Monday, December 20, 2004

The Deputy

Well, my reign at Pinebrook is finally done. Drinks all around! I cannot believe all the shit that hell hole put me through while working there, i am not impressed with them at all. Just how disorganized, and cheap...yes, cheap! People are willing to pay $46,000 to join, which is the second highest membership cost in all of Alberta to join this shit hole. I mean the kitchens there are disgusting, On the list of health requirements, the health inspectors list half the shit as unsatisfactory at the club. So disgusting. Fruit flies and mice....ewwwwwwwwwww. Why did I ever sign my soul away to work there? I mean, I missed out on a lot of shit and i was caused a lot of overdue stress because of the mismanagment there. Blah blah blah blah blah. And working on Friday and Saturday nights really did not help the case at all. See at least at GD, I am able to work during the day, and go out at night. And it pays a hell of a lot better and at least things there are organized. Oh, and at least at GD we are treated with respect, and were not always sworn at by the management. I swear the only reason why I would go back to that hell hole is if I was desperate out of work. And trust me, that would be quite the scenario. I really do not mean to boast or sound like a prick, but I mean, I am too good to waste my life away working at Pinebrook. Anyways, I polished my last silver spoon there, and drank four glasses of orange juice and ate three full plates of somewhat tasty food, though i am rather worried about it as it was made in those shitty kitchens. Oh what the hell. I am done there! For fucking ever! And now I have an even better reason to go out and get sloshed out of my mind! Better than even completing exams! Now that definetely says something. But along with the end of Pinebrook, comes the end of the infamous Sheriff and her Deputy. The world will no longer be protected from the evil forces as the crime fighting duo are retiring from their secret hideout based out of pinebrook. No more copious amounts of alcohol will be served as a means of fighting crime. So prepare ye the way of the crimelords! Bahahahahaaaaa....yeah right, whatever. The sheriff and her Deputy will never be severed, they are too good of a team! No, all that will happen is that a new hideout will be found. Somewhere, where they would be least expected. 'bout Timbuktu, or Tibet. Right anyways, I now have to go back to work at a place I actually like to work ate, though somewhat later hours would be nice some days...anyways, enough of this bitching, ciao!



At 8:34 p.m., Blogger Pixie said...

Yeah congrats and being final finished with Hell. GD is a far better environment, with the exception of fathers purposely dropping by to torture, or is that just happening to me. Anyways yes there is a foam party, I'm kidnapping people (you will be kidnapped btw) and posibly going to try to have a predrink here, *cross fingers* byob of course since I'll have absolutly no money after tomorrow.

At 10:45 a.m., Blogger danirae said...

dammit andrew, 3 more months. dont taunt me wiht foam parties! hope u have fun tho1


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