Monday, November 15, 2004

Bored, but i have this to do!


x. Slept in your Bed : Oh god, too many people, Hayley, Bonnie, Tash, Christine...uhm, me
x. Saw you cry : Wow...Uhm...Bonnie? a few years ago?
x. You last shared (non-alco) drinks with : My mother
x. You went to movies with : Last person? Natasha...before that was usually Susan, Jill, Hayley and Bonnie
x. You went to the mall with : Myself, or Andrea
x. Yelled at you : Rents
x. Sent you an e-mail : Natasha just did


x. Said "I Love You" and meant it : Hmmm...i say that to my mother, and really close friends and mean it, but otherwise....nope
x. Gotten in fight with your pet : Hahaha, yes, she drew blood, i drew fur
x. Been to California : Yuppers, spent it all in L.A.
x. Been to China : Not yet
x. Been to Canada : Riiiiiiight, uhm, i live in Canada!?
x. Danced naked : Where is the question, cuz not in public
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day : Hahaa, my dreams are too out there, well, actually, the last one did come pretty close to being true...the next day
x. Wished you were the opposite sex: Uhm....not really, i don't really want to experience Labour all that badly
x. Had an imaginary friend : Friends....friends! pluralize that!
x. What book are you reading now : Life of Pi, David Copperfield, A Skeleton in God's closet and Angels and Demon's
x. Worst feeling in the world : Lonliness
x. Future son's name : Don't make me think hard!
x. What's under your bed : Posters, books, binders, paints, canvases, newspapers...and socks
x. Siblings : A.J. and Lance
x. Location : Just outside the least cultural city in the world...wait a sec, that's edmonchuck
x. College plans : Fcuk...put up with this shitty u o' c for another year then off to Ottawa, followed by McGill in Mon-tre-al
x. Piercings/tattoos : Four piercings, gonna get more when the mood befits me, same with tatoos


x. Do you do drugs : Have, didn't have the greatest of times
x. Do you drink :, I'm mormon...haha, j/k...hells ya i drink! Quite a lot too at times...
x. What clothes do you sleep in : Uhm, pajama bottoms and any ol' tee i can find
x. Where do you want to get married : Hmmmm...well...if people can afford to come, I'd like to be married in the South of France, overlooking the mediterranean
x. Who do you really hate : Half of America....and Bush
x. Are you for world peace : It'll never happen, putting it nicely...


x. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with : Crushed? yes....but it is called a crush for a reason
x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did : Cried? No
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after : Hmm...someone who enjoys going out all the time, and at a moments notice too...
x. Want someone you don't have right now : Nope
x. Are you lonely right now : Haha, nope, talking to my peeps on msn at the moment, something about vampirates and the like (?)
x. Song that's stuck in your head : I'm back! Back in the New York groove.....I'm Back! Back in the New York Groove!
x. do you want to get married : Eventually...
x. do you want kids : Eventually, i want to spoil someone!


x. Room in house : Fine, either that or the library
x. Type(s) of music : Mostly everything, except....well...most country, and most thuggin rap...
x. Band(s) : So many, uhm....well...Bif Naked (of course) U2, Social Code, Sum 41, R.E.M., Bare Naked Ladies, John Mellencamp, Todd Kerns, AFI, Better than Ezra, The Offspring
x. Color : Blue, or Silver
x. Perfume or cologne : Gah! Cologne Connoseior! Everyday stuff: Boss, Clubbin: Chanel Allure, Special Events: Angel Schlesser (not available in North America!) Designer duds: Aqua de Gio
x. Brand : Armani and Boss
x. Season: End of Winter through to beginning of Summer, so, that would be...Spring!


x. Cried : Nope
x. Bought something : Beer at Limericks
x. Gotten sick : Was sick, yes
x. Missed someone : Yes (Hayley! Happy B-Day!)
x. Hugged someone : Yes

Current Mood: Good, almost done school for the day!
Current Music: Fast Car - Tracey Chapman, and now its over....oh, now its U2's Vertigo!


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