Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pause for thought...

Adjusting the water sprinklers outside at midnight is not the brightest thing to do especially when you can't see where the water is going...

Monday, May 30, 2005

A gal named Rachel and I...she was a nice girl indeed...

It's Dani and I, and I am smashed, if you can't tell....more pics! www.drewspics.blogspot.com !

Bittersweet announcement...

So, I will NOT be going to New Brunswick. Which means I DON'T get to travel. Which means I DO NOT earn more money. It also means that I NO LONGER have a free air ticket to Montréal. Which means, I may NOT be able to accept the invite to Los Angeles. So, lots of lost opportunities it seems at first glance. However, I also want to look at it this way: I WILL be home for my birthday. I am GUARANTEED to be here for the Stampede now. I CAN now party it up with all the friends here. I MAY be able to con the rents into buying me a ticket to Montréal or LA...one of the two, all depends on if both invites are still open.

So, I didn't know this, but I already had a plane ticket bought for me to fly out this coming Sunday. But then the Canadian Military scuttled that plan as a certain Major wanted to dissolve the program that I was to be working on. So whatever, I was really pissed off at first becuase it is just frustrating being told one thing, then something else happening, and this is my life, and i need more than a few days notice. So, just bah! Ah well, over and done with. I am just glad i can be here for my birthday and for stampede. anyways, i am done. Ciao all.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

And the lesson of the month...

Right, well, i must say it took me just about 19 years to figure this one out...perhaps i was lucky to have lasted to this point, or just plain stupid...but ouch, i am in pain.

I was watching my dog and cat play-fight with one and other, and i was eating some most delicious pringles at the same time. Well, the cat swiped at the dog, the dog hit her head on our cabinet, and i laughed and breathed at the same time, with the pringles in my mouth...and I bet you can see where this is going. Well, simply enough, pringles went up the nose, and now i am blowing pringles out my nose, which is actually quite painful.

So, the moral of the story is...

Don't eat Pringles and laugh at the same, otherwise you'll be blowing chips out yer nose...


Thursday, May 26, 2005

It was Loud! Bright! Colourful! Over-the-top! Extravagant! And I loved every minute of it!

So i just got back from a shindig down at the Saddledome in honour of a certain special guest in Alberta...Yes, I saw the Queen of England today and went to the farewell/celebration of Calgary and Alberta. And, one can most likely figure what it was like simply by looking at my post's title. But wow, the show itself was amazing. The music was great, as it had elements of a symphony mixed in with a up-beat beat. The dancing was another wow, just the synchronization of it all, and the choreography was just like, wow. Haahaa, oh man, I have an inkling that i am going to be over-using the word Wow in today's post. And thsi is going to be a long post, as i want to remember it for years to come, and i am gonna be printing it off and tucking it away in my scrap-book...

Right, well before everything went down, Dianna and I left work early and trained it to downtown Calgary where we grabbed a quick bite before heading off for 9th ave. That was the street where the Queen's motorcade was to come down along, and there was a lot more people there then I had ever imagined, on the South side of the road the line along the road was sometimes four to five people deep, and on my side it ranged from like a few people to about three or four back. But I managed to get in pretty close to see all the action. So Harry the Horse mascot was out and about trying to warm the crowd up, except he got chastised by the police for playing in the middle of the road. When the horse left the police laughed and joked about Harry getting hit and then being put down. Oh man, hearing that made me giggle. So the police were out in full force, at any given moment i could count at least 25 biking, walking, or riding up and down the street. Oh and the Olympic torch was also lit on top of the Calgary tower, so it seems the city went all out, cuz there were flags along the traffic posts, and flags were being handed out, was pretty cool to see actually, me being a royalist and all...So a few minutes after Dianna and I arrived three cars went screaming down 9th ave, and i realized that it was in fact the Governor General and her husband, so again that was kinda neat to see. Then out of nowhere a helicopter appeared and the roar of motorcycles could be heard, i wish i had a camera with me cuz it was quite the site, there were something like 8 or 9 cops on bikes, and then a few cop cars, then there was The Sedan. Haha, yeah, it was obvious which car had Her Majesty in it as it had a flag on its side and the windows were rolled down. But the moment of seeing the Queen was brief to say the least, and i found it entertaining watching the rest of the motorcade follow, there were a good 27 cars, as that is what it said on my Dad's itinerary (he met her earlier in the day at a private reception)...But i did get to see the Queen and Prince Phillip. And as they came through the crowd broke into an applause which again i thought was really cool. So after the huge entourage motorcade thing left, Dianna and I booked it to the Saddledome for the next big event.

