Thursday, February 24, 2005

10 Ways to cure insomnia

It is 2 am in the morning, and yet again I am wide awake, dreading the coming of the morning as I have to be up by 7. This week has been an absolute killer, and since I am bored out of my mind, I am blogging. I wonder about me, here is a list I am pulling out of my ass of the ten ways to cure insomnia...

- 10 - Imagine yourself sitting in a classroom
- 9 - A nice warm bath
- 8 - A cup of hot chicken or beef broth
- 7 - Watch the antiques roadshow
- 6 - Open a window, even if its -20C
- 5 - Do some push-ups or sit-ups
- 4 - Talk to plants
- 3 - Watch any movie that won a razzy
- 2 - Drink until you pass out
- 1 - Read any University level textbook

And that is my list. And the window thing, it is very true, it does work, and since I don't pay the heating bill, i really couldn't care less!

Kinky Night is Friday Night, I am trying to bring some virgins, I mean, people there so they can experience absolute pleasure! haha. I'll bring em, but I can't help but wonder how many will be back for a second go at it. And the way I just described it made it sound really dirrrrty...but it isn't! I swear...

*Sigh* everyone can always use one more friend, I know I do.

My cat is still running back and forth and seems to be getting a kick out of eating kleenex's, I swear there are a few screws loose in that animals head. Haha, takes after her master...wait a sec...

thank god for Foamy, that squirrel is so cyncical, apathetic, and sarcastic, I can't help but want to join the masses and become a member of the foamy card cult...haha, if ya can't fight em, join em!

It is supposed to be 13C tomorrow, that will be so nice, except I will be stuck indoors all day as I will be working, oh goody gum drops, I can see my life wasting away in front of me. Ah the hell with it.

Well, please excuse me as I go make a hot cup of broth, pour a hot bath, turn on the antiques road show, crack open a text book, open a bottle of gin, and talk to my plants...I am really in desperate need of some sleep, this really can't be healthy...

Ciao all you...!


At 5:43 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dog enjoys eating kleenex also. I think its an animal thing?


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