Saturday, March 26, 2005

Moving along now.

So, some interesting developments have arisen today. First off, the rents have decided to keep all of our out door lights on for the next little while as there seems to be a prowler in our midst. Not cool considering the last time we had a prowler in our midst my parents vehicles were both broken into, which was doubly not cool. Yes, it is going to be a very restless next few nights in my home as all those lights are bloody blinding, and I also have the joy of my neighbours security lights shining right into my bedroom. Lovely. Now, for fucks sakes all this worry would be lifted if they actually decided to close the gates to the community. Like c'mon, I live in a gated community, yet they refuse to close the gates. I really don't get it...what the hell are they there for if they aren't gonna be closed? Decoration? Then again there is still one last home being built in the area, so perhaps once that is done they'll finally shut them. And then all our worries about prowlers will be taken care of. Haha, on the outside looking in! And in other community news, the resale value of our home has taken off thanks to a few houses going up for sale...just on the other street, there are two for sale, and both are asking for $1.25mil. That is pretty damn good. And another home on another street (our community is composed of five streets, small ones, but streets nonetheless) is going for $1.4mil...and as a result of these homes, it seems that everyone on my street have put there homes up. Yeah, five homes on one street, makes for a colourful drive because of all of the realtor signs. Makes my blood boil though, they are so annoying, ah well...
And in other news, it appears that Prince Rainier of Monaco is not doing very well at all. He is 81 and I have a feeling he is not going to live out the rest of this year. Monaco is going to have to brace for some changes, there has not been a change in the monarchy since World War Two there, and I am sure some major changes are going to occur. I hope everything works out for the best there. Perhaps Albert will be just as competent as his father was. Ah well. But as long as Monaco maintains that mystic air about it, I will still love it nonetheless.
Haha, so today I bought ankle socks, very exciting if you ask me, Suzy got annoyed with me cuz I kept gushing about them to her today...meh, they're nice, and I like em. Ah yes, and Constantine was an enjoyable movie, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Makes me want to become an exorcist...tehehehe, yeah that'll be the day...
Oh, gotta go, some mysterious van is backing in and backing out of random peoples driveways, time to unleash the guard dogs...wish me luck...ciao.


At 9:01 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

costantine is a great movie for sure, and prowlers= bad news. hope that all clears up with out anything being broken or stolen. and till then, invest in one of those lovely little eye cover things. ttfn drew!


At 9:07 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comic book movies do rule, although Hellblazer is better as the comic than the movie. John Constatine is more of a hardass, and smokes more. He didnt quit after having lung cancer in the book!

Hope all goes well, and track me down online and tell me what happened with D.

Thee Hat Man C-Dawger coming from the French Connection MTL

At 4:15 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was awesome! book references and keanu reeves looking hot for once!


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