Thursday, April 05, 2007

*Le Sleep* because I am *Le Tired*

Andrew has a new crush...

*pauses for the oncoming crush of...*


Yeah, he is pretty rad. Funny how I say this about every guy I ever see and then things never last beyond a month hahaha....Just my luck of course.

I am so exhausted right now, as I have been lately. I am looking forward to this easter weekend, will be interesting how it all plays out. Visiting family, hanging out with Jesse. Seeing different friends and whatnot.

Recently I have come to realize I have a new pet peeve, of people hinting at something, mentioning it numerous times, and then never wanting to address it. If someone is going to say something, or hint at something, you would think that are wanting to talk about it, otherwise it just makes them look like they are craving attention, having everyone ask about it, but never divulging. If you aren't going to say something, why even bring it up in the first place?! Jeez.

Anyways, i have nothing else to say.

Cheers all.