Monday, December 20, 2004

Still Monday...aiyeyi

I cannot still believe that it is still fucking Monday...this is a load of horse shit if I have ever heard of any. God damn this, God damn that...blah blah blah. I want to jump off a bridge. Gah! Will it ever end? I do hope so, I am on the verge of eating from the vending machine! NOOOOOOOOOO! My christmas break and here I am at work, slaving away to help turn this gargantuan wheel known as the Market Economy. I say the hell with all of this...but alas I am in no financial situation where I have the ability to retire at 18. I can't believe that it was only six hours earlier that I last wrote here. That is how desperate I have become in order to help pass the time! So help me God! Or Satan, whichever one decides to act first and end my suffering here today...and nothing. Damn. Ah well. Ciao, for now...


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