Thursday, July 28, 2005

*Is Excited*

Alright, so, where do I start? Today is, well, Thursday, less than two hours left at work, and then it's a four day weekend for me (yay!). So, after two weeks of planning, it looks like Susan, Telle, Jay, and I are taking off for Waiporous for a weekend of camping. We just have to do some grocery shopping tonight, and pick up some more booze (we already have about $400 worth between us). I am actually excited for this, I mean, the four of us get along so well and we always have a good time, so, this should prove to be a most entertaining weekend...and if Susan's dream is any hint at what we can expect, it certainly will be memorable to say the least...but hopefully we won't end up killing any bears and whatnot. So we are gonna be out there for three nights and four days, so yeah, this should prove to be a good time.

Anyways, tonight I might be going to Cowboys with Hayley, and hopefully this time we will actually go to Cowboys, last week we were planning the same thing, but in the end we just ended up going to Lucky, Tequila, and Twisted Element for a bit. Then again we were both really dressed up so we would have stuck out at Cowboys, then again, I also had a grand time driving her new Benz. Oh, and looks like Hayley will be having another party, hopefully it will be as much of a gong show as her last one was...a new adventure around every corner and curve (put yer mind in the gutter).

Tomorrow is also pay-day! Yes! Now I can get my iPod, which means I can finally have some good music in my car! I am excited to say the least. So, these next few days should prove to be adventurous...I hope it lives up to everything I hope it does. I am still working on my entry about the stampede partyin so hopefully that will be up soon enough. I just ned to sit down and finish writing everything that I can remember and that others tell me...oh man, nothing better than to wake up with no shoes, no car, and a wicked headache to boot...oh man, that was a most, well, epic, weekend.

In other news, it looks as though things between Jordan and I may actually work out for the best. Things are clearing up after last weeks total and complete breakdown, which both of us were responsible for...I hope things work out for the best...

I ruined another jacket...and damnit, this time it was one of my favourites too. It was my soft green uniform jacket that I got a few years ago. For some reason, the entire collar of the thing bleached itself, and to tell you the truth, I am actually choked about it...I was just starting to fully appreciate that little thing, and now, it looks like I attempted to turn the thing into a leopard print coat. Damnit anyways.

We got new house cleaners, as our old ones retired. And already I hate the new ones, I told my mom to fire them. They actually threw out some of my things. They were small trinkets, but they were kind of significant. What I lost was the bottle cap of the champagne I cracked for my grad (and a very fine bottle at that), the bottle cap to my first beer, and the bottle cap of the first drink I legally bought after I turned 18...they were small things, but damnit, I used them as a sort of decoration accesory for my room. I am not impressed at all with them. Pity the fool who ends up working for me one day is all I have to say...especially if I am in one of my catty moods.

Oh, and I picked up a bunch of things for Martinis the other day. I got a shaker, and two glasses thus far. A small start, but a start nonetheless, next I just need to pick up a book that talks about how to make the damn things. I'm looking forward to making them, i just hope I don't end up stubling aorund the house drunk too often. Which reminds me, a friend of my younger bro got picked up for underage drinking the other day. I am not surprised to say the least as he is a prick, he almost got arrested too for lying to the cop. He acts all tough and stuff, yet when the cuffs were placed on him, he broke down into sobs. I think the little fucker needs a real wake up call, he's lazy, fat and ugly, yet he acts as if people should worship the ground he walks upon...i can't stand people like him...anyways, enough of that...

I think I am gonna start up again with my painting, it has been almost a year since I last picked up a brush, and I think it is time once again to do so...maybe after I get back from camping I will do so. Anyways, I am out, cheers and ciao all.


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