lauren, John, Hayley, Bonnie, Mar and Tom all ended up coming over, which was very cool indeed. So things were fun, but it wasn't until around midnight that the shindig reached its height...and lasted for about an hour, but people started leaving at one so things began to calm down at that point, well, somewhat calm down considering we were still going strong at 4am...

but stories, what stories are there to tell...haha, Oh! How bout me dancing around to call on me, stepping onto a chair and then falling over! Then there was getting slapped which was quite fun....spinning my knife around in the air and then catching it was also fun...haha, then drawing on Branden after he passed out at like 11, and then he decided to piss into my garden so i dumped his beer on his back, hahaha, that was entertaining...but i did loose my cologne that i was spraying people with...haha, perhaps that isn't a bad thing...oh, and people were really camera happy, between lending my camera out and the pics i took myself, i ended up having 213 pics on my camera alone from last night, now 2/3's are crap, but that 1/3 that are good pics, are awesome pics....Oh! Bum sliding down the stairs was funny to watch...yeah, i mean overall it was a good fun night, well, for me anyways...and now i shall post some pics below for all to see...

But i have decided, i am going to have more house parties hopefully in the very near future...stampede perhaps?

And Dani, you missed an awesome time, but if you had come back, you would have been stranded as the flooding as shut all the highways down around calgary, so yeah...

Oh and as a final note, i went to a hair stylist yesterday as a little birthday gift to myself, and what did i get? Well, you'll see in the pics, but i can say it was prolly the best money i ever spent on my hair, i got so many compliments last night, either that or people were just being really really nice...i'll have to see...

Anyways, cheers and ciao all!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pause for depressing thought...

Wanna know whats saddening? Losing contact with people you once hoped you would never lose contact with. Ah well, life goes on, whether they are a part of life or tucked away into memories. Damn those were fun times...

I am sick and tired...

Of this effing rain! So it is supposed to start raining again tonight, and hard as well. 3 and a hlaf centimeters of rain tomorrow alone...and i have my birthday bar be que planned for tomorrow. Now isn't that just swell?! Looks as though it is now going to become and indoor affair. At least I have a wood fireplace so we can kinda barbeque the burgers and whatever else. Ah well, it sucks when it rains on your parade, but i will manage to get through it. Oh, and tomorrow I am getting my new hair style i guess you could say. I got tired of having my hair this long and i can't really do much with it, so I booked an appointment with one of the top hair stylists in Calgary for tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be going in to get it cut and dyed, and styled. I have a general idea of what i want, but i am going to allow Deann to get creative with it as well...i am excited, yet slightly nervous at the same time, which is not solely becuase of the change, but because of what it is gonna cost me as well. Which will likely literally be an arm and a leg.

So these last few days have been pretty exhausting on me. Work is pretty heavy at the moment, as is my social life, i have been out everyday with friends since at least last tuesday, so 9 days straight now, and there is literally no end in sight. I think i am going to need a bit to recover. As of right now my weekend is filled as well, cuz friday is the bbq, saturday is shopping in the afternoon with some friends, then off to the clubs at night, and sunday is my actual b-day so there will be dinners, and then off for

How odd, the other day i was talking to a friend about how i need to get out even more than i already do, and she just stared at me and said "dude, you can't get out even more than you already are, you're already gone all the time as it is..." And looking around at the moment, i know exactly what she means by it now...i wish i didn't need people as much as i do. I mean, i like being alone, but only at certain times for a certain amount of time, otherwise i go insane. I need people, i like people...i dunno what it is...perhaps it is because i am afraid of trully being alone...which is a most scarey thought.

Anyways, time to get back to work, my lunch break is over now. Cheers and ciao all.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

As per request! :-P

Haha, well, lets sing, completely changing gears now!

How bout driving with Mala and her car Ginger...who just so happens to be a standard...

Now that was an adventure to say the least...

So, how do I wrap up her driving skills in one sentence?

"It was like being a rag doll in the hands of a very angry child"

I am surprised I don't have any lasting whiplash injuries, and oh to make things even better, her car can't go into reverse...

But I must say, there was nothing like stalling while trying to drive up the hill and then to not have the car be able to shift into any of the gears...with the random people stopping by to ask us if everything was ok...hahaha...

So, what was my reaction when the car came to a stop back at home? I got out and kissed the ground...haha, oh man, that was an adventure, a very fun, but scary adventure to say the least!!!! Hahaha! Mala, you know I still like you too much to let yer attempts at killing us both get in the way!


Anyways, until another day...and another adventure, ciao all...

And Mala, soon I will include our adventures at the Dance and, at the, uhm, club afterwards...but at least the martinis were good!

What am I doing...

I believe I have come to a revelation...

I am trully a bastard who plays people like cards in a game...and I play with their minds...and with their hearts...and if you think this is referring to you, it isn't.

