Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gentle as the falling night...

Life just slips away
as if it were red wine
slipping through
the glass that
encloses it.
Hot bitter nothings
slip through her fingers
marking the passing of
the years.
Rays soar from the sky
as symphonies play
beneath the sea.
Tongued whispers
can only dream of speaking
the language of white diamonds.
She bitterly moans as the
gardens pass by her
the rain trodden grounds
echo of lost dreams and thoughts.
From dream to fleeting dream
hope is nothing
but a sparkling ray of light
reaching for those
who welcome its
As smooth as death
I leave this plain
headed for somewhere
Shout out to those
who look to the west


Haha, nothing better than playing with magnetic words and seeing what coherent phrases and whatnot that can be made up. That is what this post was about...the randomness of words and their meanings...
I seem to be in a creative mood at the moment...hmmmm...i need some more canvases...so back to my words it shall be.......ciao.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

What the hell...

What if I was a redneck? Well....according to Cameron, this is apparently what I would look like...


I think I want to puke...

Moving along now.

So, some interesting developments have arisen today. First off, the rents have decided to keep all of our out door lights on for the next little while as there seems to be a prowler in our midst. Not cool considering the last time we had a prowler in our midst my parents vehicles were both broken into, which was doubly not cool. Yes, it is going to be a very restless next few nights in my home as all those lights are bloody blinding, and I also have the joy of my neighbours security lights shining right into my bedroom. Lovely. Now, for fucks sakes all this worry would be lifted if they actually decided to close the gates to the community. Like c'mon, I live in a gated community, yet they refuse to close the gates. I really don't get it...what the hell are they there for if they aren't gonna be closed? Decoration? Then again there is still one last home being built in the area, so perhaps once that is done they'll finally shut them. And then all our worries about prowlers will be taken care of. Haha, on the outside looking in! And in other community news, the resale value of our home has taken off thanks to a few houses going up for sale...just on the other street, there are two for sale, and both are asking for $1.25mil. That is pretty damn good. And another home on another street (our community is composed of five streets, small ones, but streets nonetheless) is going for $1.4mil...and as a result of these homes, it seems that everyone on my street have put there homes up. Yeah, five homes on one street, makes for a colourful drive because of all of the realtor signs. Makes my blood boil though, they are so annoying, ah well...
And in other news, it appears that Prince Rainier of Monaco is not doing very well at all. He is 81 and I have a feeling he is not going to live out the rest of this year. Monaco is going to have to brace for some changes, there has not been a change in the monarchy since World War Two there, and I am sure some major changes are going to occur. I hope everything works out for the best there. Perhaps Albert will be just as competent as his father was. Ah well. But as long as Monaco maintains that mystic air about it, I will still love it nonetheless.
Haha, so today I bought ankle socks, very exciting if you ask me, Suzy got annoyed with me cuz I kept gushing about them to her today...meh, they're nice, and I like em. Ah yes, and Constantine was an enjoyable movie, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Makes me want to become an exorcist...tehehehe, yeah that'll be the day...
Oh, gotta go, some mysterious van is backing in and backing out of random peoples driveways, time to unleash the guard dogs...wish me luck...ciao.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Ass face?

Well, the covers were ripped off earlier tonight and dear sweet Dianna has been exposed as the lying, two faced bitch that she is. Yes this is gonna be damning. People have constantly warned me about who the 'real' Dianna is. Cameron warned me the first night we ever met that she is a liar, Mala wants nothing to do with the girl. And Dianna, you wondered why people left you behind, and you were "emotionally abused", well, all I can say is you deserved every piece of shit that was flung your way. Andrea wants nothing to do with you after Tequila. I mean, you tried to ruin the friendship we had, you tried to ruin the friendship between Cameron and I. What is you problem? A little jealous that you can't keep friends? Well, sorry to say, it is all your own damn fault.
Yes, the real Dianna seems to be nothing more than an insecure, shallow little girl who feels that she has to lie to others, and sadly to herself that she is better than she really is. How simply pathetic. Ah yes, and I love the way that you are obviously two faced, which was revealed earlier tonight. Ah well. I should have kept this code of silence that we had established last October, but instead I made the mistake of re-establishing contact with you. That was mistake. Ah well. I had to get this out in the open, yes I know it was a waste of breath and energy on my part to even expend those resources on this sad case known as Dianna, but...i do believe this is a case where it is warranted.
And nice try to cover yer ass there tonight. Amazing job I must add, but sorry to say all of your lies fell apart, really does help if you keep your lies in order, and yer little minions as well.
Now do me a favour and fuck off! For good.

Ah yes, and now I control all comments...



Sunday, March 20, 2005

What a Gong Show!

