Sunday, December 19, 2004


Oh my fuckin God, I am finally done! No more exams! Yeeeeeehaw! And yes, it is now time to go and get pissed out of my mind to celebrate...yeesh, i sound like such a college guy right there....hahahaha, so true tho. And I cannot fucking believe that i got an A+ on my term paper in one of my classes, and i bloody well started the fucking thing the morning it was due. Go Team Me! ANd people are now home from university, and I am so excited to see them all! Yes yes yes yes! And only 9 friggin days till I am in Montreal....Hahahaaaaa! Now I just need to make it through my last shift at that hell hole also known as Pinebrook tomorrow, and then I will be as free as a bird to do what I please! And since I also got my pay check too....this is just grand, which means i can now afford to get people presents! And those gifts are gonna be more than just a pad of paper or a random white bowl of some sort. Wow, i cannot believe how fast this term flew by, it seems like it was only yesterday that I was at my first day of classes, and was getting lost on the campus, but I seem to have things worked out now. Wow, i am so gonna miss my History prof and my Religious prof, they were both so cool. Especially my religious prof...a middle aged british women with diagnosed adult ADD, it was great...she was so much fun. Wow, this is gonna be so weird seeing some old friends, like I have changed so much since they last saw me, i wonder how this is all gonna go down with them...I mean i went from semi-innocent andrew to a friggin so-called Bar*star* in a few months time...and yes, i even now own a few Diesel shirts, which I know i swore i would never buy, but oh well...oh well indeed. I do wonder how every one is doing. Ah well, i must be off, my next shift in hell, i mean Pinebrook starts in less than 8 hours, oh this is gonna be painful tomorrow...anyways, ciao!


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