Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blissfully Delusional

I recently read an article that suggested that the happiest people were in fact the most delusional. The ones most detached from reality and what really goes on in the world. To me, it came across as a sad indicator of the times that we live in these days. The fact that unless we have seemingly lost our minds we cannot be "happy". But at the same time, what indicators of happiness did they use? What was this focus group encompassing? Me, I am happy, yes I have some things that stress me out, but honestly, I am trully happy. yet I am not delusional, well, that delusional haha. I have a good head on my shoulders that allows me to keep my feet on the ground and be fully aware of whats going on around me. However, there are some elements in my life that trully make being alive a worth while experience. To me, everyday is a new and exciting day, and one can never be fully sure of what to expect out of the day. I have money in my pocket, albeit its only 40 cents, but it is still money in my pocket. I have a roof over my head, I've got a car, I have good friends, and I have a good mother. Trully who could ask for anything more? I know what makes me happy in life, and so I fill my life up doing what makes me happy. Of course I could use more money than the 40 cents in my pocket, but what says that will necessarily bring me any more happiness than if I were stuck with the 40 cents in my pocket? I don't have a lot of friends, but the friends that I do have, I hold close and care very deeply for. Does this make me delusional? The fact that I would trust my life to a handful of people outside of my family that do not walk around with a PhD in Medicine? I trust my friends more than I trust doctors. Or, perhaps, I have not yet experienced the real world and so I have no reason to be delusional. Yet I would argue that point seeing as everyone lives in the real world, its the real world for them. I don't know what its like to be a homeless person as I have never been homeless, that is not the real world for me. I have never grown up with obscene amounts of money and wealth, that is not the real world for me. The real world for me is a comfortable existence, with some hardships along the way. I am not blissfully ignorant of the problems facing the world and our society, I am in touch with that, but seeing as I do not experience that on a first hand basis every day of my life, I do not see how that trully affects me.

I have been very blessed thus far in my life all in all. Yes death and injuries occur in life. Friends come and go. But who says that all good things come to an end. Sometimes they don't. I am happy, and I am not delusional. I am thankful for the friends I have in my life, the family I have, and what I have been able to experience so far. I am happy, and I am not delusional.


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