Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Don't buy these Products!

The following is a list of products i shall never buy, and I recommend those who read this to not buy them as well. The reason they made it onto this list is solely becuase of the advertisements they put out. The list is numerical in order, so basically the worse culprit is in position number one, as per usual. So without further adieu, here I go:

1) UNITED FURNITURE WAREHOUSE! All i need to do is sing the first three words and the song will be stuck in yer head forever more...DUN-DUN!
2) Leon's: Any advertisement that needs to constantly repeat itself is bad enough..."three...three...three more days now!"
3) Yogurt: Those two stupid bears talking in those retarded voices Never again!
4) Huggies: Stupid stupid stupid stupid
5) Canadian Tire: Anyone who gets that excited over power tools deserves to die and hopefully they will win a Darwin on their way out
6) McDonald's: We love to see you smile? Give it up, the only reason ur smiling is cuz you know ur killing us all with yer cowface patties, ground up chicken feather ice cream and sea weed milkshakes!
7) Arby's: Black Angus Steak commercial. I don't like to think about where those cows go, so shut up!
8) DIal 1-866-WOW-DEAL, and get away for less! Just as bad as UFW!
9) Sleep Country: Why buy a mattress anywhere else? Oh I'll tell you why!
10) Puppy Chow: Just plain Stupid

So that about wraps this one up. Just felt like getting this out of my system. I say we bombard those 10 companies with letters and postcards and cereal box lids until they pull their ads. Or simply just don't buy their products! Riiiiight...ciao!


At 10:47 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make a good point, but I think the best solution would be to stop watching tv. It's an idiot box, a total waste of time, which slowly and discretely kills your brain cells. Don't support the evil cause!

At 2:05 a.m., Blogger Roo said...

Television is the opiate of the masses...


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