Friday, April 01, 2005

A taste of what clubbing should be!

Ok, I have decided for sure, I am going to Ibeza, Milan and Prague and I am going to bloody well hit up every club in those city's. I saw Benny Benassi the other day at Tequila, and he trully was a world class DJ. And what didn't hurt at all was that he was also really trully European. There is a huge difference between N. American an European music, and yeah, I like the Euro stuff over anything this continent has to offer. Haha, it was awesome seeing Benny live, like I mean, there is a difference between listening to his stuff at home or in the club, and seeing him do his stuff live. So Mala and I went off and saw him, just about gave her a heart attack though when I couldn't get a ticket, yeah that didn't go over to well, but hey, I still found one! The first Dj was pretty bad, and the second guy was a lot better, but still not the greatest. But then Benny came on and everything got ten times better. He is amazing, really, he is. Haha, it was great watching him tell off on of the bouncers at tequila because he blocked Benny's view of the audience, hehe that was funny. But then there was that trully redneck dude in the red shirt in front who I wanted to hurt severly. You don't start hockey chants when a Euro DJ is playing the house. You just don't do it. Bah! Calgarians are so unsophisticated...anyways...I had a great time dancing away the night, though leaving early really SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cough...hack...Mala...cough) But it was still fun nonetheless. So, uh Mala...when we hitting up Milano? Anyways, i am literally just rambling and I will be surprised if anything here makes any coherent sense whatsoever. Ciao all.


At 11:52 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said... time ur on msn when i am message me..ill tell you about something i may be going to tha tyou would probably be interested in.


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