Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Bittersweet Day...yes indeed

Today is a bitter~sweet day in the life of Roo. For the First time in two months The Sheriff and her Deputy are to be fully broken up. Since meeting a few months ago and agreeing to protect the world by serving copious amounts of Alcohol these two fine souls have indeed done much to further the cause of Humanity. From their secret hideout at Pinebrook and communitcating over the internet, phones and text messaging the world is now much safer. But all that is going to change as these two go their seperate ways. Who knows what terrors will now take over. But this is something that we cannot control. Only time will tell. Yes. The world certainly shall miss the Wonderful Sheriff and her Deputy. But on the same note, there is a promotion that has to be broadcasted. The Fabulous Devina Pixie has been promoted to Secretary General of the Forces against all things Evil. It is a marvelous day whenever a promotion occurs, but today is so much more special because it is rare that anyone is ever promoted to Secretary General. So on behalf of all things good, Congratulations are in Store for Devina Pixie. Three cheers for Devina! Hurrah...Hurrah...Hurrah! But yes. And onto other news. Gustafer has arrived back from Abu Dhabi, his parcel landed at 10:76tm last night. So now he will hopefully be more behaved. So far no sheet fires and other miscreant activities. Nicolas has officially ended his Hunger Strike as he finally decided that banning all choclate would not be a good thing for humanity as a whole. However Anastasia is a bit on edge these days, it seems that she is getting closer and closer to turning red-eyed, but I am still confident that, that will still not occur. It seems that Geraldine has found a new way to terrorize the general population. It seems that a horde of Hobo spiders is moving into the general area and they like to eat people. How naughty of her to do such a thing. Pish Posh, uh huh. Well...it seems that it is time to run away then. Yes. I shall fly away with Mary Poppins and her talking umbrella, and we will float across the Big Blue Puddle on a cloud. That way the spiders can't get us because of the salt. But yes, so once we land in France, Mary Poppins will drive all the spiders out of France, and she will forever be known as Saint Mary of Poppins. And then we can have Tea with the Moon, and dance on the clouds like they do in Moulin Rouge while the Moon sings with us! And then all of the glitter will fall from the sky and follow Brad Pitt around...and there will be fireworks also! :D But we'll stay out of the woods becuase of the things we must not speak of. Yes indeed. It has been a very bittersweet day for Roo. And so ends by Blog Report. Stay tuned in for the next blog report..."Bubble-Gum-Pink Bathroom Fixtures and Venom Spitting Millipeds!"
Until then...Ciao!


At 4:51 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Devinah is in the house! lol, yeah those hobo spiders are nasty just take a look at those pictures, Iv'e got an idea, just start carrying around a canister of raid. and one more thing, how is it that Gustafer arrived at 10:76, wouldn't that be 11:16? woo hoo, another journal for me

At 8:30 a.m., Blogger Roo said...

Yes, those Hobo's are VERY nasty...and raid is good. It would make it easier to get across the Big Blue Puddle. And Gustafer returned at 10:76tm time, so no he did not arrive at 11:16...and congrats are in order for Devinah...indeed. Ciao!


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