Friday, April 29, 2005

Well crud...

The weather is pretty pathetic once again. Nothing to ruin a happy-go-lucky week, than days full of cold, spiteful weather. Piiiiiiiish. So there goes working on my tan hahaha! So Andrea's audition to become a Coyote Girl is tonight. And of all people to ask to go with her for moral support, she asked me! I was so happy when she asked me, made me feel all warm inside. So Melanie is coming....*sigh* it is just gonna be like High School all over again, man those were great times! I really hope the audition isn't too grueling, and I really hope that Andrea gets accepted. That would be soooooo cool. I mean she's got a lot of things going for her. First off she can't go anywhere and not have guys hit on her, so that means she's hot (which she is) and can sucker guys in. Secondly she can dance like no one else I know (Natasha you were pretty good, but......) When we went to Tequila one time a while back, everyone was just watching and starring her as she danced...she is pretty damn good. And lastly, she's Andrea, what's not to like about the girl other than the fact she never answers the phone!!!!!!! So I am excited for her and tonight...As I already said that would be sweet if she got accepted! But anyways, tonight is also Kink Night...and Andrea wants to go to that, so i just gave her a warning and all and actually tried to dissuade her from going, but she seems set on it, i guess the stories i've told her have intrigued her....or...maybe there is something i don't know about her....*ponders thought*

So the old self-esteem has been given some lovely boosts lately, which is something i have been needing lately for some reason. I've never thought myself as "hot" but according to some people I apparently am...which does surprise me. Meh, as long as it doesn't go to my head everything should be good. But I don't think I have ever had so many people chasing me at one time! It is amazing...i mean, i never rains it bloody well pours!!!!! But unfortunately none of them really knock my socks off or blow me off my feet (Ya for cliches!!!!) so i feel like this is a real waste of both their time and my time. Yes some of them are very pretty and all, or, er handsome as well...yes, members of both sexes are after me...but as i said, nobody is really catching my eye in the end...ooooh, i feel another post coming'll have to wait until after this one hahaha. But am I just too picky and expecting perfection? But whatever, that is meant for another time. But yes, people are crushing on me which is kinda cool.

Gonna cut my hair this sunday, it is just too bloody long, actually, it'll be lopped off tomorrow before Jess's birthday bash and then Connected. Then it will be time to highlight it blond once again...tired of boring ol' brown, so once again going for some colour. And one week today I will be at my friend Dani's grad, should be an exciting weekend to say the least! And wow, May is shaping up to be a very busy month! Dani's grad, work kickin' into high gear, Dena's B-day, the Queen is coming (yeah, monarchist here) and Mystic...yishkas, it's gonna busy.

Anyways, that is all i have to say at the moment. So take care all, go out and enjoy the day for all it's worth! ciao.


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