Friday, February 11, 2005

Ok, and even more changes now...

My conversation with my boss this afternoon...

Ed: So, how does Montreal look this summer for you?
Me: Huh? What?
Ed: How does working in Montreal this summer sound?
Me: Good.
Ed: Excellent, when are you done exams?
Me: The end of April I'm not completely sure yet what the exact dates are
Ed: Ok, be ready to go the day after your last one for Montreal.
Me: Are you serious?
Ed: Yes I am, actually, we will give you a week off to get ready and then you will be sent there...
Me: Ok then...

So yeah, looks like I am headed off to work the summer in Montreal, I was expecting Ottawa, but not Montreal. This should be interesting...where am I gonna live? What am I gonna drive...lots of questions...and not too many answers yet, I guess only time will tell at this that announcement caught me off guard to say the least, anyways, i must get ready...have a good one! Ciao.


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