Friday, September 24, 2004

I'm pregnant

Great, now that I have everyone's attention...uh oh, where did i leave that condom? Riiiight. Anyways, i am hungry once again. Seems to happen a few times per day, but most of the time i jst ignore it and it goes away. And then at home i usually pig out on mini wheats...yum yum. This is going to be another random post so just bare with me...which bear is which? anyways. Life is grand and carrying on. Last night was fantastic, I love Belgium people now. And I have decided that I need yet another cowboy hat...I have two, a brown one, and a white one that Bif Naked woar at a concert. I love Bif, whih reminds me I need to pick up those tickets for the Back Alley and also for the Western Canadian Music Awards...anyone interested in going? Give me a shout. Bif is hosting them so I am like way to excited to even begin to put down in words how excited I am for that. Perhaps I should get tanked before hand. Why the hell are we learning about potatoes and rice in geography? Potatoes were once thought to be a natural cure for male impotence, betchya really wanted to know that eh? And then there is the International Potatoe Centre in Peru. Wow. Amazing. And once again I am hungry. Pregnancy, one of my friends is 6 months pregnant, she is 17. And she is also engaged. Why am I not excited for her? and i am wiped out. Time to fly. ciao.


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