I mean, I have two people (that I know of personally, and apparently there are even more out there) who I am completely uninterested in, but are seemingly head over heels for me...and all that I am doing is playing with them it seems. Ya know, mackin it up at the club, and then leaving them floundering at the end of the night...i ignore calls, i ignore messages, i ignore emails and the like...

And the crazy thing is, as Mala so pointedly pointed out last night, I honestly cannot say no. I just can't. I can't break people yet. Melanie has gotten so very good at it....but alas, I am still learning that ways of that department. I can be a very cold person. And I am just afraid of really breaking somebody hard. Too hard. I am actually a very cold hard person. And a very shallow person at that. I just can't say no to their face it seems....Anyways, I seem to have lost where I was going with this...

Point of the story is, I am a bastard who leads people down the garden path, only to ditch them in the end. Perhaps that is why I am still single...perhaps who I am looking for is just too perfect...oh man, what decisions...

And well, I am expecting the backlashes to begin as this journal is available to anyone who reads my msn profile...perhaps i should change that...or perhaps not...I don't know...but...if you read this, do not bring it up with me on msn, or else i will refuse to acknowledge your presence.

Ciao all...

How I feel at the moment...

It feels so good to breathe the air
Another spin around the sun
On this spec of life
In the universe
The gift of love
Is there for everyone

Angels working over time
Day or night to hold the hands
That play all alone
A baby's born pure to the world
As the old man lays down his head and closes his out
With nothing said

Every year another promise is made
A pint of beer raised towards a better day
Lets find a star, a star to call our own
And make a wish, maybe we can make it home

Ain't it good to be alive?
To feel the sun, strong against your face
Strawberry blonde waves of silky hair
Spills over me like the milky way
Ain't it good to be alive?
Ain't it good to be alive?

Alive, alive?.(x2)

Ain't it good to breathe the air
Another spin around the sun
On this spec of life in the universe
A little peace of life in everyone

Ain't it good to be alive?
Ain't it good to be alive?
To feel the sun strong against your face
It spills over me like the milky way

Alive, alive?(x2)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Flood of the Century

So, Calgary was offically flooded out yesterday and today. Just to give an idea of how badly, below are two before and after pics. The before pic was taken like three weeks ago, and some may recognize it as Mala's and my secret hide out. We used to chill on the very last rock at the tip of the penisula and put our feet in the water...yeah, i want to know what it is now like...i am almost afraid to see the after the waters recede pics...

go here for more pics...

So this is before the flood...

And this is after...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ok, so it is a lot of rain...

Right, well, I guess there was more rain falling then I first thought, as, well, they are doing emergency broadcasts at the moment warning of isn't that just dandy! Huh, i think I will go into town and go to the Elbow River, apparently that is about to burst its, this should be interesting...these next few hours...they are interuppting the radio shows about every hour to warn of more areas that should expect flooding. The last time I remember such flooding I as in New Brunswick and there was several million dollars damage done, most of the places around Fredricton were underwater. Haha, i remember going by the market place and seeing it washed out, and the road in front being washed away...

hopefully that won't be happening here. 17cm's of rain has fallen since Sunday, so that is like half a foot of water. And now they are expecting an additional 6 to 10 cm's of rain to fall, it really isn't looking all that great at the when i get pics, i will put em up.

Anyways, at least the farmers won't be bitching about not enough water this year...
wow, that made me sound like quite the ass, cuz now they have to worry about their crops being carried away with the current...

Anyways, off again to listen for more flood warnings...

Yeah, you know it is always good when they are doing emergency broadcasts and this is what you hear "If you live in these areas, move to higher ground..."

Rain's raining. Again. And there is a lot of water. I don't think I have ever been in a place that has had so much rain fall in just a week. All the rivers are rising, as are the creeks, and streams and whatnot as well. So, suffice to say, it is wet outside. But at least I work inside and don't have to worry about being to victimized by the weather, one of the good things i guess about working indoors is that i don't have to worry about is inclement weather. But there are also the bad sides, and that is when i get to miss out on a gorgeous and hot sunny day as a result of working inside.

Well, nothing else really to say, had another unbelievable weekend of partying and whatnot...anyways, i may elaborate later, cheers and ciao all.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Please excuse me...

Aight, so, for some reason i am absolutely fascinated with a certain...phrase...especially as of recently. It is an older phrase and a very demeaning one at that, but somedays, actually most days i believe it can be aptly applied to me...

I am such a dumb bitch...

I do not know what it is about that phrase, but something about intrigues me, eggs me on. Perhaps because it is so insulting and i am using it to describe myself...Haha! i can just see it on a scholarship application..."Please describe yourself in one sentence: I am such a dumb bitch."

Oh man, I am sure that would go over particularily well with the adjudicators...anyways, since i have nothing else to say except the weekend is almost here, and i want to drink myself into total and complete oblivion...anyways, ciao...