Sunday, June 26, 2005

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon

Here I sit in my library at home, looking around at my surroundings. The dog is eyeing me, studying my every move. Most likely wondering when I am going to get up, fetch the leash and take her out for her stroll about the neighbourhood. The mother sits at the computer, talking to herself and the computer game she is attempting to figure out (it's the latest Sims Game). The cat is sitting beside me. Asleep of course. The beast never does anything but eat, sleep, and look graceful.

"Isn't there supposed to be a garbage can in here somewhere?"
I look over at my mother, "Yes, it's underneath the desk where its been for the last 8 years..."
"No, no, no, I mean in the game!"
"Oh" I reply "Try under the miscellaneus objects"
"Thanks hun"
The game makes a cha-ching sound as she buys her garbage can.

It's a safe environment here in our little library, behind the gates that keep out the worst of the world, sheltered away from what the real world is like though. The people here live in a constant state of disillusionment. Few trully understand how ugly the world really is. Yes, every family has its flaws, but flaws mean weakness and dare anyone show any kind of weakness out here. Everyone drives the latest state of the art piece of German engineering. Dare we go with British engineering as they do nothing but leak...

It's starting to rain again. The computer makes a popping sound as my mother laughs...
"These two guys just kissed! That's so hilarious!"
I scowl at my mother, she's interrupted my train of thought...again...Then again, I didn't really have a train of thought that left the station anyways so what am I worried about. The fountain in the main hall is making a splashing sound, louder that usual. I peer out the glass doors and see that one of that cats has made the mistake of jumping into what she thought was an empty fountain, which it usually is. I wonder what possessed my father to fill it up again.

The sun it seems is trying desperately to break out of the clouds and shine its glory all around out here...but as hard as it tries, it still can't defeat the clouds that hinder its beams of light. It takes approximately 8 minutes and 32 seconds for the suns rays to travel from the sun to the Earth. Now how about that for a piece of useless trivia.
"Can I get a chinchilla?" a question I pose to my mother every other day...
"No! And shush! My stove is on fire and my people don't know how to call the fire department...."
"Ok then..."

I go back to writing again. The sun is gone again. The dog is whining about absolutely nothing. Again. Again. That word seems to be making a regular appearance in today's entry. Has my life gotten to be so repetitive that I am employing the word Again? Such a sad state of affairs then. Well. I could always steal the parents car, and we'll see how often I use again after that. No, that wouldn't do much. I'll steal my neighbours prized piece of German engineering. I know the key code to get into their garage. Then most likely I will not ever be using the word Again for a long time at least.

So, I realized I must be boring the hell out of all of you. As I am writing about my lazy sunday afternoon, which is about as repetitive as it can get. Ciao all.


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