Thursday, June 23, 2005

Maestro! Inspire Me!

Well, I have no clue what i want to talk about today, and since i have nothing better to do with my time at the moment, i decided why not come here and post a little something or other. Anyways, I think this is more than likely going to turn into one of those random entries where i just write out whats on my mind.

So! Maestro! Inspire Me!

The summer is here, that warm feeling i get whenever i can feel the mornings heat is now engrained within me, and will be so for the next few months. I love that feeling, to wake up and know that the day ahead is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I mean the winter is nice, but most times i just want to lounge around outside, walk to the lake, head over to a friends' pool, stoll down one of the tree lined streets around Calgary, and of course, heading out to Banff for some Alpine air. I have so many small little traditions that I seem to have nurtured over the years. I was just thinking about that the other day when I got to witness the first real thunderstorm of the year boil above me. Like, whenever a storm comes around, all the electronics are turned off in my house. I usually go outside and watch it roll in, and just before all hell breaks loose from the heavens above, the calm outside is unbelievable, no birds, no wind, no nothing. Just silence. And then Wham! The skies open up with bright flashes of light, deep roaring sounds, torrential rainfalls, and wind that easily tosses cast iron tables into the air...ah yes, and there I will be, huddling under some sort of shelter that allows me a great view of one of natures most spectacular shows. And as soon as I see a really wicked storm, I will go back inside, throw in Twister and sit my arse down for two hours and dream about chasing tornadoes down in the states, which is something I intend on doing by the time I am 30...or at least die...Along with summer comes the lounging along a pool side. Oh last summer was perfect for that...i was house sitting a mansion just outside of Calgary and they had their own private pool outside. And well, they were family friends so I was allowed to swim whenever i wanted to and whatnot, and they actually let me have some friends come over a few times for a little pool party. Oh that was fun, to go diving with sounds of laughter and splashing all around. All under a cloudless sky with the sun beating down on us. Oh those were good times. But this year, it will be off to our friends summer house in the Cyprus Hills. Oh, now there is a beautiful place. Mornings spent on the deck eating eggs benedict under a glorious sky watching the lake. Afternoons spent zipping aorund Elk Water Lake in a tube. Evenings spent in town at some of the restaurants, and then back home to sit in the hot tub and watch the moon rise. And then nights spent watching movies and then the stars...a little piece of paradise to say the least. And not a care in the world...Then there is the Stampede, and I doubt i really need to say what makes the stampede so amazingly awesome. Hanging out with friends, riding the midway way until we want to puke. Then watching the fireworks explode in the sky from the ferris wheel. Dippin dots (or like last year, Dickin' Dots!) cotton candy, and then the worlds best Mini Donuts...omg, orgasmic. The grand stand show of course, and the chuckwagon races. The coke stage and other acts in and around town. And then this year. Oh man this will be epic. For those friends in town, i doubt we'll be sleepin for those ten amazing days in July...and then there are the avenues in Calgary. Stephen Avenue with its gorgeous trees and flowers, and 17th ave with is ecleticness. Something for everyone! From high class shopping in the Mount Royal Village TD Square, to the street vendors and hippy joints that line the streets...there honestly is culture to be found here in Calgary, though it just isn't as in your face like it is in other cities. Late night outs with friends, speeding around the countryside with nothing but the wind blowing in your hair under a full moon. Summer trully is a time to have fun, a time to relax and escape from the drabness which envelopes us for the other 9 months of the year. *Sigh* Summer really is to short here...but those three months that the weather is amazing, are the most exciting, most jam packed three months of the entire year. Now excuse as I go off and find Vivaldi's Four Seasons...ciao all.


At 11:04 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

wow, crazy you should say that becasue i jsut posted about the storm we had while listening to vivaldis four seasons. literally i kid you not. creepy. and YAY stampede, it will be epic.

At 1:08 a.m., Anonymous sanford. (clever?) said...

i'm impressed.


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