Friday, April 29, 2005

The Dating Game

Alright, and as I mentioned in my last entry, there are people crushing on me, and i am not responding to them...well, there are reasons why.
I tend to fee caged in whenever i am in a relationship with anyone. I feel as though I can't go out with whomever i want to whenever i want to. Which is a big thing. I want to be able to do my thing and not have to worry about anyone else. So yes, i am looking out solely for number one here. And i feel that if i just dated someone cuz i had a crush on them and all that, just i would likely get overly bored with them as soon as i met someone else. Which is not fair to either parties involved. I mean, yes i have crushes, but I doubt I would ever go out with any of them. On another note, I want to live life my way, and I don't want anyone to try and tame me or calm me down. Yeah, I know I am not much of a wild child to begin with, but the shit i pull sometimes would most likely have me in dumpsville so fast so it just isn't worth my time. I mean, i like having the challenge of trying to find someone to buy me a drink at the bar, and sometimes that means putting out a certain amount, which some people would likely find uncomfortable especially if i was supposed to be their boyfriend blah blah blah.
But, perhaps the thing keeping me away right now, is that I am looking for someone who will blow me off my feet. Literally, i am looking for someone that just strikes me as being trully unique and has a lot in common with me. And unfortunately i think i am looking for perfection when i date someone, not in their looks, but in their personality. I am looking for someone exactly like me, someone who can put on a smile no matter what shit is going on in their life. Someone that talks and listens. Someone that has a great taste in music...and yeah, being attractive to me at least is a big thing too. So am I just chasing a fruitless dream? Oh i hope not, cuz that would suck big time. Ah well...then again I am far far too shy when it comes to dating people also, which is another obstacle...ah well. there, now i threw out what someof my issues are with dating...oh wait, one last thing...i am not ready to settle down which is another thing. But whatever. I am done. If it makes sense, great, if not...oh well, makes sense to me. And as I said, I am looking out for number one. Wow I am in a really selfish, self-centred prickish mood, i am at least coming across as one. Fine. Most days i am not out soleyl for myself, but on some issues, i am, like this one. There, not self centered anymore. And, Done. Ciao.

Well crud...

The weather is pretty pathetic once again. Nothing to ruin a happy-go-lucky week, than days full of cold, spiteful weather. Piiiiiiiish. So there goes working on my tan hahaha! So Andrea's audition to become a Coyote Girl is tonight. And of all people to ask to go with her for moral support, she asked me! I was so happy when she asked me, made me feel all warm inside. So Melanie is coming....*sigh* it is just gonna be like High School all over again, man those were great times! I really hope the audition isn't too grueling, and I really hope that Andrea gets accepted. That would be soooooo cool. I mean she's got a lot of things going for her. First off she can't go anywhere and not have guys hit on her, so that means she's hot (which she is) and can sucker guys in. Secondly she can dance like no one else I know (Natasha you were pretty good, but......) When we went to Tequila one time a while back, everyone was just watching and starring her as she danced...she is pretty damn good. And lastly, she's Andrea, what's not to like about the girl other than the fact she never answers the phone!!!!!!! So I am excited for her and tonight...As I already said that would be sweet if she got accepted! But anyways, tonight is also Kink Night...and Andrea wants to go to that, so i just gave her a warning and all and actually tried to dissuade her from going, but she seems set on it, i guess the stories i've told her have intrigued her....or...maybe there is something i don't know about her....*ponders thought*

So the old self-esteem has been given some lovely boosts lately, which is something i have been needing lately for some reason. I've never thought myself as "hot" but according to some people I apparently am...which does surprise me. Meh, as long as it doesn't go to my head everything should be good. But I don't think I have ever had so many people chasing me at one time! It is amazing...i mean, i never rains it bloody well pours!!!!! But unfortunately none of them really knock my socks off or blow me off my feet (Ya for cliches!!!!) so i feel like this is a real waste of both their time and my time. Yes some of them are very pretty and all, or, er handsome as well...yes, members of both sexes are after me...but as i said, nobody is really catching my eye in the end...ooooh, i feel another post coming'll have to wait until after this one hahaha. But am I just too picky and expecting perfection? But whatever, that is meant for another time. But yes, people are crushing on me which is kinda cool.

Gonna cut my hair this sunday, it is just too bloody long, actually, it'll be lopped off tomorrow before Jess's birthday bash and then Connected. Then it will be time to highlight it blond once again...tired of boring ol' brown, so once again going for some colour. And one week today I will be at my friend Dani's grad, should be an exciting weekend to say the least! And wow, May is shaping up to be a very busy month! Dani's grad, work kickin' into high gear, Dena's B-day, the Queen is coming (yeah, monarchist here) and Mystic...yishkas, it's gonna busy.

