Monday, February 14, 2005

Some wonder...

Some people wonder why I loath the University of Calgary so much. Well, lets count the reasons not to loath the U of C...and the one reason not to loath it, because they bring in a really interesting prints exhibition once a semester. Now lets go into the reasons why I dislike it so extremally.

- Running an 18 million dollar deficit this year alone, yes this is somewhat to blame on the provincial government, but no insitution, especially something as esteemed as a University should ever run a deficit at all.
- They are cutting back the athletics program...which means there will only be Football, Mens Hockey, and I think one other team. What's being cut? Well, Track and Field, Wrestling, Swimming, Women's Hockey...and the list goes on and on and on. It is pretty bad when there are athletes going from class to class literally begging the student body to help fund these programs that are being cut.
- The classrooms are in pretty shitty conditions. Cragie Hall is absolutely disgustingly dirty. Some of the things being cut at the University include the Janitorial service
- Layoffs, with already very very large class sizes more profs and other services around the university are being layed-off this year. Where will it stop honestly.
- Rising tuition with no return for the students who are shelling out more and more each year.
- Dr. Harvey Weingarten's salary. At $350,000 + annually...seems grossly out of touch with the layoffs occuring to those lower down the ladder. Dispicable.
- And finally the U of C is constantly blaming the province for the shortfalls, yet I don't hear the University of Alberta, or the University of Lethbridge undergoing such chaos in their respective institutions.

So with that all layed out, does anyone really blame me for hating, and loathing every moment i have to spend in this shit hole? Oh, and to make things so much worse, the U of C is constantly being ranked as one of the lowest, if not the lowest University in all of Canada. And that I have a problem with. If this province doesn't respect its post-secondary institutions then I am heading out of here to somewhere that does hold some respect. And it seems anywhere is better than here for that.


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