So I just got back from lethbridge where I visited my best friends from High School. Haha! And did we ever have a blast! So I drove up Friday afternoon when I was done clases and got there at around 5. One of Hayley's room mates, Shannon came and met me outside and from there we went to Hayley's pad. Then after talking to Hayley for a bit, she gave me her id pass and I then and went and surprised my other friend Bonnie. Haha, yeah it was nice to see her again. From there we all went upstairs for some supper which was overpriced for what we got, ah well. And then we got into a hude debate about whether or not it should be legal for women to walk around topless like guys do. It got really intense and really heated at times and we all almost ended up screaming at eachother a few times, but it was all good. After dinner we went back down to Hayley's room and we sat and watched the tv, flipped back and forth between basketball and 8 Simple Rules...Hayley and I were also drinking, I had gin and juice and she went for rum and coke. Haha, the sad thing was we were the only two drinking. Well, Shannon was sewing some play props together so she really couldn't. And then after a while we all decided to go outside and play some football in the snow. So we all got bundled up and headed outside, haha, i got a face full of snow because of Hayley, but then I got my revenge and she had a face full as well. Soon we all began throwing snowballs at eachother, and then some dude named Sam ran off and wrote his name in the snowy hill, nearby, but the rest of us were still enjoying throwing the snowballs at eachother. After a while we ran into some other people living in res and they had crazy carpets and were sliding down the concrete breezeway/delivery ramp so they let us ride as well. That was such a blast! Going down that steep ramp on nothing more than a flimsy piece of plastic, oh, and there were concrete walls on either side, so it was a challenge to try and stay in the middle otherwise somebody could run right into the wall. So we ended up sliding for a good two hours and no one noticed the time fly by. There were some epic wipeouts, and amazing recoverys...great laughs, great gasps...and lots of cheering. It was such a fun filled night indeed. Then a bunch of us went and picked up Hayley's boyfriend Jacob and when we got back we all just sat around and talked and drank. We did some quizzes from YM magazine and watched the beginning of Aladdin. But then everyone headed off for bed. And to think that was just one night!

Anyways, on Saturday, my grad date Danielle called and told me that she was going to be in town, so we arranged for her to pick me up and then head off for some coffee. It was really nice seeing here again. And then we did some window shopping, and she gave me a brief tour of downtown lethbridge. For a small city, it really isn't all that bad. After a few hours she had to go, so she dropped me back off and I went to Hayley's room. Everyone was sitting around watching The Incredibles so I joined right in. Such a good movie, makes me laugh. When it was over everyone got ready as we were gonna go swimming at the Ramada water park. So Jacob leant me a pair of his boarder shorts and we all headed off. The water park was great fun, the wave pool, the water slides, tubing and the hot tub were all nice. Though the place was a bit groody, I still had a great time. Riding the tubes and then flipping others, or being flipped yourself, it was just an overall great time. After a few hours of that we headed off for some pizza at Little Caesars, before the Bus came, I dashed off to 7-11 so I could grab some Orange Juice for my Gin. So with that done, we headed back to res and we all freshened ourselves up and got rid of the chlorine in our systems. Then Hayley and I sat around and drank ourselves silly and we watched the Malaysian Grand Prix race and at the same time we ended up debating among ourselves again, and talked of the Canadian Military and other questions of equality. Overall good time. But everyone was pretty tired and we decided to retire to bed at around 3am. And that was pretty much it from Lethbridge. Considering we didn't go to the bar at all, it was still a complete gong show. Haha, oh that was fun. And I really cannot wait for the summer to arrive. If this weekend is even just a bit like what the summer has in store, then I am stoked for it! Haha, this is Roo signing out. Ciao!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

On the homestretch...

Wow, so now half the semester is now done...finally. Which means not much left till finals and then its off to summer jobs. I honestly can't wait to be out working again cuz that means money in my pocket. Haha, and then maybe I can finally pay my mother off the debts I arose cuz of those stupid car repairs. Eh, ah well...haha and that also means warm weather...and thunder storms....Oooooh, i love thunder and lightning, I swear I was like a storm chaser in my last life...Hahaha! Meh, I only managed $6,000 damage to my mothers car last time I got stuck in a storm, then again I was almost hit by lightning and the hail was the size of golf balls. I was scared shitless to say the least. I couldn't see in front of me and had to pull off to the side of the road. Trully insane. But I loved every second in it...yeah. I'm a tad bit odd that way. And in other news, I am now tutoring another student in English. And now I am really beginning to question the integrity of the education system as the guy is in grade 12, has a diploma exam in three months, and he can't tell me the difference between there, their, and they're. Sometimes I really wonder about things like that. I mean, do ya blame the student for being an idiot (yet he has the ability to read a piece of literature and understand it to some of its deepest meanings) or do you blame the education system for failing him in the propoer use of his native language. Ah well. Saint Patty's day is on thursday, been invited to a few different things, and I am still not sure what I want to get myself into. Meh, it all involves drinking beer somewhere along the way. And this weekend I am thinking I may just hightail it down to Lethbridge to party it up with some Irish friends. Haha! Pinch me I'm Irish! Meh. Anyways, off to do something aimless now.
Oh, and just as people were thinking winter was over we get this....a nice cas snowfall that is supposed to last the next few days. Looks like winter is back, not with a vengeance, but more a reminder that we are Canadians, living in Soviet Canukistan as them damn Yanks like to call us.
Signing off, Ciao!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Disappointment? Or Anger...I can't decide

