Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I sit here at work...

I sit here at work, wondering what has happened, and what is going to happen. It certainly is amazing how fast life can be changed, can be compromised....how fast an opinion about something, or about someone can change so drastically....and respect, how fast that can fly out the window. Ah well. What honestly can be done? Not much. Gah, I can't believe how drunk i got last night, so pathetic. So pathetic indeed. But apparently it was quite entertaining for some people. Ah well. So it does turn out that my Mom's car has been written off, well done andrew, well done. So it looks like we're gonna be down a vehicle for the winter, the rents are gonna wait until the spring to find a new car. So i guess it was a good thing that we kept the jeep....it is such a nice car, a true SUV...but so nice, ah well. It has some leaks on it though, so it is gonna have to go into the shop for a bit. But my family is extremely lucky and fortunate that we have the ability to resort to another car even when the main vehicle was knocked out of commision. And in other news....a new storm front and a tropical depression seem to be headed on a collision course somewhere over the tropic of Gemini-Cancer...now how about that for metaphor! Haha...i make myself cry over my patheticness at times. And now for something completely different. So i am gonna book my plane ticket out for Montreal sometime within the next two weeks, and it looks like i will also be heading to New York City for a few days while I am over on that side of the continent. Now i am getting excited...excellent! Montreal is nice, but New York....seriously...it's friggin New York. Fifth Avenue! Here I come! Long weekend coming up, should be fun, I think I'll go out to Banff for one of those days. Perhaps Sunday? Who knows. Anyways, I am bored out of mind here, so I think that I am gonna head off soon, no, I am gonna head off right now. There is nothing for me to do here, so why waste my time, my life, sitting around and doing nothing? Exactly. Anyways, ciao!


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