So anyways, the show started off with a local tv personality warming the audience up. Dave Kelly from A-Channel kinda lined up what we were to expect of the show, and gave us indicators to watch for and such. Anyways, Dave began listing off the dignitaries that were attending, and Premier Klein got some booing, Adrienne Clarkson got some cheering, Bronconnier got some cheering, and Paul Martin got a huge booing response when his name was read. Now none of the digniatries were there as it was just a warm-up, but oh man it was funny. The audience got chastised for it and said that we should appear as a unified nation when they broadcast the show live across the country and the world. Anyways, after a while of listening to the Philharmonic and the Calgary Youth Orchestra the dignitaries began to arrive. Paul Martin and his wife sauntered in and were given a warm reception, as was Her Excellency Adrienne Clarkson and her husband. Premier Klein and his Wife and the mayor were also all given a welcoming applause. However, everyone was waiting for Her Majesty and His Royal Highness. They did a live feed to her Sedan rolling up and her walking through the 'dome. Then she appeared at the top of the stairs and the 'dome went nuts. Everyone was on their feet clapping and cheering the reigning Monarch of Canada. Then when she reached her seat the opening of God Save the Queen began, and truthfully, it was something else to be singing God Save the Queen in the presence of the actual Queen of England. After that the Gala began. Wow is all i have to say, it was an understated introduction which quickly changed and became an amazing show of light, sound, colour and dance. The Young Canadians were amazing, and the Stampede Show Band was outstanding. I mean, Calgary surprisingly has some world-class talent residing within the city limits. The Stampede Show Band has been rated the Number One Marching Band in the World numerous times over. The Young Canadians easily fill the Grandstand seats when they preform during the stampede, and it is easy to see why. The choreography of the show, the music, just everything was amazing. I was honestly in awe of everything i saw. I had always dreamed of attending a Gala like that, and I never thought I would ever have the chance of seeing one live in my own home town. I mean at one point they had 1,400 preformers on the floor at the same time! The costumes, the props, just everything made it into such a memorable experience. There was not one single dull moment in the show...at the end of it all, the military marched into the stadium and it was so cool to see the Queen Inspecting the Guard, but it was even better when she went over and inspected the veteran guard as well. For that the Queenr eceived a prolonged ovation. And soon after, the Queen was sent off with a rendition of Oh Canada and a reprise of God Save the Queen with a 21 Gun Salut occuring simultaneously. Oh what an afternoon to remember, i just soaked it all in...

Overall though, I have to say that the show was one of the most cool and memorable moments of my life. And that has to say something after everything I have managed to see and do so far in my life. Perhaps one day I will explain just what I have seen and done, from meeting the Pope in Rome, to being a dignitary at a Peace Treaty and meeting Kofi Annan of the United Nations, or the times the family were private guests of the former Governor General of Canada(by that i mean chauffered car, treats served on silver platters, etc). Wow, at the beginning of the Gala, Dave Kelly said that the afternoons festivities were liekly to be something that 50 years from now we will still look back on and say, "Wow, I was there when the Queen came for Alberta's Centennial..." and you know what, he was so completely right. I will never forget the day I payed tribute to Calgary, to Alberta, to Canada, and to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Great Britain, Canada, and the Common-wealth.

Cheers and Ciao all.

God Save the Queen.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

One days warning...

Well, i was just informed that one of the company employees in Gagetown, New Brunswick was injured this morning on the job. And I have been told that depending on the severity of his injuries, I could be flying out to New Brunswick as early as tomorrow morning...Jesus Christ that was a surprise to hear...so, depending on what happens, this could be my last entry for a while. I will update as more information comes down through the grape-vine...

So, yeah, cheers and ciao everyone, and I will see where all this goes...

*Looks like the washing machine will be running full tilt tonight...*

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lets do the time warp again!!!!