Well, I wish I could make some heads role. But unfortunately I am not at that point where I have authority over anyone. Anyways, what has sparked this feeling within me? Well, quite simply, I found out that the opportunity for me to work over the summer in Montreal has fallen through. The Canadian Military has once again had a break down of communications within itself where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. As a result of this break down there has been a postponement of the work that was needed to be done until September, which all know is when school returns to session. So now everything has been thrown into chaos for me. I was going to use the summer job as a chance to see if I owuld like to live in Montreal and potentially go to school there. I was going to scout out possible campuses there. I had talked to family friends in nearby cities to see if I could stop in and visit them. These included New York City, Ottawa, Toronto, and Quebec City. Ah well. Well, I guess it really was too good to be true after all. Well, who knows what will happen. Obciously it was not meant for me to go to Montreal at this point in time. Now, for the plus side of not going....I will be home for STAMPEDE! YEEEEEEHAW! Awwww...yeah Calgary isn't Montreal, but I mean, I have more friends here, everyone will be home from College so I can party with them. And, I can now use the excuse of wanting to go scout Universities as a reason for the rents to pay for me to go there for a few days or a week or something. Hehe, awwww. Ah well, who knows what this summer shall old in store now. And since I cancelled all of my applications to the universities there as a request of the rents (see they wanted me to scout the campuses and city overall first before i decided to permanently pack up and head there, so they asked me to put my schooling there off until at least January 2006) so I can either return to the U of C in the fall or take the time off and work to save money for my own place. So many options, and so much planning and thinking that needs to get done. Ah well. I shall see where this all leads me. Though I am really disappointed with this setback, life will go on. *sigh* well, hope everyone had a better day than I did...ciao

"When one door closes, another door opens: but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us."
- Alexander Graham Bell
(cheesy? Perhaps. Appropriate? Definetely)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Random Rambling 2

Wow, I have officialy become an addict to nexopia.com . It actually is pretty bad i think, i mean i have fun, but I am starting to lack in updating my blog. I dunno, things are just happenin at a slower pace i guess. School is happening, I did really well on my midterm in Sociology so that made me really happy. And work is well, work, I haven't gone in for bit. Oh oh, but my Father might be coming to Montreal this summer, not for all of it, but just to do some random check ups on the crews out there.

Ah, but there is something to talk about. How about those four police officers killed eh? That was just fucking sick. And the dude that shot them, well he has only been charged with 36 previous charges and only been convicted 12 times. He was feared in about his town, and even the police knew to watch out for him. So what happened? How come four young police officers, one who was even off-duty, were sent in to watch over this nut case. Ah well, the dude should have been locked up years ago...sicko's like that don't deserve the taste of freedom, or death with out severe agony and pain.

And Melanie! Dear sweet Melanie! Thank goodness yer still alive. That was quite the scare you gave me...and the rest of us too...sheesh, like next time, give us a heads up before you decide to go and get appendicitise and like end up in hospital just about on your death bed. You silly silly girl...Haha! You pulled an Andrea! Haha! Anyways, time to go and randomly post stuff on nexopia...ciao!

Haha! And Natasha comes in tomorrow...should be a nice week...Melissa! Call me!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

What an effed up night that was...

I woke up this morning down $30 but with two packs of Camels cigs, and two grams of weed...what in hells name happened? All I know is that I started drinking at 6, was trashed by 7 and was almost in an orgy last night...ended up at a house party and drinking in a field...beer run at 1 am, weed run at 3 am...went to two different bars as well to add more confusion to the whole mess....was pretty nuts to say the least, and now I have a wicked head ache so i am going to go rest my poor head...ciao. Perhaps I will elaborate later....

Friday, March 04, 2005


Ok, so trip down memory lane today. Got a random phone call out of the blue from my good friend Natasha, and it turns out she's coming to cowtown next wednesday. But while we were on the phone it felt like last november and december when we just called eachother up and chatted or made plans to go to a local pub or something. Yeah, we kinda made those plans again for next week, and already I am looking forward to it. Ah well, we both talked about how we miss those times when we would just hang out at the different pubs in town, but as we both agreed, the happiest times of our lives can never be recreated, just remember them and make new moments that can be remembered. Ah well, now I am looking forward to next week, hopefully we can just pick up where we left off with regards to our friendship...and if you read this Melissa, call me cuz she wants to hook up with you at some point!

Anyways, i've become somewhat of an addict to Nexopia. I'm not really sure why, I just am. Kinda weird, but ah well.

Haha, Jay Leno is on. Somewhat of a funny guy. Anyways, I have nothing really worth talking about. Planning on going to Tequila on friday and then Melrose on saturday, should be an easy weekend, which is what i need since I have two midterms this coming week...sometimes I wish I could just graduate from school and start working, I don't mind working if I like the job, and I don't really particularily like school either. Ah well, I'll just tough it out. Right, I'm off, ciao.