Friday, May 18, 2007

Alive and Vibrant

I miss Manahattan.

Perhaps nuts to hear for some people, but for someone who only had a small taste of what that city embodied and had in store, it was one of the most exciting and enthralling 10 days of my life. The electricty that passed through the metropolis was astounding, I felt so alive, so energized while out wandering the streets and avenues. There are so many things that unless you have been there and experienced them for yourself, just can't be conveyed. It is a city unlike any other place on this planet. Every city has a character, a personality that has developed and grown as the city matures, and morphs. Having travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Continental US and Canada, the only other city that felt as alive as New York was perhaps Montreal with its Joie de Vivre. I miss that excitement, that anticipation of not knowing what is in store for the day. Just going out and experiencing everything for what it is. Trying to take it all in. Bleecker Street, Pizza on the steps of the library, East 57th Street (What a Mecca for the discerning Fashionista!), Murray's Cheese in the village. I made it a point to avoid the touristy stuff of Manhattan, Time's Square was fun the first time, but it was shit compared to the rest of the city trully. The only reason I went there was for a photo op which is what I got out of it. 5th ave was nice, but with all the tourists, it got very old very fast, though I am not going to lie, the shopping was fabulous. Funny to say that seeing as I was a tourist, but only for the first day really, I may not have been a citizen, but I picked up on the nuances and that attitude of the people who actually called the island home.

I just ate it all up, the entire experience. For that reason as well, I have decided to go back. Not as a tourist though, or as a visitor even, but as a citizen. The city is too alive and too vibrant to pass up. I want to go back and live there, and so, currently, I am trying to make that a reality. Wish me luck.


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