Alright, so I'm sitting here at work going through a bunch of paperwork when suddenly my ears picked up a most familiar tune. Immediately i discarded the thought, "There is no way they are playing that song on the radio" so i put my head back into the papers. Again I catch a quick lyric and beat, and so, i decided to go and investigate but still thinking "There is no way they are playing that song on the radio." I walk into the room that the music is coming from, and sure enough, coming out of the radio is one of my favourite all-time songs ever...


It's just a jump to the left
Put your hands on your hips


Sure enough, JackFM was playing the Time Warp on the radio, and my entire day just got better, wow...and so there i was, dancing away by the radio...hahaha, oh man, if only you people really knew how much i love that song....

Anyways, some things that went on the past weekend...


- OI! OI! OI!


- OI! OI! OI!


- OI!


- OI!


- OI! OI! OI!

Haha, yeah i partied it up with a bunch of foreigners at a house party, from Australia and Britain, so that was pretty cool. Hahaha, yeah I left my house to go shopping on 17th ave at like 1pm on saturday, and i didn't come back home at all until 1am Sunday night...wow, no wonder my rents asked if i still lived at home...bahahaha, sure doesn't seem like it!

Uhm, yeah, and that is all i have to say, perhaps i will elaborate later when i have the time and patience to type, which i do not possess at the moment...anyways, cheers and ciao all.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Summer Shopping List...

Ok, well, work has started up again, and that means regular and good sized pay-cheques. And well, as all of you well know, I like my shopping...and, today is the first pay-day of the summer, and the fact that I am putting together a list of what i want by summers end should be an indicator that i am going to be inviting people out quite often to tag along as i go on my sprees. So without further adieu, here is a list of what I intend to buy over the course of the next four months...also ranked from most wanted, to would be nice to have....

12) iPod
11) Holt Fedora
10) Parasuco T-Shirt that I tried on earlier this month
9) Pair of Oakley Sunglasses for driving
8) Pair of wood and bamboo sandals
7) Pair of linen pants that can turn into floodpants
6) Lacoste Polo-Tee
5) Shit load of Music and Videos which include
- U2 - All that you can't leave behind
- Bif Naked - SuperBeautifulMonster
- Tegan and Sara - Art of Business (i think that is the album name)
- Scissor Sisters (dunno the album name)
- The Red Violin
- The Barbarian Invasion
- Ocean's 11 & 12
- The OC season One & Two (if its out)
4) Jack Daniels Cowboy Hat
3) Car Stereo System
2) Digital Camera
1) Pair of Versace Sunglasses

And yeah, that is my list...i think i am going to bankrupt myself...again...

And letting the spending begin!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A farce

I have lost all respect that i still had for politicians last night. With Belinda Stronach crossing the floor over to the liberals...And with that move all of parliament has become a farce. I mean, truthfully I believe she was bribed over by Paul Martin, because who in their right mind would switch to a party that is as loathed and dying as the Liberals? I mean seriously! So Belinda's ambition got the best of her, and she betrayed those who voted her into power in the first place. So all I want to know, what is the cost of buying a politican these days? I assume it must be more than just a cabinet position, how much of our stolen money has now been funneled into Belinda's purse? God fucking damnit i am pissed at all things government. She betrayed those who voted her into the house of commons. Paul Martin has become so desperate to hold onto power that he is buying politicians. I mean, just look at what a coup it was to bring Belinda over to the liberals. That just took all the wind out of the opposition. I mean, why cant't politics be clean? Why can't it? If a government is corrupt, toss them out. If a government is ineffective, toss em out. If a government is not liked because of their policies, then toss em out! We are the people! We are supposed to have a vote! But no, everything has gone behind closed doors these days, the people honestly do not have any real power at all anymore. We can't even control when we have elections. Politicans play down-right dirty to stay in power, even though, EVEN THOUGH THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THEM IN POWER! If democracy is supposed to give power to the people, then ya know what, Canada does not have a democracy. This is not what democracy looks like. Governments need to be held accountable, and the system that Canada has proves that there is no accountability in the government at all. I mean, $250,00,000.00 has gone missing, with most of it going into liberal friendly places, or the liberals themselves. They should be punished, but alas they aren't. The people can't punish them because we can't have an election without following proper protocal, which means the opposition has to defeat the government. Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit! I am honestly at a loss for words with regrads to the shape in which democracy in Canada is in. My god, i cannot wait to leave this country sometimes, and this incident is just another reason why i want to leave Canada. Anyways, i am done. Ciao all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I don't get the deal...

