Monday, July 04, 2005

Single no more...

One of the developments that occured over the weekend, is, well, I am no longer single in life. I have taken the plunge and entered my first real relationship with anyone in over three years. I don't know what to expect, it seems to be all new again. But by all signs at the moment, things should work out for the best!

I am not a fan of the whole dating scene, but what can you do when the person who seems so perfect walks into your life? And, since life is too short, i decided why not, and see where things will go.

I am not one to stand up on a table and bellow out to the crowd below that i have perhaps met the person of my dreams (but they have to be pretty damn close in order for me to consider dating someone, and since I actually am, that must say something) but I am one who will let those around me know in a quiet way.

I am excited for this. I trully am. I can not wait to see where things will go...i really can' should be an adventure to say the least. Well, this previous weekend certainly helped to prove that!