Friday, November 19, 2004


Well, this certainly has been a most blah of a week. Writers block is in full swing with me, and the fact i have so many papers to write, i have no time to even ponder the abstract. So, once again, you all are getting stuck with one of these...

1.Full name: Robert Andrew Henwood
2.How old are you? 18
3.Favorite color? Well, i know exact colours...Silver Tempest or Midnight Blue...nice colours
4.Eye color? Soft blue (And yes, they are my natural eye colours!)
5.Hair color: boring eh?
6.shoe size? 9.5 - 10, but i can squeeze into 9's just fine
7.Where are you ticklish? I can put up with most tickling....but honestly, everywhere...
8.Color and type of undies? Solid Gray boxers
9.When did you have your last bad day? Hmmmmm...November 5th...
10.Last time you cried? It's been a while....can't remember
11.Have a crush? Me? At the moment? Uhmmmm...hmmm...yeah...i do
12.If so who? Lindsay Lohan...haha...uhm, one at the moment
13.Who has been on your mind lately? Marianne and Lauren have been, dunno why
14.Sex after marriage?: Uh...Yeah...wut kinda question is that?
15.Ever been drunk? Is this serious?, I'm Mormon...haha! Of fuckin course i've been sloshed!
16.High? Yes...a few times...
17.What are you most sensitive about? My Music, not my CD's, but MY music
18.last movie you saw? In the theater? The Notebook...on TV...Coyote Ugly
19.bubble wrap or tin foil? BuBbLeS of course!
21.kind of music? Most everything, expecially Punk-Pop and Classic Rock
22.what are you listening to right now? Walk On - U2
23.last thing you ate? A Teen Burger
24.last guy/girl you touched: Lauren
25.last guy/girl who touched you: Marianne do you get to school? I drive and park at McMahon Stadium and then either walk or train it to school
27.shampoo? Got2be or A|G
28.the next thing you are excited for? Tonight...might be going to Tequila and doing Jello Shots! Hahaaaaa
29.tan or fair? Uhmmmm...either works, but I love that bronze look
30.straight or curly hair/long or short? Hmmm...I love straight hair, long or short works
31.eye color? I love Green Eyes, either that or Steel Blue
32.short or tall? Tall...haha
33.mature, or immature, or just wild? Wild...but mature
34.punky, girly, goth, or ghetto? Punk! but girly too
35.bubbly and crazy, or calm and shy? Crazy! but calm
ON GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT (on guys as my friends, ha!)
36.shy guy or outgoing? Outgoing...
37.boxers or briefs? shouldn't matter...but, uhm, boxers i guess?
38.tan or fair skin? Doesn't matter
37.tall or short? Doesn't matter again
38.facial hair? Uhm...whatever they wantbut no beards or mustaches.....gah!
39.Eyes? SUre, i don't feel like leading the blind around
40. Personality? Exciting!
*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/ holic? Hells ya!
42.your escape when your angry? My Piano, long walks along the river, or my painting
43.your diet? Food, and water
44. Fave music video? Oh my....uh...Eminem's Just lose the moment anyways

and now the music playing is Back in the New York groove! haha! I love it...


At 4:56 p.m., Blogger Jon Langdon said...

just surfing ranmdom sites and came across your blog... this is just a "been-here-read-that" kinda comment.

--Jon Langdon


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