Friday, October 01, 2004

My foot is asleep!

Wow, i thought i was awake, i guess i'm not. Too early to be up at this ungodly hour. Ack. So. I feel indifferent right now, so I think i will just ramble on about nothing in particular. Saw Bif Naked last night, twas excellent indeed. Found a new musician to listen too as well. Ha! Musician, i said musician, usually i say artist except someone got after me for that. Whatever. So anyways, this new artist i found, his name is Todd Kerns. Awesome. Awesome music. Bought his cd and a poster. Which brings me to this. Why do we look up to people? Do we look up to them because we are envious of them perhaps? I think so, i know i was damn right jealous of Todd becuase of his mastery of the guitar and the way he can work an audience. But i mean, would I want to live his life? Hells no, which means I am envious only becuase of the talent he has with playing the guitar. That is one instrument i wish i had learned to play. I played just about every other instrument, but never the guitar. Odd. Ah well. I think I will take my frustration out on the drumset at home when i'm done with Academia for the day. Give myself a wicked headache, hock myself up on tylenol and then go out and party tonight. Heheheeeee. I love my life, it is so awesome. In fact, one of my friends is turning it into a play! I read some of it last night and it seems pretty good. I hope she'll expand on it, and the thing is though that this is a uni project as well! I feel so loved! I hope she gets a good mark on it. Anyways. So roll models. Half the time roll models in my life are not Rock Gods or Hollywood superstars, i really don't envy their lives at all, too messed up for my liking. Most of the time the people who I look up to are in my life. And these individuals know who they are cause i tell them. Different people for different reasons. One person because of the courage he has to stand up to society, and his family, and declare who he is. Another for being so true to herself. And yet another for the talent he has for sports. And another for the ability she has to make anyone laugh, no matter how bad of a day they are having. And another for having the strength to carry on despite the adversities that have befallen her. And another for fighting for what was right and changing it not only for himself, but for all others who end up in his situation. So many people to admire and look up too. Now, I wonder if I am anyones roll model. Meh, I don't really care. I mean I've had people try and follow me and what i do, but i mean they were just groupies and i ditched them like a sack of mouldy potatoes. As much fun as it was to literally have my own fan club, it really wasn't cool. There are so many good people in my life that have been so accomadating and good to me. I think I need to start thanking people more. I need to set aside more time in order to go out with people for a cup of coffee or lunch. I love lunch time chats, always so light hearted. Either that or Boston Pizza! Chocoalate milk anyone? Yum, such a good drink. Anyways i am done my ponderings for the day. My foot has woken up so i guess i might go wander aimlessly around. Such a brisk fall day. I love it. Too bad the leaves are going though, i wish they stayed their brilliant colours a little bit longer. Ah well. At least we are having a nice Indian Summer. Rightio, I am off. Ciao!


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