Saturday, December 11, 2004

Oh the adventures

Well, Cameron is back in town, and yehaw is all I have to say. So Melissa, Natasha and I met him at the airport and that was cool. Went to Moxie's afterwards for some lunch, that turned into a two hour feast to say the least, and it was really nice to be able to catch up with him, and see how life is treating him out in Montreal. Talked about a lot of things, including the New Years Bash that I am going to in Montreal with Melissa and Natasha and Cameron. And then from there the real adventures began. Went and picked up a mattress for Natasha cuz she doesn't have one. That was entertainment tying this mattress to the top of the jeep. We used so much rope to tie it down. And then the driving began. Cameron and Melissa had their hands out the windows holding the mattresses down so that they wouldn't slide everywhere. And then I opened to sun roof to make it easier for Cameron to hold the front down. I can only imagine what it must have looked like from the outside looking in. Bahahahaaaaaa. But it was a slow and cold drive to Natasha's as every single window was open. At least we had some good music playing to make things bearable. So got to Natasha's and then cut the mattresses off and carried them in. Cameron and I carried one in, and then Melissa and Natasha attempted to carry the other one in. Oh it was entertaining to watch the two of them try and carry it. Melissa at one point had the mattress resting on her head as Natasha dropped her side. It provided quite a few good laughs. And then once we got to the door, Cameron and I carried one of the mattresses in and threw it down the stairs. It got stuck part way down adn was bent in a shape that no mattress should ever be subjected to. And then trying to get it through the door at the bottom was fun, only took out one side of the door frame. Threw it in Natasha's living room and inadvertantly turned the tv on. Grabbed the other one and put it down, and then Melissa and I were off. And that was over by 4 in the afternoon, and Cameron had only landed at noon. So I mean it really did not take long at all for our adventures, or, as some would call it, our misadventures to get started. And then there was the night. Where do I begin? Perhaps with the beer at Limericks, or the beer, Jager, and Prarie Fire at Coyotes, or the beer, Tequila Poppers, and Stella at Tequila? So, so much alcohol. Too many black outs. And apparently i was completely tanked out of my mind as Melissa says. Haha, too true, I spent over $110 on myself. Holy shit that was a fuckload of money. Gah. But for what it is worth I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And then of course there was the camera. The pictures taken at the bars weren't so bad. But back at Natasha's, I crashed on the mattress on the floor and pulled the blanket over my head. And just as I was dozing off, Cameron ripped it away and well, the pictures that were taken can explain the rest. And with regards to those pictures...shit is all I have to say. And I am going to try my darndest to make sure that I will have the only copies of them around. Damage control indeed. And then today, well, today was fun. Went out and watched Ocean's twelve with the Musketeers (Natasha, Cameron, Melissa and Myself) and then grabbed some A & W. And then changed and went over to Dena's. So we drank a bit at Dena's, chatted with Mala who was over, and just joked and talked about random stuff. Had a lot of really good laughs. And then we were off for Melrose. Had a very good time there, made a lot of unique memories there. For example, our table being rained on. There was a water leak somewhere in the lounge and it was dripping onto our table and getting us wet. So there was water running down the walls, and was dripping from the ceiling, and it was really drenched. But we enjoyed ourselves and made it a ongoing joke of the evening. As our waitress found out....
The Waitress - "Can I bring you guys anything else?"
Me - "How about an Umbrella?"
Ah the poor girl, it was her third night working and she was stuck with this. Well for her troubles we left her an extremely nice tip...$20 or somewhere just over that. And also the fact that she managed to get 10% of our bill knocked off because of the raining ceiling and walls. Oh and the Cameras. My god, we were the Paperozzi table. Flashes going off here and there and everywhere. At least four pictures were taken of the water running down the wall. And then there was our individual close-ups...and I want to destroy mine, I look either extremely high, or extremely tanked. One of the two. But I thought I looked more stoned that sloshed. Oh, but I got so pissed at Cameron tonight, Melissa said afterwards that I looked just absolutely furious with him, and I was. He asked me if I wanted to go on a blind date with one of Brittany's friends (Brit is Cameron's ex) and i pursuited it and then came to the conclusion that it was Jake. I was not impressed at all, and was actually really offended. And I guess that came across loud and clear cuz Melissa backed off with the laughing immediately and as I said before, apparently according to her I just looked absolutely furious. Hmph is all I have to say. But anyways, despite that little incident, I had an absolutely grand time out. I can't wait till tomorrow and especially for Montreal in three weeks time. Oh my god, and it is only Friday. Shiate. Such a busy, packed weekend, and one that is definetely going to b full of blackouts. So many adventures already, so much fun, and who knows what else is in store for the rest of the weekend. Anyways, i must be off. It is now 3:20 am and i am exhausted, and with the way that things are shaping up for tomorrow, i need all the sleep i can get. Haha, ciao!


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