Monday, October 04, 2004

And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?

I love memories, and thinking back on memories i have made. And trust me, there are many grand grand memories that i have. And it seems that almost every week right now I am making at least one that will last me a lifetime. Which I think is pretty good. That is one way I know that i am making the most out of my life. The only thing is with thinking back on memories, is that they can consume you. They can eat you alive. That is the only drawback with memories though. But i mean when I am having a down day, i like to think back on all the good times i have had with friends, and there are many. I mean it is kinda like affirmation but at the same time it is good to know that no one can ever take those moments away from me. I dunno, with life changing right now the way it is, I am glad that i have the many memories to look back on. All the stories to laugh about. I have a tendency to just burst out laughing for no apparent reason and at the most random of times, and many people ask what i am laughing at. I usually answer with, oh nothing in particular, but the truth is I am laughing at some story or memory that has popped into my head. Haha, tis great. That scenario results in two great things, number one: Confusion of the other party, and number two: my spirits are lifted up. It is amazing how other people can have such an effect on me. I mean like not change wise, but spirit wise. Some people i know just have the ability to be able to cheer me up with just a smile or laugh or comment, while others no matter what they do can never get a grin out of me. And another thing people seem to ask quite often of me is where they rank in my standings, i still haven't figured out why this is of any relevance cuz if you are a friend of mine, then i shall stick by yer side until the end of time, or until you tell me to fcuk off, what ever one comes first. But i mean it is quite easy to figure out without me even saying anything. If you can get a smile or laugh out of me when i am having a bad day (which is pretty rare, but still occurs on occasion) then you know you are definetly a very good friend. But then again friendships are a two way street as the old saying goes. It takes both parties to make a friendship work. So i mean i will not put all the effort into making a friendship occur and if that seems to be the case, then i will drop that friendship like a sack of mouldy potatoes. Ha. And another way to know how good of a friend one is, is by the amount of information i tell you. Becuase something like that involves a certain amount of trust in the other person. And that is something that takes a long time for me to trust someone. As most people know everyone has been stabbed in the back before, i have unfortunately had that misfortune, and all it takes is just once and then one's life is irrevocably changed forever. Ah well. If there is one thing I hope we can take with us into our next life, I hope that is the ability to recongize and remember our friends of this lifetime. And hte memories i have made. You never know when you are making a memory, so therefore make each moment count. That is one of the major philosphies of my life. To make it count. And trust me, I have carpe'd the snot out of this diem. Haha! i don't think i could make each moment count more than i am already doing. And now, thank you to all of you who have helped me to make each moment count. To helping make the memories i have made possible. Thank you to all of you for being my friend. I know i may not seem to appreciate it, but trust me, I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Life is too short to pass up on new moments and memories. Someone once asked me why i was so desperate to get out of my house on a thursday night, and the answer was because i had a burning desire to live life, and so i went out and enjoyed my life for what it was worth. i come to a part that i think needs to be listed. Here is to star-schmucks coffee, Whipped Cream and a steamed up van. To Boston PIzza and the friday night escapades. To the trio, the sheriff, and lady of the pickles. To lilo and stitch, to boo and kitty. To monty python, midnight walks, and star gazing in Belize. To the Roadhouse, and Detours, and Tequila and Outlaws. Ah yes, those moments listed back there, those are some of the greatest times I have ever had. If you know what I am talking about, then a big shout of thanks goes out to you. And now, a special shout out to those people in my life who have helped to make my life more amazing than i ever thought it could be. To the baroness, the duchess, the queen of england and the marquis du Lac. To the sheriff, and lilo, foo and boo and pin. To batman (its been great!) and cucumber, devinah, and Skywalker. Thank you to all, it has been grand. And now it is time for me to go and bid adieu to you and you and you. Life goes on, and more memories are to be made, but for now, i am exhausted and must go off to the world of unconciousness. Good night, God Speed, and Ciao!


At 8:59 a.m., Blogger danirae said...

that was very...insightful drew. nicely said. made my day to read this. luv ya

At 11:03 a.m., Blogger Roo said...

Glad to hear it made yer day, but why the hesitation about being insightful?


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