I really don't get the deal about the whole Star Wars thing. Everyone seems to be so excited, and I really seem to be the odd one out by not caring if I see it or not. Hell i don't care if I don't ever see it at all. I mean, yes, good movies, a little too many special effects i don't see why they use real actos since most of the movie is Computer Animated. Ah well, whatever.

Anyways, I came a cross a friggin amazing blog the other day, one that lets me know that I am not alone in my feelings of disdain for serving people....anyways, check it out...


anywho, cheers and ciao all...

Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm sorry, i just had to sneak this one onto here as well....too good to leave on my picture blog....

And dear sweet Melissa....

So yeah, this one goes way far back to Montreal, and it appears that a certain ass is showing off his ass in the background...


And Oh my God....it's me in a shopping cart...from friday/saturdays party...

I am the master of this tree...

Me in a tree...indeed...and with these new pics, we all know what that means... www.drewspics.blogspot.com

Here we go, a most lovely picture of me sitting in a tree in some park in Calgary...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

This should be exciting

Well hello world. It is currently 7am on a saturday morning, and i have not slept a wink at all. In fact I was quite high, higher than a kite to be percise. Yes, i am still high too just for your information. Yeah, I popped two pills of extasy last night and what a blast. Haha, my eyes are ging off in funny directions which is m aking it almost inpossible to type. Man, this is one serious challenge. My fingers are flying across the keyboard as if they were in a mad rage. And it is such a pain in the ass to go back and correct evry single word that i typed wrong, which is like every single word, so this is taking me a very long time to write. Anyways, some high lights of the evening! Uhm, the shoppping cart rides with dena. Now that was an adventure to say the least. Haha, and then we decided to parl the cart out front, and i wanted to make it look pretty so i decided that i would climb into and wait outside for some people returning from buying soothers of all things. Anyways, I decided to name my cart Sally, and if I had my way, I would dress her up for her first grad and make her look b-e-a-utilful. In a nice frilly dress with some loverly lipstick and eye shadow. Yes she was my comfort and my girl for the evening. And no, i did not make love to her as that would have ruined our beautiful relationship. I took care of in her times of need, and so in my times of need, she was there for me Anyways, I have a pair of hand cuffs that say "don't stop" on me at the moment and am also wearing a most prettyful tiara. Now all you should bow down before me, as I am your queen, i mean empress...FUCK I MEAN EMPORER! And please, no snide comments about that too. Anyways, iw ondewr what a sectence would lik like if io didn't go back it and chdck it all...so hre it goes. I am current;ly chainsmoking a ton of cigarretesm, i manged to finish my camels a;; in oje nmight whic honmestly is not nec cesarily healthy. Ansd iot ias also a lot harder top write when a hyoldign a ciggarrete, damnit my writing is horrible. Anyways, vack to proper weriting, oops i mean proper spelling and deleting and rewriting things. So i hid behind a pair of sunglasses all night as my eyes are doing the most fucked up things i have ever seen. Damnit this is just too trippy for my own likins, so i got people to take pictures of nothing but my eyes. Coolness. Oh eay, and then there was my table. Haha, my own little dance floor all to the myself, so thank you dena for letting me dance on your coffee table. Anyways, i am too high to continue and sit here at the computer writing about how e-tarded i am at the moment. Oh, and there also other guests here, so unfortunately your queen, Damit! I mean Emporess! Fuck! I mean Emporer. Yes, Sally and the good knight Sir Rugo are bidding each and every one of you who reads this a good night/morning...it is 7:33am here. Anyways, caio all you mother fuckers!


haha, just kiddin, i just jest! Anyways, I love you all, Andrea, Melanie, Hayley, Bonnie, Dani-Rae, Cameron (who is here in spirit, and yet calls from Nova Scotia lost in a small town with no clue where is!), Dena, Mala, D-, every one else. And if i missed your name, then I sincerely apologize and perhaps we can all work it out sometime over coffee....SO GIVE ME A CALL!
And now i am off for good!




Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh maaaaan...

It's snowing again....I thought this was supposed to be Spring? Anyways, i have calmed down after the emotions of last night where i wanted to fold this thing in for good. But ya know what, I decided against it, for the moment...

Anyways, I have decided that I am going to marry Lindsay Lohan...I heart her so much.... <3! Haha, but I mean, wouldn't that be kinda odd, to be dating some huge hollywood star? "Yeah, I'm with her" so I mean, you can live the high life when yer with her, but as soon as she is off somewhere and you wanna hit up a club, would it be just as easy to get in? I doubt it would. I think it would be kinda tough to live in someone else's shadow. I had a slight taste of that last year...which wasn't all that fun "Hey, this is Andrew, Cameron's apprentice" yeeeeah I wasn't impressed when I was introduced that way by a friend last year, but that's ok. It was just a slight chip in the old pride. But ah well, i guess that is what happens when you get caught up in such a thing. Haha, oh man...But anyways, i only went through that once, but imagine dating someone where no one knows your name, but everyone knows yer companions name? I think it would be tough to handle. "Why yes I do happen to be Mr. Britney Spears..." so that is why celebrities should just marry other celebrities....can anyone name John Travolta's wife? I can, but that's only becuase i read it in a magazine yesterday. But seriously...What was Jennifer Lopez's first husband's name? Meh, I am sure to date a celebrity would be a huge rollercoaster ride, the ups and downs of fame. The constant nagging of the poparrazi, the loss of any privacy, the constant recognition. Is it worth it then to put yer heart through all of those tests? I think so, but not at the age of some of these Hollywood types like Aaron Carter of the annoying Hillary Duff. And then there are some Hollywood people who should never date...like Paris. As much as I love the chic, she jsut shouldn't date as her sex life really doesn't seem all that exciting...ew. But I mean, it would be hard to be constantly going around saying like " Yes, I am dating Lindsay Lohan, no I won't tell you about our sex life." or "I'm with her! I am dating her!" or lastly "Why yes, I do happen to be Mr. Lindsay Lohan" yikes, any shred of dignity or pride seems to disappear as soon as one starts dating a celebrity, constanly living in a shadow....but hey, props to those that can make it. Anyways, I wish I was dating a celebrity, I think it would be kinda fun, and it certainly would be a rollercoaster of a ride....which are always quite fun! Anyways, Ciao!

Fuck it...

I'm laying it all on the line here...

Where the hell are people when i need them. Damnit. I need a close companion. Perhaps a girlfriend, but a close companion nonetheless. Damnit, at least a best friend i can hang out with all the time would be just as great as well. Fuck! I need a girlfriend. And I have been off the fucking market for so long I don't even know where to begin...and clubs and bars are definetely not the place to look for em. I hate being so shy at times...damnit.

There. Done for the moment.

Is the sun setting?

Whoa, this women on the tele sounds like a dude...weird.

And what the hell is the point of a blog eh? I mean, this is just one little journal of just an average kid, with just a small regular following of friends and nothing more really. I am not sprouting off springs of wisdom, i don't live all that of an exciting life. What i ponder about is being pondered about by a million other people on this thing. So honestly? why do i spend the time and minimal effort? Would it make a different if i put more effort in? but what would i specialize in? I mean, the people that have the most following and seem to be the most exciting are those who are specializing in something particular, whether it be a waiter or a bouncer. I mean, look at this. I don't make a conscieous effort to attract people, but even if i wanted to, what the hell would i right about? The clubs and bars? Pish, those things are such an illusion and an escape from reality really. I quit at Pinebrook which really is the only interesting element that i had going for me, the behind the scenes work at a country club, and an inside look at what glamourous weddings really are. I mean, who really wants to read what i have to say? my stories are simply just tales fom the mediocre life of a mediocre kid. Nothing more, perhaps something less. I dunno. I honestly don't know. I don't see the point in continuing this blog at times, and this is one of those times where i am questioning the realy function and fundamental reasoning behind this blog. Where did i think i would go with this? I mean, really. I dunno, i will decide within the next bit whether or not i shall retire from blogging. I mean compared to some of the others out there, there is nothing here really. I seem to have missplaced my humour, i mean...what ever happened to the three g-pixies? the penguins, lions, tigers and muffins...i mean, it's just gone. Life is just happening, nothing exciting.