Anyways, that is all i have to say at the moment. So take care all, go out and enjoy the day for all it's worth! ciao.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Here we go again...

Oh man, Nostalgia just hit big time. Daaaaaaamn those were fun times last spring...
Awww Jen...I can't wait to see you again...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Adventures on 17th and elsewhere!

So Mala and I hit up 17th ave yesterday, and i had a great ol' time. So we hit up Buhran Gallery and the pieces that we saw in there were amazing...the antiquities from India were just...astounding. As soon as I can start designing, that will definetely be one place that I will go to, to outfit my homes. After that we wandered through a little park and went into Inhabit. I love that store, every time I hit up 17th, I can't help but go in there. Oh and the cars out yesterday were quite drool worthy. A classic Jaguar, classic camaro, a 2005 Aston Martin DB9, the benz's, beemers, and porcha's all made for a drool worthy day. After going to Inhabit we made our way down 17th to a few stores, as I am on the hunt yet again for soft, cream-coloured linen pants that can be tied into capris...yes, I am a freak, but hey...But alas, didn't find anything all that pleasing. Then we went for ice cream and then went to Priape, and that was interesting to say the least, but some of the clothes they got there were actually realy cool, and I am gonna go back and pick up some stuff. Then we headed back down to the park and sat and people watched for a while, and THE TREES HAVE FINALLY BLOOMED AND THE LEAVES ARE OUT!!!!!! Yeah, I was happy. After that we headed over to Divine, and for the first time ever, I actually didn't find anything that was all that appealing which was very saddening. Ah well. After that we headed for the car and then went to some little park along the Elbow river. It was so nice and quiet there, us two sat on some rocks right by the river and just sang some hippyish folksy songs. I had my feet in the water and the geese and such were swimming by. It was realy relaxing to say the least. Walked around for a bit, and found a little bit of the park that was totally out of the Europe, and the two of us totally made it into a set from a, as cheesy as it sounds, it really is...from there went back to Mala's, ate pizza, watched some U2, and then went to my place and wandered around the golf course for a bit. Did some scrambling around the waterfall, listened to the deafening silence, and got annoyed with the full moon. Then came and chilled and listened to some music...overall quite the relaxing night. Then on the way back into the city, I scared myself senseless by wandering down some trail in the middle of Springbank that was the perfect setting for some serial killer movie...gah...i still get chills thinking about it...but after that frightfest Mala had to go home, and i myself had to go, so our adventures for the day had to come to a close...but who knows what team LaRew will experience next time!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Dahling...Fuck PETA...

Well, PETA can roast in hell...fur haters. If the animal is already dead, oh need to complain and rant about people wearing skins. Haha, where would the human race be if it hadn't been for skins? Pish posh with you fuck wits.And wear did this come from? I have no clue...

BUT...everyone should go check out Versace's SpringSummer '05 trully is beyond amazing...I watched the fashion show today and Donatella has taken the line from Donatella Versace to The House of Versace. To sum up the show in three words...Stunningly Beautiful Rebirth.

And I am now rambling...goodnight and ciao.

Oh and wish me luck on those fucking exams...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Anyone up for a Fanta from The Fantanas? Haha! I do...Wanta Fanta? Dunchya want a Fanta Fanta?

Wanta Fanta...dunchya want a Fanta Fanta? You look hot in all that plaster, you need Fanta faster, faster! Wanta Fanta...dunchya want a Fanta Fanta? You look hot in hats so furry you need Fanta in a hurry! Wanta Fanta...dunchya want a Fanta Fanta?!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

You know when...

You know you are in desperate need for some excitement and adrenaline when you get a kick out of tracking down and killing viruses...the life i lead outside of the weekends is soooo fucking boring....*snore*

And in other news, a peace treaty has been declared between two warring factions and the future looks friendly.

I am going on two road trips in the next few weeks, one to Lethbridge, and one to Edmonton...oh wait, make that three, cuz...dun dun dun duuuuun! I am going to be living "the Simple Life" for a weekend...yes, I am going to small town Alberta to party it up for a weekend...this should be interesting! Wow...i wonder if I should take that designer shit with me, or will I have to worry about cow manure?! Haha, just for you Dani!

Anyways, I am going to be, I just wanted to share with the world how boring my life is on weekdays, and to say, I wish it was friday and saturday everyday! So in other words...I wish I was rich and beautiful, 18...but, dream on...ciao.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bermuda Shorts Day and a Night of elevating myself...

