Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The wonders of coffee shops

What is it about coffee shops? Honestly think about. Where have some of the most simulating conversations you have ever had with someone occured? I can almost guarantee most would say in a coffee shop...or the bar. Both are worlds of philosphy, no matter how, uhm, askewed one is. In the 1700's coffee shops were outlawed in London, England. The reason? They were a hotbed of radical ideas and the birthplace of many political philosophies that remain with us to this day. Perhaps it is the caffeine in a cup of coffee, or perhaps it is the overall atmosphere and feel of the place that leads people to discuss what they, well, discuss. I personally love going to coffee shops, whether it be alone or with friends. I prefer to be with someone, and usually i only go with one other person. Just to have some face time with them and discuss some of lifes greatest mysteries and which actress is better looking. I mean where else would one get into a conversation like that? Passions can erupt, emotions are brought to the fore-front of things we are discussing what is important and critical in our lives. It is a fascinating thing indeed. I dunno. Calgary really isn't the best place for coffee shops, it is only mega corporation chains 9/10's of the time. The best places for a cup of coffee are the old world cities. Paris, London, Montreal, or Rome. New York is also a good place, but generally life is so fast paced there that it really isn't the best place. Yes coffee hosue conversations are by far some of the most lively ones to occur. If one were to go to a nation that has just recently become a democracy the debates there are firey hot and are an amazing thing to watch. The participants are so passionate about it. Oh tis something amazing. There is an attempt to rehash these kind of ideas and passionate debates in coffee shops here in North America where we take our democracy for granted. I think it is a marvelous idea. This program, or experiement is called conversation café. It sounds interesting, but i mean i don't think i woukd attend as i don't need anyone to moderate my conversations or get me going. But then again it is a way to meet and be introduced to complete strangers and hear what they have to say about things. It sounds fascinating, yet i don't know if i would attend. Ah well. See there we go, the apathy of us North Americans. Something sounds interesting, yet we still do not attend. Wow, i am really not helping out. So maybe i will drop in and see what its about. Meh. When was the last time i trully got fired up and passionate about something? Hmmm...oh yeah, sunday night. Haha, that's great. And i have nothing more to say about this, and so, i shall be off. Ciao.


At 6:20 p.m., Blogger danirae said...

I gotta agree with you. Coffee shop conversation is the best thing in the world. I sat there and chatted with a bud of mine for 3 hours one day and we didnt even realize how much time had passed. Its just a stimulationg and intelectual place for a conversation. i love it. and i love coffee, so that probably helps ;)

At 7:12 p.m., Blogger Roo said...

exactly, coffee shops are a little taste of my own world at least... :-P


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