Monday, July 11, 2005


The Calgary Stampede came in with a roar a few days ago! Haha, Melanie and I decided to kick things off by hitting up Cowboys on thursday night. The only issue was that it was 21 and older that night. So to say the least our first plan was shot down. But on our way to Coyotes, we ran into an old school mate, Jodi...and well, now she works at Cowboys as one of the bartenders. And to say that she has changed is quite the understatement. But yeah, even she told us in was not worth us going in that night so we took her word and booked it for Coyotes. So the two of us showed up, and Bell Canada was having their corporate party there so the crowd was quite a bit older. Anyways, overall the evening was fun, as the night wore on, the crowd got younger and younger. Oh, and I managed to embarass the hell out of Melanie (or so I think I did) because they started playing some line dancing music and I knew the dance so I went up and started going at it, and so she decided to follow me. What we didn't know, was that we were like two of only seven people in the bar that knew it, so there was seven of us up on the dance floor with the whole bar watching us. It was intimidating to say the least. But fun. Oh I had fun. And thank you to all who I dragged out to Cowboys on Thursday nights so that I could learn to line dance. It actually payed off. Anyways, after that Melanie and I sat and chilled, talked and people watched. Oh, but we did hit up the dance floor and Melanie managed to win a Coyotes Tank definetely looked good on her! ;-) After that we left, and went on our way home, but passed an art Gallery that was open (this being like 12.30am) Mel and I decided to stop in and take a look around. Some of the pieces were definetely moving. I had one piece that I absolutely loved, I don't know what it was supposed to be of, but from what I saw it looked like a dream sunset from under a storm...was stunning. Anyways, met the curator, certainly a nice guy and told us to check back in every two weeks, and he also asked us to contact any artists we know who are interested in exhibite their work...*ahem...Melissa...* After we went through the gallery we headed for home. Slight issue arose though. Melanie's Coyotes shirt was no where to be found in the car. We literally tore apart my car looking for it. She swore that she put it on her seat, and i thought she did as well. So after a good half an hour of looking, we headed back down town to see if we could find it. I was so much more saddened than she was for the lost shirt. She didn't really care, whereas I was like..."that shirt was so hot, and now you lost it...I bet you some hobo is wearing it now.....ewwwwww *clenches eyes shut*." But somehow we managed to find it, just on the side of the road where we had parked. I just looked at her and told her that she owed me a slice of pizza, and she happily did...Anyways, that was our kick off night to Stampede 2005! Heh, was pretty tame considering...but fun nonetheless...anyways, ciao all.

And yeah, i know i don't spend much time recaping evenings, but this is one of those entries that is being used to help remember what i did on such and such a day so many years basically a memory...


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