So yesterday was Bermuda Shorts Day at the university. That was certainly a gong show to saw the least. Drinking commenced at 2 in the afternoon and continued well into the evening. So started off with some very very strong Gin and Juice, some kokanee and then it was two things of smirnoff ice. I was totalled. Rents came and got me and took me home, where i fell asleep for a few hours (due to the exhaustion of pulling all-nighters trying to write essays)And then it was time to go to Coyotes for some more drinking and dancing and chilling. Unfortunately things did not go fully according to plan and all of the people i was supposed to meet weren't allowed in because they didn't have the right ticket...yet i was with them when they bought it, and bought mine at the same time...and i was allowed in...some thought to ponder and why i now loath coyotes than even before. The place was packed when Dena and I finally got in at like 10 to 9...and it only got fuller...i mean it was worse than Cowboys on 25cent draft night, and i don't want to even think about what Cowboys musta been like...eep...Anyways, i made some nice coin selling my Camel Cigs to people...$2.00 a smoke and people were paying...was very nice. And then after a few hours and some shots later it was off to the Warehouse. I had never been there before so I was looking forward to it. So as Dena and I got checked in they offered us a membership there, and considering it is a private club I am sure that they will come in handy soon...quite soon. So went in, and it was hard house playing, which is the shit i like so i was off dancing and Dena was off finding some magical substances. She found some, and yeah, we both did it. It was E cut with Speed and wow. It took a while for it to kick in, but once it did...I was gooooooone. And I must say this time round of poppin da pills was much for pleasant than last time. The lights looked like cars driving on the walls, and for some reason I imagined myself as that caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. Twas quite odd indeed. And I was chain smokin and right now my lungs feel clogged...blah, but it was worth it. Haha, i don't have any idea how long i sat on the top of that bench and just danced...and smoked. Did lots of dancing which was good it's been what i have been needin for a while now. And yeah, met some cool people, and I have a feelin I'll be seeing them in the near future again, now that I am a card carryin member! So yeah, i danced the night away and tripped the night away and spaced the night away until 7am when they shut down...was weird coming out and seein the sun rise. Then Dena and I and the people we met, Krystal, Jen, and Justin went cruisin around town and ended up gettin lost actually. That was an adventure...haha, what an excellent night, and what a way to party it up for BSD. Now i just have to hide my eyes, and try not to dance in front of my parents...otherwise they know something will be up for sure. They already accuse me of doing hard drugs, and well, they're not too far off anymore...hahaha...anyways, i got the munchies now, time to rifle through the pantry and find something remotely appetizing...ciao.

Pause for thought...
One of the thoughts running constantly through my head last night as I played up being that caterpillar dude was: "What is the essence of Suffering" and yeah...i can't remember anything that i thought up of, but damnit anyways, it trully was a moment of complete cognitive understanding and the universe for once actually made sense...

and on a final note...LET MUSIC LIVE FOREVER!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

In Conclusion...

Well...another week has come and gone...yet again.

Was finally able to hit up the town again tonight after the lull of the last few weeks....blah. Was gonna go out last night as well as it was Melissa's birthday, but for some reason i got such a headache that tylenol or advil couldn't exactly help...even light i was in for the evening, i hope i never ever get one of those things Melissa, I must apologize for not gettin there...and as a side note as well, my car is yet again in the shop...stupid fucking deer, i wish they didn't just saunter into the middle of the roads like they do...but them hitting my car was an entertaining, yet expensive sound. So ended up chillin at moxies for a while tonight, drinkin margaritas...and Mantini's...which I recommend no one ever get...jager + peach schnaps = disaster. And then it was over to Sal's on 17th, which will likely join the list of cool joints to go in lieu of the big clubs...actually it already has joined that list...a list which includes Lucky, Melrose, Moxies, Detours, and now Sal's....and well Mynt too I guess...only one more place I feel like checking out and that's the Metropolitan Grill...except I won't go in there without a few 50's in my pocket...
Haha, I get to play T.S. Eliot this coming week in a class production...these should be great, I get to bicker with Robert Browning over Dramatic Monologues...gotta love English 240. Oh, and I get to smoke some shisha tomorrow, this i am excited for...i was with Suzy today when she bought her Hooka, so she said tomorrow when she is off work, we're gonna hit up Cafe Med to smoke some Shisha and eat some cheesecake (well, I will be anyways)
The Pope is now buried....and I was actually sad I wasn't in Rome for his funeral, and I am especially sad I am gonna miss the conclave...I love tradition and pageantry which is part of the reason why I am such a monarchist, and another reason why I am glad I wasn't around in Nazi Germany, as I would have been such a sucker. But John Paul the Second's funeral was filled with tradition, with pageantry, and I mean, one of the things I dearly miss out of living in Europe is that there is never the sound of bells tolling in North America, well at least Western Canada. When I heard the ringing of the Bell of Saint Peter it brought me right back to Germany...when the bells would toll at the Stuttgart churchs. Anyways.
School is almost finished, Dani's grad is less than a month, and amends are being made. Busy time coming up...and yet again, life will go on...most likely at a much too fast a pace...

