Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Random Rambling 2

Wow, I have officialy become an addict to nexopia.com . It actually is pretty bad i think, i mean i have fun, but I am starting to lack in updating my blog. I dunno, things are just happenin at a slower pace i guess. School is happening, I did really well on my midterm in Sociology so that made me really happy. And work is well, work, I haven't gone in for bit. Oh oh, but my Father might be coming to Montreal this summer, not for all of it, but just to do some random check ups on the crews out there.

Ah, but there is something to talk about. How about those four police officers killed eh? That was just fucking sick. And the dude that shot them, well he has only been charged with 36 previous charges and only been convicted 12 times. He was feared in about his town, and even the police knew to watch out for him. So what happened? How come four young police officers, one who was even off-duty, were sent in to watch over this nut case. Ah well, the dude should have been locked up years ago...sicko's like that don't deserve the taste of freedom, or death with out severe agony and pain.

And Melanie! Dear sweet Melanie! Thank goodness yer still alive. That was quite the scare you gave me...and the rest of us too...sheesh, like next time, give us a heads up before you decide to go and get appendicitise and like end up in hospital just about on your death bed. You silly silly girl...Haha! You pulled an Andrea! Haha! Anyways, time to go and randomly post stuff on nexopia...ciao!

Haha! And Natasha comes in tomorrow...should be a nice week...Melissa! Call me!


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