Saturday, February 12, 2005

Masquerade...paper faces on parade

So last nights masquerade was kind of a let down, was a pretty poor turn out, and people had been hyping about how packed it was last year so it was disappointing to say the least. Tequila was fun before hand, those two dollar high balls are definitely nice. Uhm...Jill showed up with her friend Alex, he seemed quite shy, then again, i really didn't take the time to talk to him either. McDonald's was definetely tasty afterwards...yummy greasy artery clogging goodness! I liked my mask, I liked my mask a lot, I took some pics on my digicam before i headed out, so when I upload them, I will post a picture of it...was very cool, yet it was also slightly unnerving at the same time...and then tonight I feel so loved, I've now been invited out to four different places by different people...but unfortunately I can only be in one place at one I think I will meet up with an old friend and hit up Lucky or the Night Gallery. Was also invited to The Back Alley, Tantra and also of all places Boyztown. I guess that is what happens when one has friends that are gay. But I feel so loved! anyways, kink night is on the 25th, even Melanie has expressed interest in going, so I think it will be a good night out. Anyways, I now must be off myself. Hope everyone has a good one. Ciao!


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