As a final note to ponder....why is everyone getting hurt or dying these days? I mean, scrolling down my MSN buddies list...there are so many names like "I fell down the stairs, and ow is all I can say" or "Ow" or "I fell down and hurt myself, ouchy" like what is going on? Is the moon so out of wack that it is causing a shift in gravity? or what? And the Pope died, as did Prince Albert...right, Prince Albert of Monaco passed away...sigh...well, time to go play with some knives and fire while drinking gin...i hoope to see you all tomorrow...
p.s. using elipses' are so much fun...!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Pause for thought

Don't steal, the government hates competition...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I've reached the boiling point!

DAMN THE LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA TO HELL! DAMN THEM ALL! SCREW THE GST! I WANT MY FUCKING MONEY BACK! $250,000,000.00! TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS STOLEN FROM CANADIAN TAXPAYERS BY THOSE FUCKING SNOBBISH LIBERALS! THAT IS A FUCKING QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS STOLEN! yeah, i can't even think about it, i am just fuming...i want some necks to break, specifically martin's, chretien's and all those other liberal cronies...damn them all. why should i pay my taxes if they are just going to siphon it off to themselves and their friends? Brault, thank you for finally exposing these crooks for who they are.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Cats outta the bag...

Quite literally too.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope Changed World.

This is an article I came across in some old newspapers i found in the basement, and as a surprise I came across this article by Eric Margolis from Sunday, October 19, 2003...and I thought it really did the sum up what a great man that the Pope was. Here it is:

Great heart, courage and deep compassion have made huge impact

"After covering world affairs for the past 20 years, I (a non-catholic) believe the greatest man of our era has been His Holiness, Pope John Paul II.
This past week, the most remarkable pope since the Middle Ages commemorated his 25th anniversary as both leader of the world's oppressed peoples - no matter what their religion.
The first pope since the 16th century who was not Italian, Polish-born Karol Wojtyla quickly confirmed his countrymen's deserved reputation for courage and audacity by shaking up and revitalizing the Vatican bureaucracy and world wide Catholic priesthood, which were afflicted by low morale, loss of faith, poor leadership and often shocking corruption.
John Paul purged the Church notably its Latin American branches, of Marxist priests preaching "Liberation theology," one of the graver recent challenges to Catholicism around the world.
The Polish Pope reasserted the authority of Rome over the Church, parts of which, in many nations, had grown unresponsive, indifferent or outright rebellious to papal authority.
In short, John Paul reinvigorated the Catholic faith by insisting its tenets be faithfully observed, even when strictures against contraception, abortion, divorce or homosexuality ran sharply counter to social trends.
The cost of this dogmatic rigour was high, particularily in Europe: large numbers of Catholics dropped from the Church.
But the alternative was worse: To become like Britain's dying Anglican Church, which, by embracing every trend, from tambourine playing services to homosexual clergy, has ended up standing for nothing, becoming meaningless and irrevelant.
John Paul was also a modern warrior pope.
Branding communism the greatest evil the world had seen, he launched a personal crusade against the Soviet Union in secret alliance with the United States.
Vatican money, channeled through Latin America, funded Poland's Solidarity Movement, which ignited the rebellion against Soviet rule that led to the final collapse of what was truly an evil empire.
The Kremlin knew the Polish Pope was its most dangerous enemy.
He commanded no divisions, but he inspired the hearts and minds of Eastern Europe's peoples, and ignited their uprising against Soviet imperial Rule.
John Paul became their liberator.
As a result, the Soviets tried to assassinate him.
But John Paul was not just spiritual father of East Europeans.
He raised his mighty voice and mobilized the Church to defend the world's oppressed, voiceless peoples.
No one became a stronger defender of the five million suffering Palestinians' than John Paul II.
When the Muslim world forgot the Palestinians' plight, the Catholic Pope reminded them.
He ceaslessly called for a just peace between Arabs and Jews based on a viable Palestinian homeland.
When the Muslim world turned its back on the slaughter and rape of Bosnia's Muslims by Neo-Nazi savages calling themselves Christians; John Paul demanded the western powers rescue the Bosnians.
John Paul ceaselessly commanded Catholics to purge their faith and minds of that two millennium-old evil, anti-semitism, calling for true amity between Catholics and Jews, and between Catholics and Muslims.
As soon as the Cold War ended, John Paul urged the victorious West to temper its capitalist system by protecting the poor, the downtrodden, the helpless.
Unbridled capitalism could be as great a danger as communism, warned the Pope.
But in the post-Cold War get-rich-quick scramble, few in the West heeded his pleas for social justice.
When President George Bush and British PM Tony Blair decided to invade Iraq, Pope John Paul repeatedly accused them of preparing to wage an illegal, immoral war of aggression.
In this, the Pope spoke for much of the world, urging the U.S. and U.K. to work through the United Nations and enhance the power and authority of the world body.
But Bush and Blair ignored him, and are now paring the price for their arrogance, folly, and greed.
Critics of Pope John Paul charge he failed to adopt the Church to the time. But no great institution can long survive that shifts course to every change in the social winds.
Under John Paul, the Roman Catholic Church has declined in adherents, but it has grown stronger and more vital.
The Pope's sweeping reforms and newlu appointed cardinals will perpetuate his monumental works long after his death, and maintain the Church as a rock of faith in the stormy seas of life.
The Church will survive its recent shameful sex scandals, as it has survived so many past disasters.
Ironically, orthodox Muslims and Jews understand uch better than many western Christians how important it is for a great, cardinal faith that spans mankind's history to keep firm its moorings and resist the siren calls of modernication and accommodation, no matter how inconvenient.
It is heartbreaking to see this redoubtable Pope and profound humanist, this "Great Spirit," as Hindus would say, increasingly crippled by grave ailments and nearing his end.
But each time I see Pope John Paul, my spirit lifts with the knowledge there is indeed objective good, and that a man of great heart, courage and deep compassion can change for the better this often sordid world."

