Sunday, February 20, 2005

Random Rambling

Well now, that was certainly interesting.
I never would have thought that my stablehand would ever be a Stampede Princess, but low and behold, the girl who looks after my horse is the current reigning Stampede Princess. Fuckin Eh! Haha!

And in other news, life is going at a lightning pace yet again, and this week is just going to fly joke there at all. Gonna make an appointment sometime this week to get my hair done once's been far far too long where it has just been its lazy, boring-ass brown. Time to add some colour into it once, red and blond...haha, i miss my wild-ass faux-hawk...and spikes...*sigh*

I think I am going to start looking for a car once again. I am just tired of driving Sophie the Sunfire and I want something nicer, like an Acura. Nice, good reliable cars they are.

I broke my new watch last night while swinging around poles after coyotes. Haha, that was fun though, run, jump, swing! And then gambling with my future children by leap-frogging over little pole things...that could have been disasterous. Need to find time to get the watch fixed though...I really dun wanna spend the money to get yet another new one, I have too many watches as is...

It's 3am and I feel lonely. Well fuck. Supposed to go for a trip down memory lane tomorrow with a one true Lesbian Lover! (just fer you Susie!) That will be hell to say the least...well, good thing I get to play in bubbles after...

My dog is a bitch. Literally.

My mother was suprised to find out that I smoked. Though it is just casually. Thank God that is all she knows!

I fucking hate solitaire. Especially when I can only ever seem to lose.

There's no one on MSN odd, well, except for Mala and Cameron, but they generally always leave their computers on. As soon as I get that fucking network adapter I will be so fucking happy. I am tired of this bull shit connection my Laptop currently gets. !@#$#@!

I need to go see my horse again tomorrow, i mean, today. Seems lonely these days. I should saddle him up and take him around the country side for a few hours tomorrow. I'm not doing anything else. I love having a horse, tis the greatest thing. Now the only thing I really want though, are a few excellent Polo Ponies. How does one tell when they have a good Polo pony? You should be scared shitless of it when riding. Haha, that reminds me, my British correspondent broke his leg in a hunting smash. Gotta love that British jargon talk. Haha, hunting smash. *sigh* I miss Polo again. Anyone up for a few games this coming season? The horsemanship and mastery is astounding in a good round. Really is quite the site to see.

And Montreal seems more and more for sure with each passing day. I am still somewhat apprehensive about the whole thing though. I hope it passes soon.

Fuck. I am tired, and I have probably lost the ability to make coherent sense at this point in time. So I will spare you all with this random rambling and will bring it to a close. Have a good one all of you.



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