But, then again...

I have confirmation that I am to be traveling the country this summer, and perhaps i can write about those experiences, but i mean, seriously...can anyone say yawn?

And wow, i am quite disenchanted and quite disenhearted tonight. Ah well. Bring on the critics.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The count-down has commenced...

Well, things are starting to move and shift, yet with this movement the future is becoming clearer. The count down has begun. So between now and then I have to see, chat and visit with so many people...it is going to be one helluva of a month...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

That was quite the Hoedown!

Went down to a little town called Vauxhall this weekend for my friends graduation. And, well, this town is literally in the middle of nowhere, and hour from Brooks and Lethbridge and 20 minutes from Taber...yeah, pretty tucked away i guess you could say. So yeah, Friday was Danielle's grad and that was really cool. Her dress was gorgeous and with her and hair makeup, Dani was definetely a stunner! Anyways, so the grad banquet was really nice, and the food was quite good. And then after the dinner and speeches we all went over to her high school and they did the stage-walking and there were some more speeches...And the best speech was done by a teacher at the high school named Mr. Blaine he incorporated a lot of humour and music and it was really well done. After that we all decided to go bowling in the grad outfits, but the car we were in broke down, so i went and got mine, grabbed Dani and we went and partied it up in Taber at some little "nightclub" called Ezzie's, which was quite fun. One of the dudes who was with us was just trashed and was an absolute riot. I mean i counted at least four times were he just fell backwards in his chair. Oh it was entertaining. Then i tried a new drink for me, it was a cherry-whiskey paralyzer and dang it was good. Haha, it was so fun to experience a different kinda bar from what i am used too. Then from there Dani and I went back to her place and just chilled on her back deck in quilts and just talked until 4am. The next day we got up, and just talked...and just about anything really, got involved with the whole family, and we had originally planned to leave for Lethbridge at noon, but after eating some home-made waffles (which were to die for) and other delays we finally made it out of Vauxhall by 2:30. Then Dani and I met up with an old friend and we just hung out at the mall in Lethbridge. After that we drove around and i got to see the big bars in Leth...they look like they would be fun. Once the "tour" was done, dropped off Amanda and then Dani and I headed back to Vauxhall where we stopped in at a little drive-in which makes fantastic burgers...so tasty...Then went back to Dani's place and got ready for the kegger that night (or as i later called it, the hoedown) Then we headed on over to some little farm, and there was a bonfire going, and in the quanset hut there was free beer and burgers, and i just gorged on both...soooooo damn goood. sooooo much fun! Haha, met lots of people, and had a blast. And then partied it up till 4:15am went home, and just crashed. And now, i am back in calgary, absolutely exhausted and hung over, and that is all that yer gettin. But all I have to say is, damn, that was one freaking fun hoedown!
But! There was no line-dancing! :-( ah well...
PS - Foo: Enjoy the purse, and it really was the simple life!

Friday, May 06, 2005

I *Heart* line dancing!

So, went off to Cowboys last night for some draft...and it was most certainly fun. And as trashy and gross Cowboys is...i had a blast. Haha, and after last night I remembered why I actually like that bar...LINE DANCING! Hahaha! Yeah, i line danced away at midnight and it was grand...drunk on draft and attempting to line dance....oh what fun...but anyways, just wanted to say...
I *HEART* LINE DANCING! Hahaha, so...who wants to go to Ranchmans!? :P

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Work Sux...

Work sucks...beautiful day outside, and here i am stuck inside an office building....blah...





This just made my day!!!! I love Bif Naked!!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So I got some new pics...

I posted just a sampling of what i have down below, but if ya wanna see more...Drew's Pics!

And me in my Porsche!!!!

Here ya go Mala!!!! Nice to be cruisin in an Audi...

And here is to the day and to the night...

Haha, yeah I watched the sunset tonight, so some of the 8 i took...here is a bit further on...

One of the reasons why I love living where i do...