*Sigh* The world has lost a trully great man. A man who talked the talk and walked the walk. Despite the heavy toll on his body, he never gave up. And as one of the Saints said..."Preach the word of the gospel and when neccessary, use words." I cannot think of one other person who has had such an effect on the modern world, both politically and spiritually. And as a personal note, I had the great honour of meeting Pope John Paul the second when I stopped over in Rome one Christmas many years ago. I atteneded the Christmas Eve Mass with my Parents, and we had an aisle seat. As the Pope came down the aisle, he walked past us, but then stopped, came back, and touched me (in the Catholic Church this is known as a blessing) and that moment has forever been embedded in my mind. Little did I know at that time what a truly great and Holy man he was. Yes his beliefs ran contrary to the modern world, but one cannot but help and honour a man who stood so steadfast for his beliefs and values and did not falter or waiver from those. JP2, we loved you. *Sigh* and now the bells are ringing...thank you John Paul, you served the world well.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Much better pic of him...haha, thanks Mala for the pics...even though I stole them off ya!

IT'S BENNY BENASSI! The guy on the left that is...the dude on the right was the DJ on before him.

A taste of what clubbing should be!

Ok, I have decided for sure, I am going to Ibeza, Milan and Prague and I am going to bloody well hit up every club in those city's. I saw Benny Benassi the other day at Tequila, and he trully was a world class DJ. And what didn't hurt at all was that he was also really trully European. There is a huge difference between N. American an European music, and yeah, I like the Euro stuff over anything this continent has to offer. Haha, it was awesome seeing Benny live, like I mean, there is a difference between listening to his stuff at home or in the club, and seeing him do his stuff live. So Mala and I went off and saw him, just about gave her a heart attack though when I couldn't get a ticket, yeah that didn't go over to well, but hey, I still found one! The first Dj was pretty bad, and the second guy was a lot better, but still not the greatest. But then Benny came on and everything got ten times better. He is amazing, really, he is. Haha, it was great watching him tell off on of the bouncers at tequila because he blocked Benny's view of the audience, hehe that was funny. But then there was that trully redneck dude in the red shirt in front who I wanted to hurt severly. You don't start hockey chants when a Euro DJ is playing the house. You just don't do it. Bah! Calgarians are so unsophisticated...anyways...I had a great time dancing away the night, though leaving early really SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cough...hack...Mala...cough) But it was still fun nonetheless. So, uh Mala...when we hitting up Milano? Anyways, i am literally just rambling and I will be surprised if anything here makes any coherent sense whatsoever. Ciao all.