Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Bah...well...where should I start? I seem to have acquired a nasty cough over the last few days. Today has been the worst with fits of coughing and hacking and all that fun stuff. And, apparently I don't know how to cough according to some people, instead I manage a sneeze/cough, so a neezeough is what it has been called. I hope I get better soon. As the next two weeks are going to be insane to say the least. Stampede starts on Friday, and I am so totally stoked for it! Things are already gearing up to be most adventurous! Tonight I am off for the back alley for Dianna's birthday. Tomorrow is Cowboys to ring in Stampede 2005! Friday is the Parade, and well, the way things are looking right now, it would appear that I may be going back to Edmonton Friday and Saturday. Sunday will be off to the Whiskey, or Tantra or wherever I decide to go. And I have no clue what the rest of the week will have in store. But I am most excited for the 19th of July cuz that is when, none other than Jordan will be making the trip down to cowtown...haha, now it'll be my turn to show how things are done down here! Things are actually going good between us, I could have sworn that I would be more uneasy about things since it has been so long, but things are going good. I'm happy, Jordan is happy (i Bif Naked is coming to Coyotes on the 17th and I am really looking forward to the show. I listened through her new album again, and well, I am starting to love every song there is on it...But my favourite is "That's life with Me" i find that it is really a very appropriate way of describing how my life is lived...tehehee...i love it...

So my morning got off to an awesome start! On my way in to work I saw the Stampede Show Band, the Stampede Round Up Band, and the Young Canadians. They had been brought in to do some private preformances my community. They are doing three preformances today, and sadly I have to miss them all because of work. My mother just called actually wondering if I wanted to join her and my brother at the club to watch the bands. But sadly, by the time i would get there, they would already be gone. Oh how I love the festivites that comes with the Stampede. Uhm, what else is going on, Stampede brunch on Friday with the RAUSI in downtown Calgary. Saturday, is brunch at the Balm Residence (their house is only worth 49million, not 4.9, but 49million, spectacular to say the least) but sadly I am going to miss that. Then Sunday is well, I dunno...whatever I want I guess! Oh I know! Off to the grounds for some riding, puking and fun times! Oh man, but yeah, last night was rough, was threatened to be kicked out of the house again (i didn't want to do the dishes when my mother asked for me to do them at 1am, so that blew up) So to drive by and hear the bands playing, and seeing the flags, it was nice for sure. I dunno what it is, but seeing simple things like that always seem to make my day. On my way in, I was once again admiring the mountains, I really need to get out and take a picture of them some morning to capture the snow capped peaks that are the Rocky Mountains. Oh yes, and construction has started on reinforcing the road I take to get out of Springbank. After all the rains from June there were a lot of mud slides all around my house (part of a barn went down, and a house just about did like two minutes from my place). So i mean, i could see that part of the hill that the road is on did in fact slide down, so it is somewhat reassuring that they are out working on it.

And Change in plans! I just got a phone call from my dear friend Shauna! Her 18th b-day is this friday, so now I will be going up to Edmonton on Saturday then for the day, and maybe the night...And now I am totally excited for Friday. It has been months since I last saw Shauna, and so now we're hitting the grounds up, going for dinner, then off for Outlaws or Tequila! Hehe! Aw, Shauna has certainly been most missed. Oh, and sorry that I threw this in, I am way too lazy to go back and edit everything that I already wrote. And since this is my blog, I can do what I please.

Anyways, I am now done for the moment. I will most likely talk to you all later at some point or another...

Oh and sorry about the comments thing...I am just experimenting with the blogs format...

Anyways, Ciao all.


At 9:25 p.m., Blogger mackeydoodle said...

Hey man! Don't take away our comments!!! DO NOT make me start a protest!!! :)

At 4:38 p.m., Blogger MissLucifer001 said...

guess what?? me and Julie are gonna be headed up to stampede on sunday....i was kinda hoping i could meet ya someplace...but u might not be around...but it's all good....i hope to see ya soon

At 4:38 p.m., Blogger MissLucifer001 said...

guess what?? me and Julie are gonna be headed up to stampede on sunday....i was kinda hoping i could meet ya someplace...but u might not be around...but it's all good....i hope to see ya soon


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