Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Well, last night I came home, and all that was on my mind was how in hells name I am going to repay my mother and father the fairly large sum of money that i owe them. But when I got home, there was an envelope addressed to me from an insurance company. For those of you who can recall, last october I was in a very serious car accident. You can read all about it Here. Anyways, so I opened up the envelope and it was a letter basically stating that they have reviewed my case and they were offering me a settlement. Well, let me tell you that when I turned the page over to see what the settlement payment was I literally gasped. I had been hoping for maybe a $200 settlement, because, well, I merely bruised my arm, lost a cd, and ripped a jacket. I'm not going to say the exact amount of the settlement, but I will saw that it was in excess of 10 times what I had been hoping for, so basically in the thousands of dollars. I could not believe it, I honestly could not believe what the offer was. And you know what, I am going to take the money. The accident was a huge burden on my family and I (they have yet to settle my younger brothers claim which is likely going to be in the high tens of thousands of dollars, and in the millions if he is not allowed in the military...i'm gonna let the lawyers duke it out) Anyways, i missed work, i missed school, i was in pain and discomfort. But honestly, the money was a godsend, as my mother said, I must have horse shoes up my ass...haha, yeah, so suffice to say I was on cloud nine most of last night and I can now safely say I am debt free once again. So, this rounds on me. Cheers and ciao all.


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Share the wealth.


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