Monday, March 21, 2005

Ass face?

Well, the covers were ripped off earlier tonight and dear sweet Dianna has been exposed as the lying, two faced bitch that she is. Yes this is gonna be damning. People have constantly warned me about who the 'real' Dianna is. Cameron warned me the first night we ever met that she is a liar, Mala wants nothing to do with the girl. And Dianna, you wondered why people left you behind, and you were "emotionally abused", well, all I can say is you deserved every piece of shit that was flung your way. Andrea wants nothing to do with you after Tequila. I mean, you tried to ruin the friendship we had, you tried to ruin the friendship between Cameron and I. What is you problem? A little jealous that you can't keep friends? Well, sorry to say, it is all your own damn fault.
Yes, the real Dianna seems to be nothing more than an insecure, shallow little girl who feels that she has to lie to others, and sadly to herself that she is better than she really is. How simply pathetic. Ah yes, and I love the way that you are obviously two faced, which was revealed earlier tonight. Ah well. I should have kept this code of silence that we had established last October, but instead I made the mistake of re-establishing contact with you. That was mistake. Ah well. I had to get this out in the open, yes I know it was a waste of breath and energy on my part to even expend those resources on this sad case known as Dianna, but...i do believe this is a case where it is warranted.
And nice try to cover yer ass there tonight. Amazing job I must add, but sorry to say all of your lies fell apart, really does help if you keep your lies in order, and yer little minions as well.
Now do me a favour and fuck off! For good.

Ah yes, and now I control all comments...