Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sing for me...

If I died tonight, would I regret my life? No. No I wouldn't. I do believe that I have lived every moment to its fullest. Carpe Diem. Sieze the day. I cannot understand people who just sit in front of a television or computer screen all day. It would drive m insane. I always have an urge to live. To go out and do something. To take full advantage of each moment. I watched the sunset tonight. It was stunning. The sky was ablaze in colour. The slight breeze rustled through my hair lifting my spirits as it did so. The mountains to the west towered over the landscape casting their shadows across the prairies. Ah yes. Life was rushing through me. I listened to the wind rush run through the trees, and I listened to the river wash over the rocks below the hill top. I watched as the birds soared freely through the sky. The clouds carried on towards their unknown destination. The lightning flashed to the North and as the light died and the night moved in a strange calmness fell over the land. It was a stunning Night.

Come un lampo di vita
Come un pazzo gridar
Del delittuoso grido
Bella ruggente pena,
Come la rabbia di amar
Come un assalto di gioia
I see a spark of life shining
I hear a young minstrel sing
Beautiful roaring scream
Of joy and sorrow,
So extreme
There is a love in me raging
A joyous,
Magical feeling
Como la luz de la vida
Como un payaso que grita
Del estupendo grito
De la tristeza loca
Como la rabia de amar
Como un asalto de felicidad

Yes, to inspire that old spirit of life. That ancient element which is a part of every single one of us. I love life, I love living every single moment of my life. No matter what is thrown my way, I always look forward to tomorrow, and whatever it may bring. Nothing lasts forever so therefore the bad times cannot ever last forever. Life only comes around once. You are only young once. I try to take advantage of that. Every chance I get I am outside enjoying the sun, the rain, the snow, the wind, the night, the day. Some of the nicest days are the overcast days. Some of the nicest days are the snowy days.

Snow. I cannot understand why people cannot like the snow. The world is so calm during and after a snowfall. The world is at peace. It is silent. Yes it may be cold, but that is what gloves and hats are for. The snow is an element that allows me to think. It is a time when I lap up each and every second. All the world is at peace around me. There is nothing but me breathing, and the sounds of the snow crunching under my feet.

And that is enough. My thoughts are jumping all over the place. I cannot keep them straight. It is too late, or maybe too early to be thinking like this. But at least I know that I am now free. Freedom is something few of us have. I shall look forward to the next time I meet someone who is trully free as well. Not a care in the world. Ai. I am not actually free I just realized. I am almost free. But at least I know that I am close. And it is now time that I must bid adieu to everyone. Ciao.


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