Thursday, August 12, 2004

Lunchtime and Fcukwads is confession time. I love lunch time. It is a time when everyone sits around, eats their food and has a good time with good company. Now these lunch time conversations can cover some very diverse and very interesting topics.
For example:
Coke is used to clean off blood from highways, and is generally a good linolium cleaner as well.
Gummy Bears are made out of left over horses
McDonald's hamburgers are made out of cow faces
Mary Poppins is my Mother
The Three G pixies are in fact evil
And apparently I am on some very good drugs (?...meh)
But seriously. I love lunch time...not only at work, but also at school. It is a break from the salt mines where we have a chance to relax, eat and talk with friends. It is just an overall good time. The best lunches are when goes off the premises to go and eat, becuase that way you can fully clear your mind and breath. For example going out to lunch at Mac's or Boston Pizza while at school. It is a way to clear your mind and enjoy the people around you. However, lunch time can also be a terrible time of day for some. If there is someone that you cannot stand at all, and they are continually hanging out with you, it is enough to drive someone to murder or insanity. These people can ruin whole days for those around them, so that is why it is best to avoid them at all costs. And this group of people, which by the way is unfortunately very larger and growing almost daily, has a name. They are the "Why won't you fcuk off" group, better known as the Fcukwads. And unfortunately they never learn that they are unwelcome. Grrrrrrrr these people drive me up the wall. They are annoying, depressing, compaining, whining and inmature. And half the time they want to be the centre of attention. Now I have been on both sides of this. Trying to work my way in, but at the same time trying to keep others out. When a very close friendship develops between certain people, stay out of their way, or you'll just get hurt. See I learned when I am not welcome somewhere, so I leave, and go somewhere else. However a lot of other people have not yet learned this, and so they try and work their way into the space of close friends. Well the Fcuk with them. Hmph, they don't even get a pish posh for that. Friends of the world Unite! And fight off those bloody Fcukwads! is time for me to go. Mary Poppins has just arrived with some Hot Shephards pie from Ireland, so I must now gorge myself on that. Well...Toodles!
ps: Fight off the Fcukwads!


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