Monday, April 25, 2005

Adventures on 17th and elsewhere!

So Mala and I hit up 17th ave yesterday, and i had a great ol' time. So we hit up Buhran Gallery and the pieces that we saw in there were amazing...the antiquities from India were just...astounding. As soon as I can start designing, that will definetely be one place that I will go to, to outfit my homes. After that we wandered through a little park and went into Inhabit. I love that store, every time I hit up 17th, I can't help but go in there. Oh and the cars out yesterday were quite drool worthy. A classic Jaguar, classic camaro, a 2005 Aston Martin DB9, the benz's, beemers, and porcha's all made for a drool worthy day. After going to Inhabit we made our way down 17th to a few stores, as I am on the hunt yet again for soft, cream-coloured linen pants that can be tied into capris...yes, I am a freak, but hey...But alas, didn't find anything all that pleasing. Then we went for ice cream and then went to Priape, and that was interesting to say the least, but some of the clothes they got there were actually realy cool, and I am gonna go back and pick up some stuff. Then we headed back down to the park and sat and people watched for a while, and THE TREES HAVE FINALLY BLOOMED AND THE LEAVES ARE OUT!!!!!! Yeah, I was happy. After that we headed over to Divine, and for the first time ever, I actually didn't find anything that was all that appealing which was very saddening. Ah well. After that we headed for the car and then went to some little park along the Elbow river. It was so nice and quiet there, us two sat on some rocks right by the river and just sang some hippyish folksy songs. I had my feet in the water and the geese and such were swimming by. It was realy relaxing to say the least. Walked around for a bit, and found a little bit of the park that was totally out of the Europe, and the two of us totally made it into a set from a, as cheesy as it sounds, it really is...from there went back to Mala's, ate pizza, watched some U2, and then went to my place and wandered around the golf course for a bit. Did some scrambling around the waterfall, listened to the deafening silence, and got annoyed with the full moon. Then came and chilled and listened to some music...overall quite the relaxing night. Then on the way back into the city, I scared myself senseless by wandering down some trail in the middle of Springbank that was the perfect setting for some serial killer movie...gah...i still get chills thinking about it...but after that frightfest Mala had to go home, and i myself had to go, so our adventures for the day had to come to a close...but who knows what team LaRew will experience next time!


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