Sunday, March 20, 2005

What a Gong Show!

So I just got back from lethbridge where I visited my best friends from High School. Haha! And did we ever have a blast! So I drove up Friday afternoon when I was done clases and got there at around 5. One of Hayley's room mates, Shannon came and met me outside and from there we went to Hayley's pad. Then after talking to Hayley for a bit, she gave me her id pass and I then and went and surprised my other friend Bonnie. Haha, yeah it was nice to see her again. From there we all went upstairs for some supper which was overpriced for what we got, ah well. And then we got into a hude debate about whether or not it should be legal for women to walk around topless like guys do. It got really intense and really heated at times and we all almost ended up screaming at eachother a few times, but it was all good. After dinner we went back down to Hayley's room and we sat and watched the tv, flipped back and forth between basketball and 8 Simple Rules...Hayley and I were also drinking, I had gin and juice and she went for rum and coke. Haha, the sad thing was we were the only two drinking. Well, Shannon was sewing some play props together so she really couldn't. And then after a while we all decided to go outside and play some football in the snow. So we all got bundled up and headed outside, haha, i got a face full of snow because of Hayley, but then I got my revenge and she had a face full as well. Soon we all began throwing snowballs at eachother, and then some dude named Sam ran off and wrote his name in the snowy hill, nearby, but the rest of us were still enjoying throwing the snowballs at eachother. After a while we ran into some other people living in res and they had crazy carpets and were sliding down the concrete breezeway/delivery ramp so they let us ride as well. That was such a blast! Going down that steep ramp on nothing more than a flimsy piece of plastic, oh, and there were concrete walls on either side, so it was a challenge to try and stay in the middle otherwise somebody could run right into the wall. So we ended up sliding for a good two hours and no one noticed the time fly by. There were some epic wipeouts, and amazing recoverys...great laughs, great gasps...and lots of cheering. It was such a fun filled night indeed. Then a bunch of us went and picked up Hayley's boyfriend Jacob and when we got back we all just sat around and talked and drank. We did some quizzes from YM magazine and watched the beginning of Aladdin. But then everyone headed off for bed. And to think that was just one night!

Anyways, on Saturday, my grad date Danielle called and told me that she was going to be in town, so we arranged for her to pick me up and then head off for some coffee. It was really nice seeing here again. And then we did some window shopping, and she gave me a brief tour of downtown lethbridge. For a small city, it really isn't all that bad. After a few hours she had to go, so she dropped me back off and I went to Hayley's room. Everyone was sitting around watching The Incredibles so I joined right in. Such a good movie, makes me laugh. When it was over everyone got ready as we were gonna go swimming at the Ramada water park. So Jacob leant me a pair of his boarder shorts and we all headed off. The water park was great fun, the wave pool, the water slides, tubing and the hot tub were all nice. Though the place was a bit groody, I still had a great time. Riding the tubes and then flipping others, or being flipped yourself, it was just an overall great time. After a few hours of that we headed off for some pizza at Little Caesars, before the Bus came, I dashed off to 7-11 so I could grab some Orange Juice for my Gin. So with that done, we headed back to res and we all freshened ourselves up and got rid of the chlorine in our systems. Then Hayley and I sat around and drank ourselves silly and we watched the Malaysian Grand Prix race and at the same time we ended up debating among ourselves again, and talked of the Canadian Military and other questions of equality. Overall good time. But everyone was pretty tired and we decided to retire to bed at around 3am. And that was pretty much it from Lethbridge. Considering we didn't go to the bar at all, it was still a complete gong show. Haha, oh that was fun. And I really cannot wait for the summer to arrive. If this weekend is even just a bit like what the summer has in store, then I am stoked for it! Haha, this is Roo signing out. Ciao!


At 11:23 a.m., Blogger danirae said...

too bad i couldn't have stayed in town longer, would have been fun, but I am glad that you came! it was fun.

At 2:00 p.m., Blogger Roo said...

Well, next time i am supposed to be down that way will be for yer grad, so looks like everything shall work out...!


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