Thursday, August 19, 2004


So yeah, there once was this guy and he was like whaaaa, and the girl across from him was like whooo? And then her friend was like Whyyyy? And then her boyfriend was like Slap my Ass and call me Sally. And then they lived happily ever after. Why is it possible that this kind of Scenario would take place in Hollywood and actually work? I really don't understand it. Hmmmm...that hamburger was scrumtious, to bad it was full of E-Coli. Hey! Maybe E-Coli gave it that extra bit of flavouring! Oh. But I better not get sick for tonight cuz tonight I'm going to Outlaws (Yehaaaw!) Yay me, going back to the bar! And what is this pre-drink that I am hearing about? Meh. I wonder what this night will hold in store. And then what about tomorrow? Ah. Sleep. A return to Sweet Transexual. Land of Night, and we will do the Time Varp again! Ha Ha! Right. Wow. I am in such a weird mood. And i think i shall go off now and doing something meaningless...ciao!


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