Thursday, November 01, 2007


Perhaps it is time to set the record straight.

Before things get said that are not necessarily true.

There are truths and there are untruths.

Seeing as I write a hell of a lot better than I could ever talk out in person, here I go...

Yes, I may have liked a certain individual and told him that straight up. Yes nothing came of that. I was fine with that. I was moving on.

I did however enjoy this persons company immensly. Yes, we spent a lot of time together. I liked it, because I could just kick back and hang out. I got to dork out and for a few hours and just enjoy myself and laugh.

I don't understand how that sudddenly turned me into a love sick puppy. Jesus, you may think you know me, but you sure as hell cannot read my mind.

Never once did I ever overreact, continusouly throw myself at this individual or anything of the like. I got an answer and I was ok with that.

I regret ever opening my mouth.

And I was not and am not doing what you did with Alice

I don't know what you were trying to accomplish. Jealousy perhaps. Whatever the case may be, I hope you enjoy your time together for I will be taking a step back, and figure out how I came to be in the position I am in.

You aren't the same person I knew. I don't know whats happening. And trust me, I am not the only one noticing this.