Monday, May 07, 2007

The Sunmachine!

The Sunmachine is coming down and we're going to have a party!
The Summer of 2007 is upon us! And wow I am so excited for this! Few of you probably know how excited I am! With this gorgeous warm weather and the bright sun, I just want to spend every waking moment outside! Oh the joys of summer! Between the bright sun shine, days of wandering around in shorts, hanging out on 17th ave eating Gelato and drinks on the Melrose Patio! The Gerry Shaw Park along the Elbow river, my birthday...and of course Pride! And even more exciting for this year! VANCOUVER!!! Woot Woot! Part-ay on! So stoked, so very very stoked! And what is summer without the Calgary stampede?! Ten days of nonstop partying! Fireworks every night! The smell of mini donuts, and days of drinking cheap keg beer! Then of course there is the wonders of being out at my parents place...the sprawling openeness, the constant sound of falling water, the sunsets, evenings spent out along the fire pit, or lounging on the balcony! Margaritas! Martinis! Bellinis! Wine! Beer! Whats not to like?! Hahaha, almost a state constant inebriation! Summer is my Prime...and all I want, is for an endless summer! Oh the bliss...well, back to the salt mines so that I can get out of here at a decent time and go cruising out to my parents place! Cheers and ciao all!


At 1:11 p.m., Blogger silentwolf said...

sounds like wicked fun this summer drew might see ya along 17th ave sometime


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