Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I really have nothing to write about. Nothing and no one is bothering me. I am quite content, the weather is nice, the money is rolling in...and my teeth are white. Who could ask for anything more really? I've become addicted to McDonald's cheeseburgers for some reason. I dunno what it is about those greasy messes, but there is something in them, and I can't help but order some whenever I drive by the McDonald's on 14th street. Tis quite odd me thinks. So I got asked to go to a friend's grad. Tis quite the honour, I must look my best when I go, and so the prep work starts now....haha, I am such a dork. I got a call from CJ92 today, and it turns out that I won some gift certificate for a music store. I think its kinda cool considering I didn't even enter any contests lately. Ah well, I'm not complaining. I think I might go to Outlaws in the near future, they have some girls gone wild type thing going on, and I want to see all the reno's that they've done there. Should be somewhat interesting. My English prof was finally replaced, after missing three weeks of class he went on an indefinite medical leave which is nice cuz now I will finally have class that I am fucking paying for....scratch that, what my rents are paying for. The only downside is now that I will prolly actually have to put some effort and do some work for that class now. The rents take off for their adventure gallavanting around the caribbean on Sunday, expect the grand-rents are coming in so that means no massive house party this time round. Ah well. Maybe I will take some time and go down and party it up in Leth...hehe, that would be interesting. So the neighbours just got their new cars. I am so very jealous as the Mr. and Mrs. both get their own 2005 BMW's. *Sigh* sometimes I really hate where I live...and the snooty neighbour down the street just got his brand new 2005 corvette *sighs even heavier*. Meh, not nearly as bad as the old fart on the other street who was showing off his BMW Z8 the other day. What does the thing cost....$200,000? It's the same one James Bond drove in the last movie where they used beemers...*throws back out sighing*...meh I guess I really shouldn't complain...the rents aren't doing too badly themselves...that reminds me, they leave for New York in May and they're taking my little bro, so if I can just get the other one out of the house...I think we can all figure out where I am going with this...ooooh...foods ready, gotta run, cheers and ciao to all of yous...have a good one!


At 7:38 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

yay for my grad! and twould KIK ASS if you came and partied in leth! and stay very far away from McD's food. so bad for you.


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